Another Good Contract for Emissions Scandal Party

Today’s edition of daily SME points to an order for the Ministry of Economy worth over EUR 636,000 that will head to Norbert Havalec, who was involved in the famous scandal over the sale of Slovakia’s emission quotas to the dubious company Interblue.

Thanks! (c) Lucas

The order is to develop a mobile radiological lab and will be financed from EU funds. According to the daily, Magic Trading Corporation (MTC – solely owned by Havalec) concluded a contract last week with the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency.

Another of Havalec’s successes in fishing big deals from the state saw his company win a contract for EUR 3.2 million for the Ministry of Defence in 2004.


  1. Whoever heard of a credible company with a name like Magic Trading
    Less credible than Del boy’s, Trotters Independent Trading Company.
    What wonderful schemes with those boys in Brussels dream up next to distribute EU money to the net.

  2. Did anyone find out what happened in the Interblue farce or is the matter under some lapdog’s carpet?

    1. Slovwaks are thinking about what to do …………the effort has killed five of them so far .

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