Another 150 Roma Have Their Homes Crushed

Over 150 Roma citizens have had their dwellings crushed in Nizne Kapustniky on the outskirts of Kosice in East Slovakia, after the municipality moved in with bulldozers to destroy the illegal settlement.

Roma shanty settlements can be found all over the country (c) Margoz

Kosice city council made the decision chiefly on safety grounds, as the shanty town had been set up near railway tracks, with complaints from the rail company about people frequently on the tracks. There were also health concerns, especially for children, due to the growing mountains of waste around the settlement.

Some of the ejected residents ended up in a crisis centre, but many if them are now roaming or have grouped with relatives or friends for the time being, after their 12-yr old illegal homes were razed to the ground.



  1. I have, today, informed the European Commission for Culture and Education of my disgust at Kocise being granted the title of European Capital of Culture 2013 when the city authorities have a well publicised policy of flagrant Human Rights abuse toward the Roma population.
    I urge all other Expats to do the same.

  2. I guess Loghead must on the imaginary plane to his next new world …

    I wonder where on the planet he will claim to be next? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, or in a land Far Far Away ?

  3. Where are Winston and all the others from the child-snatching thread? I suppose being forcibly evicted from one’s home hasn’t got the same clout as ‘forced adoption’.
    TV joj is suspiciously silent on this one too. ‘Počet nájdených záznamov: 0’, ‘Výsledky vyhľadávania pre “nizne kapustniky” 0 výsledkov’
    Hmmm …

  4. Has anyone else noticed that these evictions normally take place just on the onset of winter? Kosice has somehow become the European capital of Culture 2013 – well I won’t be going to any events nor would many other foriegners if the city’s record of Roma evictions was more widely known. How many families spent last winter in tents?, 800 families with no running water or sanitation since June/July and now over a 150 made homeless with no provision made.
    Disgrace, shameful, barbaric!

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