Another Protest at British Embassy over Social Services

Another emotional protest in front of British Embassy, Bratislava (c) TheDaily.SK

Another protest took place yesterday afternoon in front of the British Embassy in Bratislava in support of the case of Mrs. B, who had her two sons taken by Social Services in the UK, as the Court of Appeal will decide on the fate of the children today.

Protest at British Embassy (c) TheDaily.SK

This time up to 150 people gathered  in front of the embassy, armed with banners, a megaphone, chants and paper planes, symbolising the hopeful return of the two boys to Slovakia to live with their grandmother, who has appealed the adoption ruling. Just like the last protest, emotions ran high, with everyone given the chance to speak their mind to the crowd.

The protest attracted up to 150 people (c) TheDaily.SK

The case of the B Family has drawn attention to possible injustices being done in the fostering and adoption system in the UK, as more and more cases appear where children were taken from their parents for contested or unfounded reasons.

John Hemming MP Birmingham is among those challenging the system, as he believes the flaws in it have produced scope for misuse and injustices. Among other things, he leads the Justice for Families Campaign Group, which aims to effect change and helps families who feel they have been unjustly treated by social services.

TheDaily.SK has been covering this case and others, but had to take down the articles for revision due to a court issued Reporting Restriction Order.


  1. British parents calling for help ,leaving country due to abuse from SS…
    Channel 4 -documentary:

    But yet, again, there will be some ”experts” on this forum whose has never been involved, but yet still defends those ”The Best regulated services in World” ..
    How sad.

    1. Another demonization of parents in care proceedings today on TV JOJ’s news..
      Surely , it MUST be a conspiracy against world best regulated Social services in UK…

  2. Juraj and others, don’t forget the £40 Billion we have handed over to prop up the Euro even though it’s not our currency.
    And I would suggest the only time you will ever have a right to laugh is when this country puts away the begging bowl and starts paying something back.

  3. Thanks JB!

  4. They are English Juraj, no matter what crap they believe they must be always right. Please dont make them angry, they can get very nasty 😀

    1. What crap we believe?? well Losgar who ever you are !!! we believe you and yours are screwing us over , defrauding us . if you are not one of those Slovaks/poles etc in the uk or even worse sitting at home in Slovakia but still claiming your “work tax credits” ” child tax credits” “child benefit” ( for the child you do have and the four you have fraudelant paperwork for that do not exist) by using the royal mail redirection service to apppear to be still living in England and the false wage slips to prove for as long as possible your are working in the UK . If you are not one of these criminals who your country seem to look the other way about and claim that ” this can not be true” ” a slovak would not do this ” then maybe you are one of the many like i have seen stated on here that believe they are owed money from other hard working peoples taxes throught the EU Gravy train for no effort and especailly no gratitude. tMy partner is teaching me Slovak and when she came to the words for thanks and thank you I did comment that surely she was mistaken anf that there was not really a Slovak word for this !!!!!! very easy to say to the rest of Europe “Prosim” but just cant think of the word that comes once you had got all you can from other people !! what is it again ????? no cant quite put my finger on it !!

      1. Rob, don`t even bother . This Guy has a total vacuum between his ears . I think it is because he has an English `friend`, that keeps poking him . I guess their has to some kind of use for a dimwitted Slowvak and for him to earn a living.

        If you are thinking of living here get used to this kind of vacant guy and worse.

        1. Don’t get nasty George. I don’t think all Brits are bad at all. My English friends are really nice people. They keep whinning too much about the Chinese though. I’m the one who keeps shutting them up and pointing out the good things they don’t see because they got use to them too fast.

          I have to praise you though. Your comments improved a bit. Now you write whole sentences.

          1. Nasty Moi ?

            Off you go Loghead, as we say in England, Shit before the Shovel .

          2. Do you carry a whip in your trotter?

          3. No, but you can keep wiping by behind

      2. Rob,

        You believe that you contribute too much and that other countries don’t see how denerous and kind people you actually are.
        When there is a EU leaders’ meeting Angela Merkel must take extra doze of aspirin against her headache she gets from Cameron’s whining about how there should be cuts on the contributions and how the UK pays too much.

        The fact is that the UK needs to stay in the EU as without it the UK’s international position would become more and more irrelevant. It would also hurt it’s economy as 57% of it’s export goes to the EU and 55% of it’s import comes from the EU.

        If the future survival of the EU depended on the UK they could book the place in the house of sorrow right now. The Brits are whiners and xenophobic. You don’t behave like real men.
        As Sarkozy told Cameron last year regarding the Greek crisis:
        “We are sick of you criticising us and telling us what to do.”
        “You missed a good opportunity to shut up.”

        Slovakia still takes more from the EU than contributes which is not going to change for some time. That’s ONE of the reasons why SVK joined the EU. Or do you think we just enjoy sitting with you at one table and listening your ramblings?
        I might struggle to find the diplomatic way how to tell you that the world is not about the UK and if I’m grateful to any country for this wonderful project called the EU it’s Germany. Without them it would never happen. And you and your British friends keep whining over a pint of beer how nobody gives a rat a.. about the UK anymore.

        1. Very nicely written Losgar , but I am worried you may have chosen too diplomatic way to explain it and these guys just won’t get it.

          1. Say Loggie, I see you have another male `friend` sniffing and offering to poke you . Can two Aryan primitive Slowvaks fall in love ….will it be a church wedding, or a civil one ?

        2. ..see what I mean Losgar ? Georgina just can’t take it. See his comments-
          ”I see you have another male `friend` sniffing and offering to poke you . Can two Aryan primitive Slowvaks fall in love”
          That’s all he can come back with- immature, primitive childish ”jokes” .His development got stuck at puberty, eehm ,could be due to his small gene pool too.

          1. Juki, goldfish have a bigger gene pool, than you. Who fathered you, the smallholding sheep, or the pig ?

          2. Georgina has more small things Juraj and the gene pool matters the least.

          3. Loghead, you dont even belong to any known gene pool . You are just the pond bottom feeder .

        3. Losgar

          Just for your information, all recent predictions, figures and forecast show that the UK can actually go it alone without EU. We have strong trading ties with Asia, America and we would still trade with the EU as they would still require aour goods. The loss that other countries would suffer for example the right to travel freely here and to work with just one form (cost £90 I believe now) and also would free up more jobs for UK citizens ( Yes we still will need foreign labour like virtually every other country) but we could monitor better and restrict the people coming in. Hopefully we will get a referendum soon and we will leave the EU with luck and stand on our own feet. We never joined the Euro, that didnt hurt us?

          the EU countries that contribute more than they receive are beginning to see the light, Merkel for one as you quote actually sided with Cameron last week concerning the budget( Cameron by the way is to soft, but at least he is not a traitor like Tony Blair)

          Also Sarkozy was the French version of Blair — all ego and about himself

          If no one gave a rats a.. about the Uk why are so many east europeans still here?.

          I would have thought that after the long communist control of yours and the like you would want freedom not to be shackled under a new oppression from another country( mind you, looking back at WW2 your country acted shamefully in its treatment of minoritys and the help you gave the third reich I suppose Slovakia is just getting nostalgic about the good old days ans see the EU as the Fourth Reich—- Heil Merkel do I hear faintly being called out in the countryside of Slovakia)

          The EU is not the be all and end all of civilization. But I for one would like my laws, taxes and the like to be decided by my government that I voted for or if my party lost at least one that was voted for by my peers and not by some bureaucrats sitting in another country who are milking the system for themselves in extortionate wages,expenses and perks . Then turn a blind eye to the blatent abuse of independent countries laws and benefits systems by those from other countries who believe they are owed a living off other peoples backs.

          Also just because we stand up and speak our mind over the misusue of EU funds and the like does not make us Xenophobes ( My partner is a Slovak) and my some of my best friends are Polish/Lithuanian. They know my thoughts and believe that I have the right to my opinion of things and people and resoect me for saying how I feel rather than pretending everything is ok. The Polish I know actually agree with me and think the UK should stand up and fight for itself and we were a soft touch under our last government.

          If the EU had stayed as a free trade area as originally planned the there would not be all this waste of funds on a centralised government and their cronies and we would not be looking at a Socialist federal republic forming on our doorstep.

          please dont get me started lol. Basically Losgar and Juraj , I am not Xenophobic I was brought up to know right from wrong, respect those who respect you ( thieves and the like get no respect) and to always tell the truth even if it might hurt someone and along wioth that always say what you believe, do not hide away your feelings and lie to cover them up !!

          1. Rob,

            Nobody wants the UK out of the EU, and the UK doesn’t want out as well. It wouldn’t help anybody.

            I appreciate you talking openly about everything. You’ll soon find out that the SVKs do the same. I’m sure that most of the Brits think less of people coming from other countries. The way you treat individuals says something but not everything about how xenophobic you are.
            Look f.e. on this web site. Take George M. or Dave C. – if they are not xenophobic why then they write what they write? What is that if not a xenophobic behaviour?
            I don’t think that you are xenophobic, even you said a few things earlier.

            About the WWII – it was nearly 70 years ago. There is no connection about the EU and Nazi Germany. Another thing you Brits talk about far too much.

            You have full right to think you’d be better without the EU. Still like I never heard this thing before. It gets boring.

  5. Dave C,
    I can NOT BELIEVE what a misinformations and half-trues are you feeding into this discussion!
    You wrote:
    ”net contributions to the EU costs every UK citizen £1500.00 ( Euro 1800.00) every year, so it would be nice to hear a “thank you” every now and again or do you all believe the money comes from the money tree? ”

    ARE YOU really INSANE? 1800 Euros a year? Is this the cost which each UK citizen pay to EU every year??? Really?
    May I suggest that you have made a ”small” mistake , as you have ”somehow” added one more digit in favor of UK as the real number is
    180 EUR !?
    Do you want to have another *proper look on the EU budget site?

    !!! ALSO, somehow you have forgotten to mention that after the contribution –the 180EUR per person , UK then take 105EUR back for spending on EU funded projects?

    Therefore, the real numbers per person:
    180euro (UK contribution) -105euro (UK claimed back) = 75EUR

    The REAL total amount the UK citizen pay towards EU funding is 75Eur and NOT 1800 EURO !

    1. These are the latest data.

      1. How much does membership of the European Union cost Britain? … For every British tax-payer of £2,788 Gross or £2,516 Net per .

        No mistake …

        1. OMG really? Membership cost and contribution towards EU funding are COMPLETELLY different things..Aren’t they?
          Membership cost include Common Agricultural policy, Fisheries policy, accumulated trade deficit , Estimated fraud loss,etc… those AREN”T contributions towards available EU fundings, so you can feed these craps to someone else, not to me.
          For the others, the quick summary of funding per head is available at
          –chart ”EU: total contributions and spending”

          1. It just make me laugh , the ”cost of the every person for contributions” has suddenly changed to ”membership cost” because it suit more to some Experts… Nice ones !

        2. Thanks George, me thinks Juraj gets his figures off the Cornflake packet.
          The UK hands more over to Europe per person in VAT than he quoted as the total individual contribution. The subsidies the UK pays to the rest of Europe are equal to 4% of basic rate income tax paid which according to Juraj figures means the average UK worker only pays £800.00 in income tax per year. ( Mmmmm……. wonder if I can get a refund?)
          Figures published by the LSE and the US Penn Institute also factor in the effect of what the 18.1 billion each year we hand out would have had if it had been invested in the UK ecconomy, reversal of the effects of the CAP on UK agriculture and the costs of complying with various EU obligations which other countries have just ignored – their figures make Georges’ look like loose change.
          The simple fact is, only the UK and Germany have always been net contributors and the amount per capita the UK pays in is, and always has been the highest.
          So, while I acknowledge the amazing growth of the Slovak ecconomy over the past few years I would be obliged if Slovaks acknowledge that this has been achieved off the backs of the citizens of the ten countries who have made the money available, often to the detriment of their own ecconomies.
          Rob – When I first came here I was a strong supporter of the EU but having seen the waste, misuse and pilfering of EU funds here I would fully support the UK leaving and keeping its money for our own needs. As you may have gathered, the locals think these handouts are a right, consider the money to be “theirs” and have absolutely no gratitude.
          ” Something given has no value” – how true in this country – EU funds and democracy being prime examples.

          1. The benefit is that the leaders of the country, those taking the money look West not East. That hasn’t that historically been the case but old communists still run much the country and as long as they are in power they will look towards Russia as it recalls their better days.

