Another overpriced tender right before the elections ……

Former labour minister Viera Tomanova (Smer-SD) sent out a call for tenders just a few days before the parliamentary elections worth EUR 5 million. The tender was to find a supervisor for the drawing of European funds.

The current labour minister Jozef Mihal (SaS) managed to cancel the tender. “The ministry suspected that the terms for tenderers were in violation of the principles of equal treatment, transparency, frugality and efficiency,” said State Secretary for the Labour Ministry, Lucia Nicholsonova.

In addition to overpricing, the tender raised suspicions as an external worker of the ministry was involved, and also because it appeared to be tailored to a specific tenderer.

This is yet another case of the former government launching tenders and signing contracts just before or right after the elections, which have produced suspicions of croneyism and corruption.

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