Another Offer to Publish Nicholson’s Gorilla Book

Journalist Tom Nicholson, author of unpublished Gorilla book (c) The

Despite a court ban on the publication of the book of Slovak-based Canadian journalist Tom Nicholson on the Gorilla corruption allegations, head of the Canadian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, Joseph Burza, has offered to publish the book, reports TASR newswire.

Burza wants to speak to Nicholson about the possibility of issuing the banned book in Slovakia or in Canada as he owns a publishing house. The book was stopped by an injunction in February at the petition of Penta shareholder Jaroslav Hascak, who is at the centre of allegations in the Gorilla reports of bribing politicians and public officials. Even PM Iveta Radicova said the injunction was a violation of freedom of speech. Nicjholson already received an offer from former Czech Deputy PM Jiri Cunek.

The Gorilla corruption affair may have slid to the side of the radar recently as the number of demonstrators has become scarcer and scarcer, but this is partly because the affair has already sunk into the awareness of everyone in the country, who maybe know there is no point taking to the streets now as they will have the last word in the elections next week on 10 March. The outcome of the Gorilla investigation and the exercising of criminal liability for anyone found guilty will probably very much depend on the new executive in the country.


  1. I note with interest watchdog group Fair-Play Alliance (has announced it is organising an effort to provide financial support to Tom Nicholson. Poor cash strapped Nicholson, a so called freelance Journalist has been overstretched since the Gorilla case and claims he will not be able to continue investigating it without extra support.

    Is he not employed by SME , Slovak Spectator and his wife Lucia not a Minister in the Social Ministry ….

    Nicholson accepted the idea of financial support, ( Now there is no real surprise !! ) which can be sent direct to his bank account, on condition of absolute transparency and clear terms ????? ( Dont spend it on booze Tom ) He said he would use €2,000 a month from any accepted donations, the amount he earned when he worked, for his personal needs without documenting spending. He would discuss other expenses (for example motor fuel for travel, phone bills for investigative needs) with Fair Play Alliance, which would examine their appropriateness and draw up a quarterly report. ……..yea , yea, yea ….we get it ., but do you .

    Two grand a month and you wife gets 3 grand pcm , when the average household in Ba gets a grand ….so nothing like being in the poor house eh Tom ….and who voted you to be the Batman of Slovakia ????

  2. And a hundred thousand thank you`s to U Losgar , for cleaning the Sitina Tunnel with your tongue .

  3. The outcome of the Gorilla investigation has been made by the court of the National Slovak people and the named have been found guilty.

    Justice will be swift , by my patriotic commerades .

    1. Someone’s not been taking her meds!

    2. Ja dumaju sto ty odnaja innostrannaja kyrysa. Sto ty gavaris, adkuda ty? Panimajes minja?

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