    2. If so Juraj and i have not checked figures if every person in Uk pay 75 euro then multiply that by the amou8nt of people we have here contributing against how many people you have in Slovakia contributing ?? er slight difference…………. We are not a federal state yet so why should the many people of Uk , germany and the like fund your country ?? Does Bratislava say fund such towns as Michalovce, Trebisov the same as itself ? no because the Eu is feeding money into Michalovce by the bucket load, I should know as this is the town i walked round and every school building projec was EU funded, also since my return your Esteemed leader Fico has been to this town to annoucea new School and an improvement to the Bus terminal at the train station 🙂 and yes it is EU funded again. I walk around Kent in England and amazingly enough I cannot find these magic blue flags with stars on when I see building projects !!!!! I think you need to sit back look at how much help you are being given and actually say a little pray of thanks to your god who ever that may be that the Eu is blinded by its believe to help countries such as yours and pray it never ends !!!!!!

      1. Rob, honestly what are you talking about? I have never said that SVK isn’t taking money out of the EU funding,did I ? As for 2011 Slovakia received 57% of the total granted available amount , this is easy to check on the EU budget website. I have replied to Dave C who claims that contribution per head from Uk are 1800 Euros, which is not true as the real number is 75 euros so what is the crack??

    3. Juraj – You’ve read and repeated what I wrote but haven’t understood it. The UKs net contribution to the EU, based on the last finacial report issued by the EU, expressed as an amount per person was £295.00. ( UK Stirling) My statement was what it COSTS every UK citizen to contribute to the EU ie the other costs the tax payers have to fund as part of the EU. Conservative estimates place those costs at 4% of the income tax burden. A reduction in 4% of income tax would give the figures I quoted and that does not include the 2.6 Billion in VAT that we have to pay. Yes the UK gets EU funding (not claimed back) of about £92.50 (Eu 105.00) per person which still leaves us all out of pocket by over £200. and that has been the case for the 40 + years we have been members of this club. You can argue one set of figures against another all you like the fact is the UK tax payer has been subsidising a fair proportion of the rest of Europe ever since we joined.

  6. 🙂 It is funny how a narrow-minded person might even go to the extreme of primate-like behavior, such as verbally insult at the other person or nationality, because he doesn’t have a cohesive argument to counteract what the other had said in the discussion or debate.

    1. Oh Juki, we just all assumes you were just educated by low paid, primate like teachers, so we kept all cohesive discussion real simple, for the likes of you . What happened did you use Google translate to make the last comment as it bares no real relation to spoken English, but like you ate marbles . But thank you for your effort and trying thou. Are you Hungarian BTW ?

      I must guess you must be related to one of those simple vacant, smilie Slowvaks I often meet on the tram, that smell of garlic, old sweat and unwashed pee, no ?

      1. Jesus George M , you are such a ”chocolate hole” 😀
        And you must be one of them ”clever experts” , the one who invented world and know everything..( and also disgrace to all normal English people)

        1. One thing is clear Juki, your not very clever …so you just must be Slowvak.

          Did your mother feed the rest of your family your afterbirth, as reading today, it is commonly done in many Central European counties and considered as a delicacy, full of vitamins and helps improve very low IQ ?

          1. oooh , great tactics! Doesn’t work on me though :D, you are loosing arguments so trying to insult? …even mentioning my mother? aargh, How much low can you go? Carry on the clever one!

          2. Carry on Georgina, you are best at this! There is so much to learn from you !

    2. Juraj——- Re your comment lower down on Slovak economy versus British- – – – – -What do you expect when a ton of money is being fed into your shops and especially building industry from Slovaks working abroad(taking the money out of countries such as Britain and sending it home to do up their houses etc) that is not including the amount of money being defrauded out of the Uk and proabably other countries benefits system by Slovaks( yes as well as Polish,Latvians etc) please do not try and say it doesn,t go on because it does !! Oh and the minor fact that they Slovak economy is being fed Millions of Euros from the budget !! not surprising that the economy is growing al that foreign money going in to the shops,business and politicians pockets !!

      Just a thought All the east european countries are behind the west in terms of infrastructure and the like, why is this !! Probably the communist era of being run by Russia– So why don’t they grow some balls and attempt to sue Russia for reperation as it is Oil and Mineral rich as a country to pay back what they stole in the years previous… Why should the Western countries fork out the money for this???

      1. Rob – Well said!
        Just to put a bit of perspective on the percentiles that many Slovaks love quoting. Yes, Slovakia has seen outstanding growth over the last decade or so BUT that is not suprising when you consider that the country had a very small, agricultural based ecconomy to start with or the amount of money the contributing countries of the EU have poured in. Perhaps the most recent figures may help some of you understand – the UK recorded 1.2% growth for the last quarter – that represents an increase of almost 3 TIMES the total annual GDP for Slovakia, an even simpler illustration – which would you prefer – 6% of Euro 1000.00 or 2% of Euro 1,000,000.00. ?
        Continuing on Rob’s general theme, subsidising the ecconomies of the 17 countries that don’t make net contributions to the EU costs every UK citizen £1500.00 ( Euro 1800.00) every year, so it would be nice to hear a “thank you” every now and again or do you all believe the money comes from the money tree?

        1. David ”’ the UK recorded 1.2% growth for the last quarter – that represents an increase of almost 3 TIMES the total annual GDP for Slovakia”’ ?
          Are you joking? How can you compare it that if one country has 12.5 times more inhabitants just baffles me…What you just wrote is totally irrelevant..
          Contributions from EU? Are you trying to say the UK is not getting finnacial support from EU , or is this just another joke??

          1. Juraj
            Your the one brandishing percentiles about, not me. I am just pointing out that Slovakias growth, impressive as it is, represents a tiny fraction of the UK ecconomic power. Even if we multiply by 12.5, the SVK ecconomy would still only represent 70-80% of the UKs. I am not belittling Slovakias growth I am just trying to put it into perspective. I hope the growth continues.
            No, I am not trying to say the UK does not get money from the EU, it does, but far less than it contributes – figures for 2010/11 – UK contributed 14.7 Billion and received 6.7 Billion. Slovakia contributed .5 Billion and got 2 Billion back. So, sorry, I am not joking, the UK and nine other member states contribute all the money used in the other 17 states – the money that has funded your ecconomic expansion. Where do you think the money comes from?

          2. We talked about growth, and not economic power ! So next time make your mind David.

          3. Juraj

            Is the Uk receiving financial support from the Euro ?? basically no as we contribute far more than we receive back in help! Why can you not just actually admit for once that without Uk, Germany and the like funnelling money into your country you would be in a real mess. I have lots of Slovak friends here and in Slovakia, also Polish, latvian and Lithuanian and they can at least admit that without Eu funds and the ease of working in say the UK they and their country would still be really suffering due to the years of communist oppression and they are at least thankful of that fact, whereas you seem to have a notion in tour head that all is ROSY in Slovakia and that money grows on trees somewhere and that the EU fairy will provide all your needs form this money growing tree……… Heads up for you … no tree exists the money comes from other countries peoples tax they pay on their wages so that the East of Europe can be improved… At least admit that fact and be thankful.

            Would so love to bump inot you one day in Slovakia and we could walk round admiring all the boards outside building projects that have that funny Blue flag with all the stars on it( now is that the Slovak national flag ?? sorry no it is the Eu one my mistake).

            Like I stated recently i am quite new to posting here but have read this paper since being with my partner maybe 21/2 years now and have spent time in eastern Slovakia where there is a load of EU funding. think yourself lucky as i have also been across to the Ukraine for periods of time, Uzhorod and Mukachevo and they do not share your luck in foreign aid !! foreign aid something the rich countries send to the poor countries to help them as they feel sorry for them , be careful Juraj one day the western countries may one day say sorry we are fed up helping countries whose people are unappreciative and ignorant to the help we are providing you !!!!!!! Oh dear one or 2 bankrupt countries i foresee

    3. Keep chewing the marbles Juki, you`re having to comment twice for the same reply, rather than as normal once, as the poor right side of the brain is not functioning correctly . Take more vitamins eh ? Loosing the argument.? What argument ? My comments is a just pee take of your sad lack of IQ, which now obvious to all . It is funny how a narrow-minded person might even go to the extreme of primate-like behavior, such as verbally insult at the other person or nationality, because he doesn’t have a cohesive argument to counteract what the other had said in the discussion or debate ? Say hello to your mum for me .

  7. What does the panel think of what happened in Rotherham with the members of UKIP and their foster-children?

    1. What do we think………Boring….

      The kids were moved because of a Left Wing Socialist, ex-teacher that thought her powers crazed communistic political thinking and madness, should be spread across all of Rotherham Labour Council . Clearly the menopause has effected her reasoning mind …well if a woman could ever be accused of having a brain to effect.

      This was never about protecting the children from the pervert Eastern or Central European parents …Don`t worry, she will be fired soon and retire to the land of a protected pension, a land of milk and honey of absurdity and her 15 minutes of news fame lost forever on all of us .

    2. I go – It’s making no sense. The party is official and if their members make any rasist comments or acts their should be charged according to the law. Boxing them is wrong. I can be a member of the party only because I disagree with the immigration policy and the same time I can work for the charity. Did the parents do anything or get involved in anything illegal? I guess not. It’s a discrimination in my opinion.
      Seems like the SS have their hands untied too much and their actions might be based on their personal feelings.
      It’s backfiring at the wrong people. The SS need some regulations.

      I would start with that they can first take children from parents and only afterwards get the court’s permission. I would allowed the SS to that only if the child is in obvious danger or the parents are not cooperating. When the charges are dropped or nothing was proved it must be compulsory to return the children. Not what happened with Mrs.B’s kids.

      1. Loghead, let me help you for once .

        1. Being the UK, this will be dealt with and the daft woman will be fired quickly …not as in Slowvakia, where the idiot would cling to power, only to be sacked due to total embarrassment of Ministers, as the man they appointed in many cases, were telling everyone THEY are right and they clearly are not . The case of the Performing and Mechanical Rights Society (SOZA and the moron chairman Vladimír Repčík, being a prime example .

        2. Social Services need the right to remove `at risk children` asap, without a court being first involved. The reasons are obvious . The SS should however, appear in court within 10 days to show very good reason ( and as defined in Law) why they ever took the children into care . That gives the SS long enough to take a medical exam and child statements and personal statements from the accusers . If that is not the case and the SS fail to do this evidence quickly, or the court does not agree with their current reasons, the kids should be returned that day to the parents. The problem is, the Law should be changed so it errors in favor of the parents and also the thinking of the Courts have to change, so not to be so cautious and error on the part of the SS being just correct . Whilst totaly protection of the child is one thing…these are the parents kids and not the States . The Case should have regular hearings in time ( as defined by Law) so these matters cannot be just dragged out . The in my Law the onus is on the SS to prove their actions, beyond a reasonable doubt and withing a three month timescale. If they fail to attend court etc , then the kids must be returned that day of court failure .

        3. I believe no child should be made available for forced adoption , unless the parents agrees, or there no other family member willing to step forward ( subject to references ) and/or the parent is going to be incapacitated in some way …say in a coma, dead, or likely to be in prison for more that 10 years .

      2. Losgar
        You can’t see anything wrong with the foster parents actions because you, like them, are devoid of any morals or integrity. People who subscribe to not allowing immigration into the UK have no place getting paid to care for the children of immigrants who they argue should not be in the country in the first place.
        The fact you haven’t a clue about fostering or adoption in the UK does not help either. The placement of a foriegn child requires consideration of that childs’ national and cultural background – foster parents who openly subscribe to immigration limits and the end of the multicultural society are hardly going to work to help the child keep its identity, are they? The foster parents have not been blacklisted or prevented from looking after children, just not foriegn children – I supect the outrage has more to do with lost income rather than the specifics of the case.

    3. Rotherham council have done the right thing – People can’t subscribe to one “social solution” yet profit from the one they object too – well maybe here but not in the UK.

  8. David,
    You have probably guessed have many fast-food shop there are in the Presov’s city center. There are 23 fast-food shops (and not over 50) in Whole Presov and I wouldn’t honestly expect more for a eastern Slovakian town with 80k inhabitants..
    As for the public safety,we both have got different views and opinions and I am adamant on mine. The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU
    and the fifth highest robbery rate in the EU. I wouldn’t expect from a person who mostly leaves decent comments like you , to believe, that the UK is safer place than SVK. Again , this is probably influenced by your personal experience in UK . Numbers of statistics are widely available online and these are the objective facts. For a quick summary look just visit:
    Hovever , I do agree with your comment that some of local police and mestka policia units in SVK are ”a joke”, and more often than they should be. Mestka policia has got limited authority to effectively fight public disorder and the ”real” Police mainly just seems to concentrate on trivial traffic offences..
    My comment regarding children names in the UK doesn’t need to worry you and I expected someone will ”pick up” on it. I can assure you that it is NOT a racist related, but meant to express the fact to relation how fast is Britain loosing once strong and vibrant identity. Finally , it is your UK prime minister David Cameron who publicly first time expressed his worries due to multiculturalism and Muslim influence back at 2011. Meanwhile, many of my Slovakian and Czech friends are often being labelled as ” f***** Polish ” by the British Teenagers . Lot of them (including me), have learned not to speak by their own language when passing group of British teenagers as there is a real chance that you will bee shouted at something like ”f***** immigrants taking over our jobs” or similar crap.
    How many times have you been caled ” f****** English on the Slovakian streets?
    Several years ago I was invited to a birthday party in Manchester which was supposed to end up in a cheap low cost pub/night club , but unfortunately the bouncer said ” no polish allowed” despite of we all were Slovakians- we weren’t allowed to come in. Recently, one of my Slovakian friend told me how the foreign temporary workers at his work have to meet targets under thread being sacked , despite permanent British staff doesn’t have to..
    (I understand that these comments are getting out of the actual topic, but I felt I have to express different view of actual non British person working in the UK..)

