American IT Dream for Slovak Companies

The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) has launched a project called “Start up Development Program”.

It aims to help Slovak companies to succeed on the international IT market. Eight companies that will succeed in the competition will go for an internship to Silicon Valley in the U.S. “The main objective of this project is to create a mechanism for the promotion and development of Slovak innovative and technology-oriented companies aiming to support their future entry to the global market.

Besides this we would like to enable the transfer of know-how, technology and capital by attracting high-tech investments to Slovakia“, said Robert Šimončič, CEO SARIO.

The focus group which may apply varies from already established innovative and technology-oriented companies but the door is open also for newcomers and college students as well. The candidates will be selected by the Joint Committee where will be present also representatives of Plug&Play centre from the U.S. By having these renowned experts in the jury, SARIO wants to ensure maximum transparency in the selection process.

The project is financed from the state budget. The amount of EUR 40,000 has been allocated for the program to be used by the end of this year including the opening of the Slovak incubator in Silicon Valley, U.S. called STIC – Slovak Training Innovation Centre.

The first two selected companies are going to join the program in Silicon Valley in January 2012, two following ones next spring. The project is scheduled till the end of 2012. Source: SARIO

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