    Read more: Another Protest at British Embassy over Social Services | The Daily Slovakia

    1. Yeah, the crime rate. One of the things that foreigners in Slovakia should be happy about. One would think.
      I pointed out this fact a few weeks ago. Dave C. argued that he could see every night on the news how a grandmother somewhere had been robbed. Dave C. is not seeking the truth Juraj, don’t waste your time with him.

      Interestingly your stories reminded me – many years ago I travelled alone to London /just London/ and spent 2 days there. Went to Trafalgar square. I decided to take a picture there. Saw a man who looked like a tourist so I asked him if he could take a picture of me. He looked straight in my eyes, longer then was polite and said “No”. I said “Sorry?”. He repeated “No.” Then I realised he was a local, waiting there for something.
      Little thing? Maybe, but something like this never happened to me before or after.

      In Australia I got mugged and beaten up. They stole my mobile phone, passport and money. Very common thing in Sydney, especially in some suburbs. My house mate called the police which was literally located 2 blocks away /10min on foot/. It happened at 1am. The police arrived at 6am. I gave them the car plate number and the serial number of the mobile phone /they could track it down/ though I wasn’t sure about the very last number. After 3 days somebody called me and asked me again about the last mobile phone’s serial number. I told them it could be number 3, or 6 or 9. Three options. They never ever called me back again.
      I love Australia!!! Just think that the police isn’t perfect anywhere.

      This has never ever happened to me, or anybody I know in Slovakia.
      When I pointed out this here on this forum, Dave C. said that in Slovakia old people and women get mugged often. See what I mean? Give Slovakia no credit but take all. Make the splinter in an eye bigger and the beam in another eye dissapeared. Welcome to “Hogwarts” everybody!

      1. Losgar
        I believe what you said in your now historical comment was – “That would never happen in Slovakia” and I pointed out that the articles on JOJ contradicted that statement ( Two muggings on the news last night ). Is crime less prevelant in the SK – the total number of crimes is lower because you have a smaller population but the number of crimes per capita are about the same. Violent crime here is on the rise according to your own Stats Office. I also pointed out that many crimes here are not reported, if they involve youngsters they are not recorded and our societies have different definitions of what is a violent crime. I told Juraj that I have never witnessed any street crime either in the UK or Slovakia, I didn’t say it didn’t happen and I am genuinely sorry that he has had such bad experiences in my country. I readily accept that the UK has more than it’s fair share of low lives, street crime is becoming more common, there are a number of Brits who are an absolute disgrace with regard to their attitude towards foriegners. The response from the “local” in Traf Sq. seems strange but quite possible there are people in every society like that – I get the same long stare here when I ask public servants for information or help, followed by the same “No” .
        Your right, the police are not perfect anywhere but the Meska Police here are a waste of time and money. I’ve seen the M.P. in other towns and have been amazed by their professionalism and dedication to duty. An officer in Liptovsky Mikulas ( a very polite and helpful man ) told us that our local bobbies were a national joke, a message that was repeated in Bardejov.
        I presume you complained about the Sydney police? What did the Federal police say?
        Your last paragraph just about sums your perception of all matters – because you have not seen or been the victim of a crime in Slovakia does not mean the country is a crime free haven – I suggest you watch JOJ more closely in the future or read all of the stories in the papers.
        Give Slovakia credit – OK – During my time here I have not witnesses or been the victim of any street crime, I have had property stolen and vandalised, I have received some racial insults from drunken, middle-aged, idiots, I have been discriminated against purely on the grounds of my nationality by offices of the state, but on the whole I believe Slovakia, in my experience, has a relatively low crime rate but I have concerns about the apparent increase in reports of violent crime that appear almost every night.

      2. I know what you mean Losgar 🙂
        There are some people who refuse reality and substitute their own .
        And as you wrote earlier- ” Undoing these ‘knots’ is something I don’t have time for ” .
        At least, not today.

        1. Typical attitude from a Slowvak Juraj ….Slowvaks never have time to untie their knots that making this country the backward, retarded, corrupted and dump that it is . Nothing will change here, because Slowvaks cannot be bovvered and it is always someone to blame and someone else that can do the job, but not them . I am always being told `we are a simple people` …yea you got that right ….simpletons

          1. George M.. how low you have just stepped… Insulting me , and other Slovaks as being Retarded and dumb… -> due to not having time to oppose a single subjective comment in this discussion ? How narrow-minded ,tolerance lacking are you ?
            Btw, Interesting to hear such a statement from a person who came from country with the smallest gene pool and overall highest number of people with learning disabilities in Europe….How do you like that? 🙂
            You are saying that Slovaks are Simpletons. Okay, eehm … Whenever I talk to a person whose occupation require high skills and knowledge , here in UK , somehow it seems more and more apparent that those people aren’t British.. Dentist, Physio, GP, IT specialist…
            And regarding your statement : ”Nothing will change here, because Slowvaks cannot be bovvered and it is always someone to blame and someone else that can do the job, but not them” , I will try to enlarge your narrow minded view. The things are changing. In the recent years Slovakia had 2nd fastest growing economy in EU and is still growing, while British economy shrinks at fastest rate for 30 years…

          2. Jurik, do you actuall think I have insulted all Slowvaks? ..Great I hit my mark then . I did actually add many subjective comments here , just you obviously lack the education to understand them .

            Thankfully we have a smaller gene pool in the UK , ( well Huh out of 60 million mix race ethnic people?) because we were never invaded in 1000 years . Unlike Slowvakia, that have been serfs, servants, sheep herders and woodcutters all there lives until recently and just surrender and collaborated with the invading enemy. Great Juki, Slowvakia has a greater gene pool …but not done you lot much good being the IQ runt of the EU, where salary in av 600 euro a month .

            ~~~I will try to enlarge your narrow minded view. The things are changing. In the recent years Slovakia had 2nd fastest growing economy in EU and is still growing, while British economy shrinks at fastest rate for 30 years…~~~

            Perhaps you don`t read . Companies only invest here because of the massive tax breaks, incentive bribes and because you Slowvaks can be employed on the shop floor for almost nothing . Perhaps you have not read companies are and will be leaving here ….US Steel being just one recently to announce such a move ….Ah smell the coffee Jiki, still soon the you guys can all return to being woodcutters and sheep herders eh, rather than fitting a few screws on production line ?

          3. Let me review some misinformation you have ”spitted out” recently 😀
            -The AV salary in SVK isn’t 600 euro:
            The average nominal monthly salary in Slovakia during the first quarter of 2012 rose by 3.2 percent year-on-year to €770 (€840 gross) , the SITA reported. Before you spit out another crap, this isn’t to compare with UK where cost of normal living and property prices are several times higher.
            Also, you may apparently don’t read enough (or you just can’t process ) , but all respected economic research agencies predict that Standard of living in all Countries of EU will be equalized in next 20-25 years. Therefore, your comment that Slovaks are soon going to return back to sheep herding and woodcutting just reflect your general awareness …

          4. 😀
            It is funny how a narrow-minded person might even go to the extreme of primate-like behavior, such as verbally insult at the other person or nationality, because he doesn’t have a cohesive argument to counteract what the other had said in the discussion or debate.

          5. Jiki, in your last comment you seem to repeating yourself in insults over several threads . If you have limited English vocabulary don`t worry, so do most of the Slowvaks commenting on here . They keep repeat saying the same things, over and over again, by cut and paste and just hoping they become true .

            Not a great believer in stats as you can always make them as you wish and the Slowvak government is so desperate to make this rat hole actually look like a great investment opportunity .

            If you Live in and around Bratislava where there are some 500,000 people of course your salary will be must higher also have a whole group of people also working in well paid Austria …If you take out the capital city the Av Salary is 600 euro pcm , fact ! Fact is also, even if you factor in Ba and area around , av. 720 euro is still a crap salary .

            Also, you may apparently don’t read enough , but respected economic research agencies may predict that Standard of living in all Countries of EU will be equalized in next 20-25 years, that does not make it true or possible, did these same agencies predict the 2007/8 crash ???.

            BTW , where is your source for those facts, the J&T investment Land Bank or the Penta Building Fund? Reality is, if you are not an attractive country to investor to do business, who want start a low cost base company, and you have a Government slowly increasing Taxes, a workforce expect living standard to rise to equal levels in the EU …The two don`t match …or make it attractive for business. Mr Big Co, dont come here because of the living standards, or the highly educated ( I joke) or skilled work force ….they come because you are cheap to employ and easy to sack .

            Therefore, your comment that Slowvaks are soon NOT going to return back to sheep herding and woodcutting just reflect your own herding and woodcutting just reflect your general awareness as an ignoramus …and also lack general awareness of business needs.

    2. Juraj
      My figures regarding premises that sell food to take-away in Presov were from a recent meeting with a real-estate agent who quoted that figure along with 200 bars selling alcohol within the “Old Town”. I haven’t physically checked this statement, it suprised me, but I can’t think of any reason why he would fabricate such figures.
      The MP in Bojnice, L.M. and Bardjov are way more professional than the local flat foots, who they hold in contempt.
      I wouldn’t worry too much about the UK losing it’s identity, we are the product of many peoples through invasion and immigration and I believe that what gives our nation its vibrance. PM Cameron and others of that ilk are using the spectre of British indentity loss through multiculturalism as a political tool, to distract attention from the real issues in the country that he and his followers have no answers for. The current fad of attacking the muslim element is just the extension of previous “blame games” – the blacks, the asians, the eastern europeans, the Normans, the Vikings, the Romans, BWM drivers, landowners, Catholics, Puritans, Trade unions etc, they will find another group to target next – single parent families, the disabled. All the political parties try to maintain power by creating artificial divides in society, unfortunately this results in the ignorant and easily lead making the type of comments you and your friends have had to endure. Having said that, I think it depends upon which area of the UK you live. Inner city areas are more likely to produce yougnsters with this “problem” and although it does happen I hope you don’t think we all share the same misguided feelings. The specific incident at the club was illegal and should have been reported. As for the experiences of your friend at work, all I can do is offer my appologies. There are unscrupulous employers in every society but if your friend had established what his rights were before taking the job he would have known that he had a good case for an Industrial Tribunal. All I can relate is that our group actually prefered to employ foreign workers because the ” UK Herberts” the job centre sent us to consider were next to useless as workers and caused us more problems with non attendance, disciplinary matters and general attitude. I lost count of how many fellow countrymen we had to sack or just didn’t bother coming to work, whereas foriegn workers could be depended on, not only to attend work but to work overtime at fairly short notice. We certainly did not have a two tier system, every worker was treated and rewarded equally.

    3. The difference is between temporary workers and permanent workers not British and foreigners. The basic principal is that workers have different contacts so are expected to do different things. Any hint of discrimination and a company is looking at an expensive court case.

      Groups of English are are turned away from places in BA. I don’t see a problem with that, the management have the right to refuse entry. Likewise keeping Polish out of a club can reduce trouble if its already full of regulars spending money but ready to fight. Clubs and pubs are there to make money. Some bouncers are Polish and Slovak so I don’t see discrimination just common sense.

      Cameron is a chancer. Ignore what he says. He will have also said something completely different to a Muslim audience.

      Many of those Mohammeds are third generation and fourth generation English, they go to the pub and the mosque, they have just as much right to live in Manchester as you do.

      1. Ric , you don’t really believe in what you wrote above-do you?
        It is either discrimination or racism,or combination both of them, in the both cases..
        As for ”English are are turned away from places in BA” may i suggest this would be due to being really drunk or excessively loud (British stag do abroad?) , while the case us attempting to entry a pub in UK were completely different..

  9. I know communicating with the Editor is like talking to God, but many of my comments are not even making the moderation .Q …I am being most careful with words, names, courts, other retarded idiots etc ….WHAT IS GOING ON …no censorship or total selective censorship that is the question here ???

    1. We try to limit comments that are only personal attacks and nothing to do with the subject at all.

      1. Like the comment below eh ? What utter crap you talk .

  10. OMG. 😀 What a load of rubbish I have just read about Britain. When did you visit this ”dream land” last time guys? As for food , you must be joking . I have been living in UK for 7 years, the English cuisine is among worst ones in the Europe . Most of my colleagues in office just eats sandwiches , frozen food from Tesco, Sainsbury, Mark&Spencer, etc. or gets sandwiches delivered from local fast foods, or just pop in to McDonald. The traditional English is restaurants is far from being ”gourmet” unless you drive further from big cities to Wales, Devon or Lakes where the older people still can cook. (And if you think I have just visited some 10 restaurants in UK you are very wrong, as I am constantly on business trips in various parts of britain or europe ). Most of the people in Britain do not cook regularly, and as I was surprised even older ladies just cook ”pre-processed” fatty tasteless food from Iceland chain. And this is only getting worse as the young people do not cook at all, and 50% of my English colleagues( in theirs 30’s) never cooked at all.. My Czech friend regularly bake Birthday cakes for my colleagues otherwise they would just buy over sugared and only nice looking cheap cake from the nearest supermarket.
    As for UK’s NHS Health care , I would compare it to a factory with great equipment, but somewhat poor workers. One of my Slovak friends work as oncologist at NHS hospital and she often says: We have got motto ”The People First” , but it is such a lie.. It is just designed to look like. My wife used to have migraines so she went to see her GP numerous time as all he could advise was ”take some painkillers and drink more water” , and refused to investigate the problem further. She has visited different ambulance, but they just suggested to go to Tesco or Boots opticians to get eyes checked as this could be the issue.. Finally, the problem got resolved. But not in the UK. We went back to Slovakia to see my parents so she went see her doctor there, who sent her to numerous specialists (involving X-ray, neurological tests, etc) in 7 days time frame , finally finding trapped nerve in her neck. Two weeks ago I went to see my GP here in UK due to wrist pain for the second time, and he couldn’t do anything else but just prescribe pain killers, as the waiting time for NHS Physio is 12 weeks at the moment, and is getting worse. He suggested to go private, and I did- for hefty 50 pounds per 30 mins. Btw , neither GP or the Physio were English..The Only way to get proper medical treatment in UK , is to go Private.
    As for someone’s comments about ” get everything mobile tied down in slovakia” I can only say , do this double in the UK. My friend’s bicycles gets regularly stolen from outside of supermarkets or work even chained up, cars with Slovakians REG’s gets regularly damaged by teenagers. Many of my friends who already left UK got their houses robed by British teenagers or being attacked on street just because they ”weren’t english” and refused to give the cigarettes . Five years ago one of my friends (who is girl) got attacked by british teenage girl for not giving her cigarette, finally stealing her mobile phone. I have never been attacked or robbed in Slovakia. One more thing to mention-When I arrived to UK ,( some 7 years ago) my mobile phone, camera, wallet and even Map of Manchester got stolen from my bag – that’s how I was welcomed !
    And what is currently Britain ”growing” ? The babies as old as 9 months go to nursery , as the employers only support mothers for 9 months ( 3 years in slovakia) . Despite warning of the psychologist warning that the baby should spent first 2 years of their life constantly with their mothers as this will affect respect of the parents in the future. Teenagers who do not respect older at all, very aggressive, most of the time just loitering around in towns, grown up on Playstations and Xboxes. The most used name for newborn in UK for 2012 was MOHAMMED , and same for 2011. Make your own picture. The things are changing quickly.
    I am staying in UK for now, but despite having a good job this surely isn’t the country where my 15 months old daughter will visit a school for the first time…


    1. So leave Manchester if you don’t like what people call there kids there is none of your business its a big planet and we all have to live together.

      1. You absolutely missed point of the comment, so there is no point to talk to you. Enjoy your Evening Ric 🙂

        1. I imagine the point was you don’t like Manchester but our like money.

        2. You are an immigrant moaning about the results of your new countrys services and community stretched to breaking point by immigration and then you have a dig about earlier immigrants.

          Remember Mo Farah at the olympics. Wouldn’t you like him to be Slovak so you had some medals?

          1. Mo F, no they would not …he is black and not Ayran male . Mind you, the Slowvak woman seem to like a bit of colour in their cheeks 🙂

            Get on any UK Ryanair flight to the UK and you will see what I mean .

    2. Do we still allow racist chants on this website …? I thought again this was against the club rules …clearly Juraj has his own rule book , but no real surprise their eh JB.

      I guess you do not have a high powered job, or one that needs the intelligence above an ameba ? People in the UK tend to eat quickly, because they work hard and they have a job to do . We do not have this Slowvak obsession of eating at 11.15 am, bolt down sick on a plate or cheap meat cut with tasteless boiled pots .

      Strangely all the things that happened to you, wife and your mates, stoeln Bikes, damaged Cars, crap doctors, crap food ( have you ever seen a Slowvak TV cooking program, geeeeze ! ) all happened as well and in the land of milk and honey called Slowvakia , well if you are an expat . I know as I have had them happen to me or people I know . I have been mugged twice here, by thieving Taxi drives, because I refused to pay three times the going fare . I have had my wallet, my partners handbag and 2x mobile phone stolen ….whilst I sat in a cafe or bistro …The police told me it was all my own fault ???

      I could go on, but I have someone else with more actual brain to pick on. BTW. dont have any kids mate …you are a prime candidate for the UKSS …

    3. Do we still allow racist chants on this website …? I thought again this was against the club rules …clearly Juraj has his own rule book , but no real surprise there then

      I guess you do not have a high powered job, or one that needs the intelligence above a goldfish? People in the UK tend to eat quickly, fast food because they work hard and they have a job to do . We do not have this Slowvak obsession of eating at 11.15 am, bolt it down sick on a plate or cheap meat cut with tasteless boiled pots .

      Strangely all the things that happened to you, wife and your mates, stolen Bikes, damaged Cars, crap doctors, crap food ( have you ever seen a Slowvak TV cooking program, geeeeze ! ) all happened as well and in the land of milk and honey called Slowvakia , well if you are an expat . I know as I have had them happen to me or people I know .

      I have been mugged twice here, by thieving Taxi drives, because I refused to pay three times the going fare . I have had my wallet, my partners handbag and 2x mobile phone stolen ….whilst I sat in a cafe or bistro …The police told me it was all my own fault ???

      I could go on, but I have someone else with more actual brain to pick on. BTW. dont have any more kids mate …you are a prime candidate for the nasty UKSS …

    4. Juraj
      I could not agree more with some of your observations, home cooking is thing of the past in many parts of the UK but things are going the same way here. The beautiful town centre of Presov now boasts over 50 take-away / fast food shops that seem to be doing a good trade and I understand that there are even more on the estates. In the last few years many, long established traditional restaurants have tried competing by serving ever cheaper and poorer quality meals but have finally had to close. The bottom line is money buys convenience and as Slovaks become more wealthy they are following the “western trends”, which is a shame. The scourge of the UK ferral teenagers is something else that is becoming more evident here as well. In the last few weeks there have been numerous reported attacks, mainly on the elderly, not only in the street but in their homes. Social decline can also be directly linked to affluence, peer pressure on children is redirected upon the parents to provide little Lukas and Sacha with all the gadgets and designer labels they “must have” – mum and dad have to work harder to keep up with the Jones’s, which results in family life being destroyed. I see the same kids here at the take-aways every night, even on weekends. There is very little for these kids to do, hence every surface scrawled or graffitied on, public property damaged and gangs roaming the streets looking for mischief. On the issue of respect for elders, my experience is SVK kids are going the same way, no doubt learnt from their “parents” some of whom have no respect for property or the law. I never once witnessed any street crime whilst I lived in the UK, nor have I seen any here but I do accept it is common in both countries. The theft that both you and your friend suffered was unfortunate but I presume you both reported the matter to the police, who took an interest and tried to do something. The local Meska Police are a joke, ( my neighbours opinion, that I share), if anyone reports a problem they turn up hours later, they just drive past law breakers, sometimes with a wave. At a recent residents “surgery” attended by over 60 local residents complaints about illegal parking, noise and anti-social behaviour were met with ” If you don’t like it move somewhere else” from the police spokesman.
      On the issue of Health Services, again your experiences in the UK don’t match mine but I do know that my wife would have received far better service and treatment with the UK system, with all its faults, than she got here.
      Your last comment regarding childrens names in the UK worries me, firstly it had racial overtones and secondly it wasn’t true. The ONS report for 2011 gave Harry as the most popular name with Oliver being top in 2010. If all three variants of Mohammed are grouped together the name would be the fourth but that was only 6,576 out of 807,271 children born in the UK which represents 0.008% so I really don’t understand your ” Make your own picture” comment. At school my best friends were Marec and Jeri, my first girlfriend was called Luka, my daughter is called Nikita, I served with a Mohammed, an Ali, a Stano, a Sambasoo, a Quansa, a Levy, my radio op was called Chan and I was rescued from a burning vehicle by a Zulu called Karl. Its not the nationality, colour, religion or name that makes a man, its what is in his heart – that is something for you to consider.

      1. I was starting to think they ought to rename this site (or something) but finally, at last, a bit of balance.

        Dave, your comment on Juraj’s observations would be my comment on a lot of yours. Ten years in Svk hasn’t been perfect exactly, but I have to say your reality hasn’t been mine.

        On the health thing, I have close relatives who’ve received utterly brilliant NHS care in the UK. And I know Slovaks who’ve had dire experiences here. Especially in Zilina, which appears to have the worst reputation of all.

        My own reality is that the one time I needed Slovak hospital care it was absolutely faultless. And they were treating an illness I’d never had if I hadn’t been given a summary brush-off by a good-for-nothing British GP three months before. Them’s the breaks, I guess.

        1. Jim, you never cease to amaze me. BTW . What was wrong with you then. Ate too much humble pie, did you ?

          1. It’s a boring story, George. You don’t really want to hear it.

            It doesn’t involve Slovak doctors demanding cash in brown envelopes or gift-packs of vodka before they’d treat me, so it doesn’t fit the kind of narrative you, Dave and your new gang of cohorts like to peddle.

            It was a normal illness that causes no real problem if dealt with quickly and properly. The doctors and staff at Martin hospital did exactly that, so I soon got better. But I was an emergency case – a situation that would have been averted three months earlier if the NHS doc I consulted had bothered to a) listen to what I was telling him, b) get up out of his chair and c) perform one very simple test.

            That’s my reality, others have different sorts of tales. The only lesson I draw is that it’s not a simple case of ‘NHS good, Slovak healthcare bad’ (seeing as how you like quoting bits of Animal Farm).

          2. For once I would also agree regards NHS care …But mainly at the doctor end where it is more of a poor war triage center, these days and nothing like Dr House. I get the feeling it is not actually the Doc`s do not care, just the NHS Admin people are plain thick and Mrs Jobsworths ..they all get off on effecting new rules etc . …Just you expect some personal service, some TLC from the Doc when you are telling him about a boil on your tool, but he just does not have the time …So what do you want, more patents seen, to reduce the NHS queues, or slow moving doctors as in Slowvakia, where you can sit in a waiting room for 3 hours, die or infect everyone as you sit there ….well of course unless you pay a 10euro fee to jump the Q?

          3. Well, I had a truly shit doctor. He couldn’t give a f**k and he was incompetent, but I believe he was one bad apple and I’m not judging the entire NHS by his standards. But yes, agree that it’s (mostly) the ‘system’ that’s wrong, not the doctors, nurses, or ‘health professionals’.

            You hear all sorts about Slovak healthcare. I can’t fault what I’ve experienced but I know that’s not the whole story – and that was part of my point.

    5. Juraj
      You are also wrong about maternity leave in the UK – 52 weeks is the statutory minimum period of paid leave, many employers will allow prolonged periods of unpaid leave. In our group, women workers were moved to office jobs / very light duties as soon as they notified us they were pregnant, paid leave for medical appointments, we gave them 4 weeks paid leave before their confinement, 52 weeks leave on full pay after the birth which could be extended if the mother or child had health problems, 52 weeks in addition at half pay and upto another year unpaid leave. Fathers got paid time off to attend anti-natal and post-natal appointments, upto 2 weeks prior to the birth, the statutory period of paid paternity leave after the birth – extend if the mother or child had health problems, unlimited paid, half-pay or unpaid leave at the managers discretion. As for “slamming” – putting babies into nursery – it all depend which “experts” you choose to believe – there are contradictory research studies. Statutory support for mothers and fathers in the UK is relatively poor but many employers provide much better than is legally required. Do companies fund all support to mothers or is it state handouts in the SVK? My wife did not return to work until my daughter attended school but we were fortunate, in many families the wifes’ wage is what keeps the family afloat and they return to work as soon as possible – it’s parental choice, often neccessity or greed drive the decision.

      1. Dave,
        The first 6 weeks you will receive 90% of your wages then after you will receive standard maternity pay. You are entitled to 9 months paid all together. , and this is also certainly my wife’s case.
        You could also receive a one-off payment of £500 (known as Sure Maternity Start) to help towards the costs of having a child as well , but this has been Scrapped at 24.january 2011 , and is now only available for families on the benefits. Similar ”one off” payment is available in SVK , and is currently 678.49 EUR and still available for any family if newborn baby reached at least 28 days of it’s life. Also, in UK you are only entitled to receive this ”one off payment” for the first child, in SVK for the first three children.

        1. The benefit system in Slovakia is better than in the UK but it is not more generous..

  11. How strange George. in addition to a cottage in central Slovakia and a flat in Bratislava I have a house near you it seems. I am not surprised you have Austrian friends, because just as Slovaks they are an amiable bunch.

    1. See Smug, perhaps we are not that far apart in our thinking ….just you miss the bigger picture on your side ….

      Actually I have a small Ski/treking hotel in east Slowvakia, run by an expat and his Slowvak wife . She was one of the three `honest people` I know here. Does not make a lot of money for me after all the living and business expenses, but gave a guy and gal down on their luck a chance to rebuild their lives after his illness . They make a living …I am hoping they make a real go of it and offer to buy it some time next year .

      Moving to Austria on a perm basis noted year …perhaps we will bump into each other, it`s a small world out there ….now wipe the tears from your eyes and lets get back on our heads , OK ?

      1. George – I am interested in your treking hotel in the east. Is it close to the Tatras? We travel quite a lot, I like to explore and the North East is in our plans for next year. Be happy to support your business and meet another expat. Maybe JB could pass on some details?

        1. Afraid not, we are in Slovak Paradise ( Raj ) although I do know another English expat who run ( or ran ) a small sports Pension in mid Liptov, also a Belgium guy ( Slovak wife) who in run a Motel/ Wellness centre in Liptov as well. I even know a nice cheap Pension run by two Slowvak guys near Banska, that has an excellent, challenging but quiet ski slope ( nice forest walks in Summer ) for the likes of me, a part time skier . All Low Tatra and not High Tatra sorry to say ….However, I nearly bought a place in Streba thou…but ended up in SR .

          Not sure I want the name of the place put on this website , too many,oddballs and wacko`s ….but if you search around on Google you will find them all .

          1. ‘too many,oddballs and wacko`s ….’

            Takes one to know one….

          2. …Ditto mate .

            Remember, you were a reporter pal and a subject of the Flag wearing King Britskiboy …

  12. Peter
    You ask why I am living in Slovakia.
    None of your business but I am exercising my right as an EU citizen to live where I like and I don’t have to explain why to anybody, certainly not you.

    1. Than, if you choose Slovakia for living… Than Enjoy! and don`t coplain.
      You obviously has some benefit to live here otherwise you will be somewhere else! So, welcome in Slovakia and enjoy being here!

      1. Peter
        Nice to see your Slovak mentality driving your comments.
        Firstly there is no benefit to us living here, in fact quite the opposite and yes we would be somewhere else if we did not have responsiblities here. As for not complaining, a bit steep coming from someone who has posted nothing but complaints about a system in another country. I live here, and while I do I every right to expect certain things and every right to complain when I don’t get them. It may be custom here to be apathetic about everything and accept less than second best but it isn’t my custom. We have just got the final bill from our Slovak builder for some work we have done, it’s 60% less than his original estimate – Why? because he quickly realised he was not dealing with some local numbty but with someone who knows something about building and who checked everthing that was done, insisted on things being done correctly and to my satisfaction. He didn’t like it but was under no illusion from the start that I was the boss and what I said happened, no excuses, no ifs, buts or maybes. Two things I learnt early in life – if you don’t ask, you don’t get and, if you don’t complain and keep the pressure on, people will take advantage of your perceived weakness. Some of my Slovak neighbours are now following the same line, the police and the council dont like it but we are gradually seeing some improvement. All it needs is for the majority to start asking “Why?” and saying “No” a bit more often and you may eventually end up with the country you deserve rather than the one you so readily accept.

        1. I find courtesy and respect go a long way most of the time. Just like in most places.

    2. and BTW, some Slovaks made the same… because we are at EU they went to UK, Germany or somewhere else… So, do not complain about this either!

  13. That’s true what you said Alec, how the internet attracts special individuals of all sorts. One can read comments from people with whom you would never even want to have a beer out there in the real world.

    This article is about how some Slovaks stood up and said no to injustice. They have my respect. It’s for the good of the parents and the children why the people gathered in front of the embassy. Not against the UK or the whole SS. Sorry to see some Brits taking it personally. Here is something you could learn from the Slovaks. Taking criticism as men.

    The SS are in a lose-lose situation? I don’t think so. The line is thin but they can be heroes and I respect their work.
    Injustice was done and no one is about to apologize, no one looks sorry. I can understand that people make mistakes. I understand why they can’t admit the mistakes. I see what is this restriction for and whom it’s helping.

    Respect the law, the court and quietly observe? No! Mistakes been made in the past /the UK stolen generation of 100.000 “orphans’/. Mistakes for which new prime minister had to apologize, only 2 years ago. Mistakes will be made again and again. The history is full of them.
    I will never respect wrong law, “mistakes” of judges whether it’s a communist country or the UK. No matter how the officials of every country in the world keep repeating over and over like a mantra that “the law must be respected”.

    BTW if some of you don’t like the way the EU is running talk to the Germans, they are in charge.

    Personal message for Dave C. – You are an awful person. You always mix the truth with lies. Undoing these “knots” is something I don’t have time for.
    As I said many times before – I agree with most of the articles and their contents. Nearly all of these articles are the same as in the SVK medias. So nothing surprising about that.
    Recently read an article about foreigners in China. Written by a foreigner. The title of the article was “Why are so many foreigners living in China jerks?”. The conclusion was that it’s because China attracts jerks /for many reasons/ and because there is nobody from their home to control them or judge them so they go out of control. I guess these are explanations for behaviour of the SVKs living in the UK and also for the foreigners living in SVK.

    Dave, how would you like if you got taken by a SVK nursing home service and your young SVK wife with beautiful legs would have to fight for you for over 2,5 years? I think that would have changed your mind.

  14. Sorry Dave but I think your negative comments are over the top.I think everyone knows the Slovak judiciary, and politicians are a total disgrace and anything to do with road usage should carry a government health warning but there are many nice people in Slovakia who are so generous and would do anything to help you.
    Slovaks pay their way in the pub too, which in my distant past experiences was never the case with the expat community. Frustration at not being able to communicate effectively is the biggest problem in any foreign environment and is especially true in Slovakia where the culture is very specific.
    I didn’t like the over reaction by many contributors on this child care issue either, but this is no reason to condemn everything about Slovakia

    1. Rubbish Smug, DC`s comments are spot on …

      Quote ……~~~~ there are many nice people in Slovakia who are so generous and would do anything to help you. ~~~

      You know you got me thinking on this one …Smug , lets be honest, I know three Slowvaks that would somehow creep to meet that description. Not bad in 14 years of living in and of the country and starting several businesses here. That includes meeting MP`s, Doctors, Bankers, Lawyers,Dentists, Accountants and Mr Joe Soap in the pub .

      Ungrateful, lying, two faced, thieving, lazy toads would be a better description for the rest of them .

      I recently took on a small house ( currently being renovated ) near Hainburg and you know what, I have suddenly more Austrian friends, than I ever did Slowvak . Nice people, who are so generous and would do anything to help you. Yanks tend to like Slowvaks in my experience, all hillbillies together then .

    2. Alec
      I don’t paint all Slovaks with the same brush, I know some really great, honest people who would do anything to help anyone, however I have also had dealings with some locals who are out and out lowlifes and that includes senior government employees. My Sk friends would give Rob the same advice, I wish someone had told me a few facts before I came here. I know other expats who have come here and have been shocked by what passes as normal here and have had experiences that would give others nightmares and some of my own “run ins” beggar belief.
      My overall impression of Slovaks is that they are decent people on the whole but the “chancers”, arrogant wide boys and incompetent state workers at all levels are slowly eroding my impression of the country ( the way it is run, not the beauty, history and culture). The law means nothing here, and that to me is the start of the slippery slope especially when so many are so apathetic about what is / is not happening. I’m enjoying learning the language and I don’t find communicating difficult and quite enjoy the challenge.

      1. Amen to that DC….Expats come believing we are all starting on a level playing field …we are not !

  15. Peter – Re Eastern European workers are welcome in the UK because they are cheaper.
    I can only assume you have never travelled outside of your village to come up with that statement.
    Unlike here in Slovakia, it is illegal to even attempt to pay a person a different rate of pay because of age, nationality, religion, race, disability or sex. Those who do try to do this are dealt with very severely by the UK courts. Your countrymen who are employed by my former company in the UK were shocked by our everyday employment practices such as getting detailed pay slips ( legal requirement), no need to complete an annual tax return ( done automatically), paid holidays ( legal requirement), payments in advance, shift work allowances, double and triple time for overtime, all wages paid within 4 days ( Week ended no Sunday – wages in their bank accounts by the next Thursday morning, earlier if there was a Bank/ National Holiday), Monthly paid staff paid before the last day of the month, flexible working hours, Job sharing, Post Entry Training and Education, Occupational Health Scheme, interest free short term loans, assisted car purchase not to mention the fact that they are considered for promotion, equally, as UK workers. So I don’t know what you have been told, read or just made up, but sorry, you are yet again so wrong or just applying Slovak standards to a system you clearly have no knowledge or experience of.

    1. 🙂

  16. Dear Peter,
    I do not think anyone here is suggesting the majority of Slovak workers in the UK are not hard working good people who benefit the UK economy and add to the cultural diversity. Sadly, however, there does exist a significant minority who are only there to scrounge off the extremely generous social system and give all migrants a bad press. As for good old George, the only bacon he has ever seen is on a shelf in Tesco’s, but I am sure he sheds a tear every time he thinks of the plight of yet another one of his friends.

    1. Smug….actually I have been `suggesting` on previous threads ??? So keep your brown nosing in your own forum yard, not mine .

      BTW I import British bacon, never eat Slowvak or Hungarian for that fact ..too paper thin and too fatty … for my friends, I understand they just eat slimy slugs like you everyday. Yumm eh ?

  17. Spot on Rob.

  18. Two sons of Ivan B, who were taken into custody may return to Slovakia by the end of this year.The judges also ruled last Friday that the boys can be placed into the custody of their grandmother. Great for them eh ? Return to a shanty, run down eastern village,eating cheap cuts of pork fat and overcooked sticky rice every day . The family must be happy, and the kids,well the jury is still out …….where would you prefer to grow up guys and gals , Not Slowvakia forsure .

    Still saved us a fortune in child benefits ??

    1. Saved fortune in child benefits !! Not a penny. they will work here father or mother and still be able to claim our child benefit and child tax credits for their children in Slovakia. Making a pretty penny over what they would get if they claimed for the children in their own country. Wouldnt surprise me if they even go back to Slovakia and continue claiming their tax credits as well for a couple of years without actually being in England using the Royal mail re direct service so that the HMRC do not even realise they are not in this country until 2 late. No wonder Slovakia and the like are not struggling so much as England etc due to the amount of money our government is sending abroad of our taxes in for them to build/improve their houses, spend in their high streets , as well as all the EU funds being spent on almost every school,bus station and the like from EU funds while we struggle along to pay our rising bills etc. They will be able to go home and retire in comparative luxury in a few years while our old age pensions struggle on low incomes

      This one is actually a common occurrence about the tax credits claiming as I personally know of 5 families from one twon in Eastern Slovakia doing this.

      Sorry for rant but been reading this publication for a few months now as my partner is a Slovak and even she agrees they are taking the mickey out of us and laughing at how easy it is to defraud us, should we normal english people dare to speak out we will be cast as rascist or the like

      1. interesting… you`re not claiming about your wife who went to UK to find better life and than find you in order to stay there legally… Who mostprobably abuse your benefits.
        On the other side you claim about two boys who are on the way back to Slovakia…
        Do not worry about money. You are not driving it. If goverment will need they will print new papers called money.
        Either way what is UK dept? That`s how you live. You live because of dept.

        1. Peter —– 1) partner not wife—2) She does not need me to be here legally due to EU and which as I stated she says we are to easy on these con artists –3) She came here got a job with an agency and struggled by until we met, she was not aware of the easy pickings our country is for benefits( very aware now and very shocked) and is honest enough to admit that if she had known how much she might have been abke to screw us for legally let alone illegally she would have claimed but as it is she doesnt and never has!! for the record we dont claim any benefits no need too.4) obviously you have no idea on economics as the comment on printing money( yes they can) but then all the rest of the money is worth less for the rest of us hard working tax payers in England. 5) Yes I comment about the two boys as I am sure the parents/Grandparents will still claim the Uk benefits for them as they are worth more than Slovak, therefore saving the Slovak government more money, why do you think theSlovak government does not condone the exodus of its people to other countries ? because they know it is saving them money in beneifts and it is bringing in loads of money to their economy be it in earned wages or social benefits form another country instead of their own national purse

          1. one important point is also that these eastern workers are cheaper than the UK… Which creates more profit. That`s also why UK wants them.

      2. Rob – Nice one my friend and oh so true. The case that saw three SVK jailed last year involved over 50 Slovaks from this area making false claims for every benefit available. It’s time the UK took a close look at our guests and removed all those who are scamming the public purse.

        1. Thanks Dave.

          The 3 Slovaks you mention live in the same County as I do. Dont get me wrong this is an endemic problem with all the east euro countries and their people in England. Curious as to which area you live ?.

          the only way to remove these people is to pull out of the Euro and go back to visa for entry I am afraid as the Euro government are well aware of this but turn a blind eye as it gets them the support of every East European country due to the fact they can grab loads of money form the Western euro countries( well at least the soft ones, thanks for nothing Mr Blair all your fault, there is a man who should be tried for treason in England for selling out his country anf profiting millions from it)

          1. Welcome to the Club Rob….not a very exclusive club it would appear, as more and more are thankfully finding out about the Slowvak race . We do have quite a few fringe hangers on, who refuse to pay their fees and actually live in cloud ga ga land until someone who is Slowvak actually bites them . Until that point they either have gone native, where corruption and cronyism is considered as normal or are brainwash, by the Tatra snow, the country walks, the cheap beer and glassed and mirrored by the `decent` people, that the locals claim they are .

            What for the whining of a guy called Cowpat …typical of the race .

          2. Rob
            I am Yorkshire born and bred even though I have a Scots name. I now live in the east of Slovakia.
            To be fair I know a number of Slovaks who have settled in the UK, work hard and have no intention of running a scam. They are thankfull to be part of a society that actually works and if you ever spend some time here you would understand that. Dishonesty is a way of life here, despite paying an arm and a leg for medical insurance most people expect to have to give the doctor a bung to obtain treatment, the vast majority of businesses accept that they will have to pay “bonuses” to obtain orders, permissions etc., 80% of the population have no faith in the police or the courts, the politicians make our bandits look like saints, the press and media are tame, jobs depend on who, not what you know and a third of the workforce are in protected state non jobs.

    2. I would not expect more than your comment above… Great job selfish George.
      You must be a really poor person if you drop your inteligence to level of your comment above…

      1. Not exactly the brightest button in the Tin are you Petra …golly you must be Slowvak then ?

        As for the kids, yes you are right, they came to the UK looking for a better standard of life or why come at all and now returning to Slowvakia? …Welcome to hell, poverty, a sub standard education and breakfast, lunch and dinner of pork fat and boiled potato with just about everything living .

        1. What do you think where is an english bacon came from? Isn`t it a pork?
          And what about chips {UK favourite lunch} isn`t it potatoes?

          good luck George and take a look to EXPAT advices… Please do so.

          1. Peter

            re your comment on me and east of Slovakia

            have the intellegence and curtesy to read all my posts, as Is tated clearly my partner (Slovakian) and I (English) are considering all our options. Also for the record for any one on here I have never in 30 years of adult/work life claimed beneifts of any kind even after being made redundant 3 times so why would I start now !! I was brought up to work for what I have not scrounge it.

            Reason for POSSIBLY moving to Slovakia is here and here family as I have stated before. The country is very picturesque in that area, accessible to Ukraine/Poland/Hungary where I also have friends who I visit and may wish to live closer to in the future.

            If it helps you to understand my posts i will wtite it in Slovak !! as I am bothering to larn the language before I might move( more than some who come this way )

      2. Peter

        to your comment above concerning cheaper labour !!! That is a fallacy brought on and spread by the previous labour( Socialist) government and there industry cronies. Yes originally thet may taken lower paid jobs which meant profit for the companies and back handers for Mr Blair and his team in the way of nice consultancy jobs after their term in office paying them shed loads of money. But the amount of benfits claimed legally and illegally totally skews that figure, If you had a visa system where it was at least harder to find work, get a bank account /loan etc less would come freeing up jobs for Uk nationals and therefore the govenment would have to pay out less beneifts and more of the money earnt in the Uk woiuld be spent in the UK agian benfiting our business,

        If I choose to go to Slovakia I need a temp residency permit to find work, which means I need private medical insurance( not if you come from Slovakia to England). i need proof of somewhere to live for 12 months( again not required in UK)

        Just to see how it works when we were there last time I enquird about a loan(just an experiment mind you) I was told to get a mortage I would need to be living and working in Slovakia for 13 months ( one of the major banks) yet my partner could get one with just 3 months proof of full time employment( anywhere in EU !!) . Most of my points here are that the system caused nby the EU is totally Skewed to benefit them, just because they had a hard time under the communists and are now poor and behind the rest of Europe…….. Well why should we have to fund their growth why not Russia who have vast wealth in oil and minerals etc, why do these countries not Sue Russia for recompense instead of scamming us.

        This Summer I visited a town in Eastern Slovakia which virtually every school had a board up saying EU funded rebuilding and when I get home i see on the Slovak That town had now got EU funding for a new bus station and a new school…. If i walk around any town in my County I would be hard pushed to find one EU funded School rebuilding project. Where is the justice in it all.

        Sorry to go off topic so much but as you may have guessed people I finally flipped and felt the need to speak

        1. Yes we eat bacon , only the best part of the pig , nice thin sliced rashers of baconwith eggs, baked beans and toast as PART of a meal . It is called Sunday breakfast . We do not, in the main, eat pure pig fat rind, or pour bacon fat, with sour cream over potato and flour knochie and go all Slovwak wobberly at the knee`s …….sick on a plate I called it . No wonder most Slowvaks are retarded, their lymph gland must be all bunged up ?

          Rob …I have been protesting this situation for many years, in fact too many years . I just hope I finally live in a land where all people are considered as equal ….not just a land for corrupt, thieving Aryan Slowvaks .

        2. Rob
          The EU has been pouring money into this country like water down a well, no one knows how much has gone straight into pockets, no one even checks if the work is done. As you point out, almost every project here is EU funded, I’ve seen private housing developments subsidised by EU funds – don’t ask me how that happens. As for the blatent discrimination against foriegners, it gets worse when or if you move here, getting even basic information is almost impossible, red-tape will tie you up for ever, public servants who do anything but serve the public, open discrimination in employment, even EU organisations, staffed by Slovaks, will not help you. If you stand up for your rights you’ll be branded a trouble maker, complain and you’ll be ignored, don’t even try to get the police to do anything – ring the fire service, the locals do! My best advice for you is, if you move here, don’t trust anyone, they will rob their own families and non Slovaks are seen as easy pickings by everyone – the police, councils, businesses, taxis, bars and shops. Oh! and nail everthing down that is mobile.

          1. Dave

            anyway that I can get your email address ? awkward to post on here due to the nature of the type of people I see but is there a way we can communicate???. Curious as you in Eastern and I am looking at somewhere east of Kosice/Presov .

          2. Dave, Rob,
            Would you be so kind and explain what {Dave} are you doing at east of Slovakia? You have put only claims about Slovaks and Slovakia. But you live here… Why don`t you just move?
            Rob, are you planning to come here just to make claims? Or is it also benefical for your person?

    3. Boy George… GO HOME!!! If you hate Slovakia so much, how in the world do you survive living here? I would love to see your colleagues response to how you feel about Slovakians and Slovakia! You are the reason why most people in Slovakia hate and despise foreigners! So sad! You feel your past country has it all figured out, and yet you are the one who left for employment here in Slovakia…. makes me wonder why, who forced you away from your beloved UK? I have a feeling you were sent here to expand something for cheap labor, you made it through the rough training of the Slovakian people, and now you sit behind your desk/computer and wish that you could go home, but they don’t want you back. Good luck with that! By the way, I know a few good recruites that can place a guy like you in a position Afghanistan to support their new growth…I am sure you would love it there!

      1. Expat, Just because someone complains about the way some people act does not mean they hate all Slovaks!! I have just started to post here as I read this due to having a Slovakian partner and we are considering all our options for the future , England, Slovakia or wherever and I spend as much time in Slovakia as is possible due to her family being there, but she and her family agree that there are lots of people form their country who are criminals and screw the system and that someone should make a stand and bring up the issue wherever and wherever they can, Like I said i know people who are playing our system and when I met these people and realised I told them exactly what I thought of it. They know my feelings on the subject so the matter does not come up when we meet, they don’t hate me for how I feel about them and what tey are doing. You take that side of them away and they are nice polite people who welcome you into their homes like most east european people. It should be law that benefits can only be claimed for children/partners and the like can be claimed only if said parties resided in the Uk not in their home country otherwise all benefits should be claimed form the country they reside in.

  19. Interesting. There is is either several hours delay to show posted comment on this page or the censors wand waved over my last couple comments too..
    If so, I can not really find a valid reason :-$

    1. Juraj, you are not on the blacklist so all your comments go through automatically, unless they contain certain words or links, in your case, the name of someone involved in the case. Sorry for the delay.

    1. J.B. Interesting article – Mr Gove set to cause even more damage to child care than he has managed to do to education – plantpot!
      Nice to read about the other side of the coin and many of the comments are enlightening. No suprises though – the Tories will always opt for the cheap option and LGs will always comply with the pay masters dictates. Lets hope common sense prevails and Gove’s new plans are scuppered and there is a full review of the adoption procedures before it all goes belly up.
      Interestingly no comments from the conspiacy theory fans, yet!

  20. A good response to the “experts” Dave. The problem with the internet is it’s easy to write any old rubbish, and we can see many of the premenstrual “odd ball” men and women do. just that. Antipathy towards Eastern European migrants is running pretty high in many parts of the UK, and with the insensitivity of TV JOJ on display it hardly endears Slovak people to the indigenous population. Discussion on this case should have been about compassion for the children, but sadly it has been a forum for expressing xenophobic aggressiveness against organisations that are always in a lose lose situation.

    1. Alec
      Thanks!. Experts? “An ex is a has been and a spurt is a drip under pressure” as my drill sergeant used to say. The antipathy in the UK is a shame, the vast majority (99.98%) of Slovaks have no problems. We employed quite a few and found them to be excellent staff, amazed by UK employment practice, dependable and hard working. Many of them have opted to settle in the UK and I know, like the millions before, they will be accepted on the whole and made welcome. The majority I am still in contact with are angered by the reporting of this case in Slovakia, many are parents and appreciate the protection our society affords children and cite that as a major factor in their decision to stay.
      I fully agree with what this comments section has become, it appears the children have become MIA in many minds with greater concern being shown for the parents rather than the true victims. As for the attacks on those unable to defend themselves – its a bit like wife beating or child abuse – always pick on the weakest, less able to stand their own ground, less likely to turn around and put an end to your actions – the cowards way.

  21. Asta,
    This fight is not over.
    The father who was accused of pedofilia is writing a book about it.
    The SVK TV JOJ is preparing a few TV serials based on real events.

    There are still other parents who fight for their children and they need the help the most. The SVK officials keep saing how the UK law must be respected /for the sake of the parents and children/ and the UK court restricts information on the cases. It’s not easy to fight this Dragon especially with all the hostages they hold in the first line.

    What about the UK media? Nothing so far? Like with every revolution – if the impulse doesn’t come from the inside there is a little chance for success.

    1. The UK law should not be respected as the British Family Court breaks its own law and regulations as to how cases should be conducted in all directions.

      All the safeguards of the 1989 and 2002 Acts are routinely ignored.

      Senior judges openly collude with this.

      The British Family Court is a secret tribunal where any information about cases is kept secret for obvious reasons.

      There has been articles on British cases but little on foreign ones.

      This approach, going along with it for “the sake of the parents and children”, is the worst possible one, as has been found in the British cases, and inevitably leads to this situation of children being retained in Care or put to Forced Adoption.

      1. I see what you mean Winston. The SVK approach hurts other non-SVK families. What would you suggest to do?

        Mr.B is looking for an English native speaker to help him with correction of his book. Maybe publishing these stories would make people think or feel. Maybe a summary at the end of Mr.B’s book would be the right thing how to start.

        Also after seeing how the parents get wrong legal advice – special guide for the parents in troubles /10 first steps to do/ would be helpful I think. They all can be included in Mr.B’s book.

        I have a question for JB: When this restriction on this case will be over? When the judge dies?

        1. They should have taken a much tougher diplomatic line.

          That injunction on the Slovak media would have been a place to start.

          A Slovak representative is trying to do something in the Council Of Europe.

          Many of the restrictions on reporting are supposed to end when the case closes, but the senior judges and locl authority legal departments continue to intimidate our national press.

          1. Mr Smith
            Your comments once again demonstrate just how far from reality you live.
            Stronger diplomatic line – SVK diplomats just ignored the plight of their citizens from the start, as for the press injunction – is it not EU law that prevents the reporting of child care cases, a law the SVK has signed upto.
            Why try to do something in the European Council? It has no powers to intercede either in the laws of a sovereign state, the enforcement of EU laws or the actions of the various EU courts. Do you just post the first thing that passes between your ears or are you trying to fool the locals that you actually know what your talking about.
            Your last gem beggars belief but I will give ground if you can present one statement made by the editor in chief or the owners of a UK paper that confirms your allegation. We both know you can’t because the intimidation of the press is yet another vital element of your conspiracy theory and if it gets torpedoed your entire raison d’etre sinks.

    2. Yuuuuuuup everything is so open and above board in Slowvakia …Harabin goes straight from Minister to Head of Justice and how did Meciar get his 50 million SK`s to build his Villa ?

    3. Loghead ?? Witterings of Mr B, a book, boy that will be a mind numbing read if done by a Slowvak ? Just one page long `It wasn`t me` as it is never a Slowvaks fault. I as guess he will be and as always, following the UK Law and not reporting the court case due to legal restrictions ? BTW I would suggest he is out of the UK already , arranging for his next set of victims .

      Stunning how Slowvaks talk about revolution and that is all they do is talk a good game, for hundreds of years all they have done give up, surrender and collaborate and expect someone else to fight and die for them …the cowards !

    4. Losgar
      Speaks volumes that the father intends making a bob or two from his experiences, I can’t wait to read his version of events.
      JOJ plans some TV programs based on real events – you mean their version of real events. They will be the same mindless crap like Farmer wants a Wife, or Panalak – no doubt with the same cast. If you want some pure fiction watch a decent series like the X-Files or Star Trek not some contrived pap produced for for the mentally challenged.
      Your officials apparently have more nounce than some of the commentators on here – Yes UK law must be respected and complied with, we don’t ask you to like it or agree with it, we will even tollerate informed comment on it, but this idea that somehow Slovaks are not subject to it when in the UK is mind numbingly stupid. As always, if you don’t like it, don’t go there, simple as it gets.
      What about the UK media? Nothing so far? – Could it be that there is no story to follow. Could it be that serious investigative journalists have had a close look at all the allegations and discovered they are just smoke and mirrors? The idiot at the Telegraph who is held in utter contempt by the rest of the media has made his name and a living publishing rubbish. If you knew anything about the UK press, or the free press of other countries, if there was the slightest whiff of a scandal or wrongdoing they would be onto it like a pack of wolves. JOJ may well be jockying for some home grown award but serious journalists think what has been presented so far is a joke . And what the hell do you know about revolution other than when you turn around quickly you get dizzy!

  22. I’m glad to see the cavalry have arrived.

    it is nearly syandardfor the mother to be blackmailed into putting the chilren into Care volutarily “for 2 – 3 weeks” by signing an S 20 form. They never come back.

    Also this is about Face, the SS can only save face by giving the children to a grandparent, and frquently they take them out of the country.

    1. It’s really very strange. Children are Slovakian citizens and in any cases Slovak national children services must be involve in any single case. UK has brutally broke the article of International agreement about international rules of adoption nr. 27, index 31,32,35… So it’s not clear the position of Slovak government. Look like Slovak Government itself supporting UK criminals!!!!

      1. Asta – You may be correct, I don’t know of any “rules” in this matter, perhaps you could give the name of the actual treaty or law. If you are refering to the Vienna Convention, the UK complied with the requirements and has informed the SVK Embassy on each of the cases. The Convention does not suggest or require the host country to suspend court action just because the consular staff do not respond or become involved. After the initial notification it is the responsibility of the Slovak nationals, if they did not implement their right to not have their consul advised in the first place, to seek help and advice from their Embassy. The appointment of the new head of your child protection agency because of the inaction of the previous post holder along with the statements made by your foriegn minister and the Omnbudsman suggest that the failure was entirely on the Slovak side so to suggest that what happened, or didn’t happen, is the fault of the UK courts is a tad flawed. You cite international law but then describe the UK courts as criminals for enforcing International and National law – strange but Oh so typically Slovak.

  23. I have been personally involved in this case since the beginning.DAVE C mentions that the mother gave up her children voluntarily.What a farce ! Like hundreds of mothers (especially those from foreign countries) Ivana was presented with a “section 20” document by social workers who told her that if she agreed to voluntary care for just 2 or 3 weeks while things were “sorted out” she would have the children back very soon otherwise if she did not sign the ss would go to court and she would lose her children for good.Of course like hundreds of mothers in similar situations she did sign and like them she never got her children back at all even though her profession is caring for other people’s children which she continued to do.The only way the ss could “save face” under pressure from the Slovaks was to give the children to grandma !

    1. Mr Josephs, you claim to have been involved from the start – so why didn’t you advise them not to sign the S20? Or was your involvement from the sidelines only? Your comment somewhat contradicts a well reported fact that the parents agreed that the boys could not live with them, which irrespective of the paper work, suggests that either you are cherry picking facts or are just making things up to suit your own agenda. As for giving the kids to Grandma, if, as you claim you have been involved from the start, why was this option not given to the court at the initial hearings? – or did you just happen to not suggest this option while you were personally involved.
      Mr Smith – I had hoped you had gone off UFO hunting. Now you forecast the court decision and suggest it will be driven by the SS – that just happens to fit your conspiracy theory. The current appeal is part of due process, if and when the court make a decision you and your like will twist the result to suit your own agendas. If the court do hand the children to the Grandmother – you will label it as “face saving” by the SS, who have as much influence of the appeal as you do, if the court don’t return the children to the extended family that will suit your cause even more as you will be able to cite it as an example of a failed system. All this of course from the benefit of your own personal insight and knowledge of the facts of the case.

      1. Have you got no shame Dave? Mr.Josephs helped Conka family, he was helping them even before the London Olympics, when no was else /not even the SVK consulate/ was.

        What have YOU done for other people? How did you help, Dave???

        1. Losgar
          Mr Josephs helped the Conka family – do what exactly? The Conka children were placed in temporary care and the parents were told they could have the kids back if they improved the home environment. Rather than get a proper child minder and improve the living conditions they opted for the strange option of returning the kids to the SVK and their extended family – A deal that was brokered by the Slovak authorities, not Mr Josephs. I understand that the kids are now in care here, the parents are back in the UK – so much for parental concern and Mr Josephs help.

      2. Dave,
        Look at the mirror and ask some key questions.
        Am i blind?
        Do i really beleive that the UK social service did a great job?
        Why am i still trying to convince others about the UK social service?
        What would i do, if i will be on the other side?
        Why would parents fight for over 870 days for their own children?
        Why would grandmother spent all her savings {money} and travel to UK and fight with UK system?

        This case is nothing special… Key thing is that the UK social worker take away kids base on suspisious and without any evidence!
        That`s how it happened at the begining. So, the another key question is how to train social workers to not repeat the same mistake?
        Another question. Do we beleive that the UK social workers made this mistake only at this particular case?

        Because i don`t!

        1. Peter
          I defer to your superior knowledge of this case, you obviously have access to all the court records and evidence, you know all the facts apparently even though the court records are sealed and the parents have only told part of the story. Pray explain to the rest of us who formulate and make decisions based on facts, not heresay, rumour or hype where and how you became so expert on this issue and have so much insight as to what “really” transpired.
          Your careful use of language quite amuses me, – parents fighting for 870 days? – the parents handed the kids over almost two years ago – their decision, no gun to the head, voluntarily. They made no appeal – Oh they couldn’t really could they when they had given the kids up. Grandmother fighting the system – What planet are from? She has used the standard appeals procedure that is part of the system, ie the system is working in her favour – so how is that fighting? evocative language designed to mislead others, like so much that you have contributed. You also clearly haven’t a clue waht your talking about – Social workers take kids – No they don’t – they present evidence to a court and the court then issues a placement order which the SS can enforce – your suggestion is the SS operate outside the law, which fits your and other conspiracy theory rubbish, and helps mislead the general observer, is a lie.
          If there needs to be a review of the child protection procedures, it needs to be done by correctly and should certainly not involve charletons such as yourself – I say IF because, based on the facts presented so far, along with the many unanswered and reasonable questions that are still outstanding, I believe the system has functioned correctly and will continue to do so until such time as someone presents substantial evidence to the contrary. I find it interesting that many of these ” Family support” websites actually bar comments that contradict or disprove this alleged conspiracy and failings of the system – why is that I wonder. Oh I forget – only people like you know what really happened, only you know the truth and everyone else is a liar. Go peddle your rubbish elsewhere my friend, I’m not buying.

        2. Petra, how do you know UKSS made any mistake here? Why do you try to convince others about UKSS, …well because you are just retarded ?…Fighting for 870 days, …..even guilty people say they are innocent . Why would the granmother etc …..where was she on day one fighting, not day 870, errrrr saving money ??

          The Key …Thank God UK social worker take away kids base on suspects and with minimal evidence, NOT without ANY vidence, or we may have found them in a cupboard , dead, whilst the parents claimed Social Benefits ! Make Mistakes ….?? What mistakes have the UKSS they made they followed the UK LAW, that is why the Courts have NOT ever found in favor of the parents, shame Slowvakia does not do ever do the same ?? What did Fico say when the Roma kids where taken into care in the UK ….`dont worry we can send you more` .

          This case is because good whitie Aryan Slowvaks are involved and they cannot face the fact they are being treated as equal to Roma children . This is about bigotry not the best interest of the child,

          1. George,
            You and Dave has proven that you must be really great patriots…
            Courts {family and criminal} are about the facts and not and should not be about the suspisious. If you really beleive that the UK system is really perfect than OK. But i will consider to take my children even to visit UK because this case is full of suspisous about the UK social system. So, if you are OK with the situation that the social workers and your court took children base on suspisisous. Than you should be OK that i personaly have suspisious about UK social workers and your way of working.

  24. If only ALL the parents and grandparents who have
    — lost their children
    — been gagged from talking about their losses
    — and been falsely criminalised and imprisoned
    could speak out!!!

    If only everybody who comments were to visit at least one of these victims in prison or in ‘care’! [I was in HMP Holloway today with 2 mums…]

    If only ALL these children will be able to forgive all those adults who ruined their lives…

    1. Ah Sabine – or Victims Unite, the normal tag you work under. Nice website, particularly your comments policy which does not allow anyone to post any comment that doesn’t follow your conspiracy theories – nothing like living under the umbrella of freedom of speech but then denying it to others. The result is self-effaciating and fools the casual reader into believing that the system must be in error because there are no comments to the contrary. The Trolls section of your website, a naf attempt at demonstrating why certain comments are blocked, only contains comments that are generally abusive no doubt in an effort to smoke screen the numerous, reasonable comments you have blocked purely because the presentation of a balanced, factual arguement would damage the end game.
      Your past comments on other sites and other issues give some insight into your own personal agenda and it has nothing to do with “victims” or justice – you are a closet anarchist who’s declared intent is to see the end of “Western Capitalism” It is a shame that such an important issue as child care has attracted the vultures intent on commercial ( you design websites ), financial or political gain and who would climb to their objectives on the shoulders of those who deserve better.







  26. Here you go DAVID.
    Your ” Best regulated social services” ( named by UK government) are slowly LOOSING it’s face.
    Huge mistakes has been by previous judge, this has been made clear in court. The same for useless Slovak embassy in London.
    Now what are SS trying to do is to make this case unique and complicated. Reason for this is to AVOID this case to be used as a Binding Precedent for the other similar cases, as this would trigger an avalanche of complaints for reconsideration of various court rulings of the past.
    Therefore the SS are pushing the case to achieve somewhat WIN-WIN result ..
    The judge has been heard that the boys will be back home, at Slovakia, before Christmas.
    The SS are now trying to achieve ”some wins” by requiring names and addresses of the schools and doctors which the boys will be attending. This doesn’t have a bit of logic as they will be completely unable to evaluate those things in another country , and is nothing more than ”a last blow” before slowly and quietly take their hands of this sad case.

    1. Juraj
      I find this post interesting, not because it contains a reasoned opinion but the fact you haven’t grasped the actual facts of the case.
      How the UK courts or Social Services can be described as loosing face when, as part of the due process, the appeal court is considering the option of placing the kids in the Grandmothers care, an option they have never been presented with before, is beyond me. You may wish to answer the question I have asked numerous so called experts on this case – Why was the option of returning the children to the extended family not tabled at the initial hearings?
      The previous judge made a big mistake – How exactly, the parents voluntarily handed the kids over and the option of Grandma having them was not presented to him at the time of his decision. So please, if you had been the judge, the parents had agreed to hand over the kids into care and NO OTHER options were presented – what would you have done? He had no other option than to place them in care.
      The Social Services are pushing the case for a WIN-WIN ? The SS have no influence on the outcome of the appeal other than covering their own backs and fullfilling their statutory duty of care, part of which is satisfying the need to know that IF the children are handed over to Granny, they will be adequately cared for. They have no desire to evaluate the status of the doctor or schools nor would they check on these in the future, it’s standard procedure for a very simple reason – Imagine what the backlash would be if the UK authorities handed children back and it was learnt later than they had suffered further abuse or were living in sub-standard conditions. By “covering all the bases” the UK courts and the SS are protecting themselves from any future claims that their actions endangered the children and that is common sense.
      Binding Precedent – These do exist but they are only binding to cases of EXACTLY the same details and such cases are very rare. In the case of family matters each case is unique and therefore it is unlikely that a binding precedent could be applied. In addition, although the court is obliged to consider precedence it is not obliged to apply it if it is felt that the details of the case are different in any way. Once again, the court is considering an option not presented before in this particular case and submitted as part of the due process of the appeal – that does not mean that all other closed cases will have to be re-opened to consider similar options that were never submitted at any time of the process. You can dress this up anyway you want but the simple fact is due process is being applied and the responsible parties are doing their duty.

  27. Peter
    There you ago again using phrases you’ve picked up from JOJ. The Royal Court is a theatre, there is also a Royal Court pub in Sloane Square. Yes the court decision will settle it all won’t it ? Well only if the decision suits your agenda. Even if the the appeal is successful you and rest of your kind will not see it as the UK system functioning correctly, do doubt it will be labelled as a victory for the paper plane throwing, JOJ inspired campaign, not due process. On the other hand if the appeal is rejected we will have to endure endless comments and allegations from the intellectually challenged. Of course the court may make a decision that will baffle us all – lets see what Friday brings.

    1. you know what?
      I will let you dream and think that you are the best and that the UK system is a perfect in the world…

      1. Peter
        Having been given ample opportunity to present some evidence to support your claims, which you haven’t managed do you now suggest that I am dreaming – your the one with the fantasies not me. Typical Slovak – no fight!

        1. You can take a look for typical Slovak who is today standing in front th UK court…{Royal, family or call it whatever you want}.
          You already made your own opinion by ignoring facts posted in Daily Telegraph in TV JOJ and several other people… So, if you blindly beleive that there is nothing wrong, especialy with this mentioned case than i do not care and not going to loose any sleep…
          Its you who should think more and at least at some level confirm that your excelent UK social service made a mistake… Because world is not PERFECT as you wrongly beleive!

    2. Here you go DAVID. Your ” Best regulated social services” ( named by UK government) are slowly LOOSING it’s face.
      Huge mistakes has been by previous judge, this has been made clear in court. The same for useless Slovak embassy in London.
      Now what are SS trying to do is to make this case unique and complicated. Reason for this is to AVOID this case to be used as a Binding Precedent for the other similar cases, as this would trigger an avalanche of complaints for reconsideration of various court rulings of the past.
      Therefore the SS are pushing the case to achieve somewhat WIN-WIN result ..
      The judge has been heard that the boys will be back home, at Slovakia, before Christmas.
      The SS are now trying to achieve ”some wins” by requiring names and addresses of the schools and doctors which the boys will be attending. This doesn’t have a bit of logic as they will be completely unable to evaluate those things in another country , and is nothing more than ”a last blow” before slowly and quietly take their hands of this sad case.

  28. Jacky
    You describe yourself as a decent person – no your not, your a rasist bigot who has no place in any country.
    We can agree on your comment about if the Germans had won the war though, their plan for the Slovaks ( Generalplan Ost) becomes more appealing to me the more Slovaks like you I encounter.

    1. Just 2 things Dave:
      1. Jacky is you countryman George, but you know that. As JB said – you enjoy the crazy comments.
      2. About your General plan Ost – you are wrong. If there ever is an article about any war bring it up again and I will gladly correct you.

      1. On the second Dave thought I don’t wanna talk about any sick nazi plans. The fact that it interests you says a lot about you.

      2. Losgar – You couldn’t correct a blank sheet of paper with a tin of white paint and a prime example of why the Nazis wanted to get rid of you all.


  29. Dear Karin,
    I find it deeply disturbing that large sections of the Slovak population have climbed on the bandwagon in this case. Not one person objected when the English social services took five Roma children into care.last year. Indeed your own prime minister referred to this action as inspiring. The contents of one blog site ,well received , included the following statement, “We can send more., it’s better than sterilisation”. I hope there is a fairy story ending in this case, but I very much doubt the Slovak authorities will take as much interest and care, however misguided, as the English social services.


      1. Neither were most of the claimed Ayran Slowvaks first born there ..Turks, Hungarian, Polish, Ukraine, Russian, Austrian, German, French ..even Marco Polo and his traveling pals planted his life seeds in there …Tell me how can a Slowvak be anything other than a hybreed plant ? Do true male Slowvaks in your view, to make them Slowvaks, have a big hookey noses and large sticky out ears then ??

  30. Well, give them their kids back and they will go home and feed them. My dear, we didn’t ask you to go and fight for us to Afganistan, we do not worry about Afganistan but we do worry about our kids in UK. I would surely hope that your mother would be fighting at least with half the force for but you if you ( an innocent and scared child) were snatched by SS, and you would be surely hoping that your mother would be fighting twice as hard

    1. Yet another mother of the nation has spoken .

      Has it dawned on anyone yet, that Lawyers, Barristers, many who join the bang gang ( ie Mr&Mrs Human Rights, The Society of Black legalmen, The Yorkshire Tealeaf Readers, Uncle Tom Cobley and all) against the establishment and do this just for fun, sorry, hrummm, this is an important civil rights case and has profound implications on the legal implications of child care in the community ….are not falling in line to support Mrs B in this case. The last hearing the Barrister did not even turn up ….did the applicant forget to tell him or her ?? I feel we can say that, even at the risk of being jailed for Contempt, no ?

      Could it be the UKSS , just in this case, could be correct ???

    2. Karin
      The mother is not fighting for her kids back, it is the grandmother. The mother voluntarily gave up her parental rights in court, that is a matter of record and an undisputed fact. So her children were not snatched, she gave them to the court. Do you, like so many others, just ignore facts or are you just so stupid you don’t understand?
      We are not fighting for you in Afghanistan, unfortunately we lost over 4 million fighting for you in the Great War that established the principle of the Slovak state and then lost another 2 million or so liberating you from the Germans – maybe we shouldn’t have bothered on both counts.
      As for handing the children back – child dead for three years, body hid in a room, childs body found in a loft, childrens bodies found buried in the garden, baby left in a car on the hottest day this summer while mummy went shopping, child drowns while mummy was at the pub getting pissed, three kids, filmed on recent TV, being assualted by drunken mother, living in a hovel with no beds and how many loving parents have allowed their kids to nose dive out of flat windows this year – I’ve lost count, God only knows how many Roma kids have died this year of disease or in fires and we still don’t know how many Slovak kids have been sold to Italy etc. because you have no records. Have you demonstrated about any of these cases? No, of course not, it’s easier to post crap about something you don’t understand in a foreign country than sort out our own shortcomings here in Neverneverland.
      Only when this sorry state can demonstrate it has better child care procedures than the UK can any of you lot claim or suggest there is something wrong with ours and even then you will still have to comply with and respect our laws if you visit the UK.

      1. Wow DC…you`ll have the Golden Loggie thinking you are really me ?

        All that blast and Karryin & Jackass are claiming to be such decent people …now where did I leave that Slowvak toilet paper ?

      2. Dave,
        1. Can you take as a fact. That the you have about 1000 cases a year where the SS decided to take children away on wrong decision? This is a fact where Mr. Hemming is reflecting to it! But, nobody listen to him. He is not Slovak he is a UK citizen ship.
        2. Mother is standing on court and fighting for her children. You`re righr she signed this off, and nobody knows why. But, she did it because the SS receomended… Maybe she did not understnad, maybe yes… Who knows?
        3. If the mother do not want to fight. Than why she is standing in front of Slovak media, and UK court side by side with her mother and her divorced husband?

        Dave about the second world war and Afganistan… Your posted expresives notes does not deserve any comment!
        And please do not call anyone stupid, because its reflect to your own inteligence…

        1. Peter
          Do you blindly believe everything that other people say or only when it fits your perception of the truth. Hemmings hides behind his shield of Parliamentary Privilage and makes unsubstantiated allegations, has never offered one bit of tangible evidence to support his claims, yet people like you present them as facts. Furthermore, if you and others who seem to hold Hemmings in such high regard actually did some research on the man you would not consider him as a suitable champion of any cause. In this session he has submitted over 100 Early Day Motions on such topics of importance as “Save Harry the Hedgehog” and Recognise the Druids”. His EDM on the SVK child care case, so widely reported here, only got the support of 2 other MPs – Why do think?
          One reason could be that the majority of MPs, the UK press and a good proportion of the public consider the man a joke.
          “Nobody Knows” – Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! – the mother knows, she just hasn’t bothered to explain this telling fact and the SVK media haven’t asked her to – Why do think?
          Your correct, that none of us know what happened in the original hearings which is why your comments are littered with speculatives – maybe, probably etc. The fact is you don’t know.
          “The SS recommended” – Really, all that statement demonstrates is your total lack of knowledge on the procedures in a families court. Any advice the mother got or took would have been from her own counsel.
          The content of your third point serves to highlight your lack of basic comprehension of the matter. The parents can stand where they like, they gave up the right of appeal when they voluntarily handed the boys over to the court, the appeal under consideration was lodged by the grandmother, who certainly seems to have more fight than the parents ever had. Why do you think the grandmother only became involved during the later stages of a case that has been ongoing for 30 months? Why wasn’t she at the initial hearings? Why wasn’t the option of giving the children to the grandmother tabled at the earlier hearings?
          So in summary, you believe the ramblings and allegations of a publicity seeking charleton, you admit to not knowing key facts of the case, you speculatate on what may or may not have happened, you have no knowledge of UK law and you don’t understand the current appeal or the status of the parents yet you post comments and expect others to accept them as factual. OK, I will not call you stupid.

          1. Well, it`s hard to convince you, because you think that you live in perfect world… If you think so, than OK. Its your own opinion.
            but, remember and if you want to find you will find that the SS is not doing a good job, at least not that good as you think!

          2. Peter
            Please share with all us non-believers your evidence that the UK Social Services are not doing a good job. Oh don’t tell me…… you can’t, but we should all join you in ignoring the facts and share your personal opinion and if we don’t we live in a different world – how Slovak. I note you haven’t responded to one of my reasonable questions which you must know the answers to – how else could you arrive at your opinion. What possible reason could there be for someone of such steadfast opion not reponding? Could it be that a truthfull answer to any of those questions would shoot a hole in your beliefs? I think so, and thats why these questions have not been asked in this country. Truth is a stranger in this country, and always will be.

          3. Dave,
            You know what? Let`s wait for tomorrow Royal Court should decide tomorrow, hopefully. So, we will see what will be the decision. As mentioned if you want to find how the SS works than you`re able to find. Other point is of what you beleive is a truth. If you think that the truth is a stranger for Slovaks, that fine… If you think that the UK SS are the greatests in the your world than fine…
            But, what i know is that i would never raise my childer in UK!

          4. Yes Peter , lets all go to the Royal Court pub, and await the outcome ????

      3. We all know why it is the grandmother whois fighting, so don’t be a smart…however the mother did her upmost to do whatever was in her power, including contacting the media. As for the Roma’s family, we are very happy kids were reunited and returned to Slovakia. It does not matter, what color the person is, mother is always and always be the only one and the most important in a child’s life, regarding the ethnicity . Please let’s not forget, these children are Slovak nationals…and should be returned to Slovakia
        You didn’t write anything new, we are aware of all those happenings but it doesn’t give anybody the right to illegally snatch the children. After all they are Slovak nationals

        1. They are Slowvak nationals ?? Yes but living in the UK , under the rules and Laws of the UK …Do you expect special treatment because you are Slowvak national ? If you murder someone in the UK ..should we just send you home, so you can run to Kosovo or Belieze ?

          Do you know the Slowvak justice system take children from Slowvak mothers who have done no wrong, because the fathers has `friends` in the Justice offices ? Do you know , Slowvakia is issuing International Arrest Warrants, where you can be held in a French, Spanish, Irish etc jail for three months, just await extradition, all for the crime of a debt, as low as 2000 euro …???

          The warning is clear, if you have such a low bar in Slowvakia, expect a much higher one to be set by other, even more advanced EU Nations.

          What the mother does now is irrelevant, it was what she was or was not doing before the UKSS thankfully stepped in to save the children .

  31. Rather than wait for the next rope swing, or child molester non or accused . How about we discuss real issues effecting Slowvakia?

    What is a `Decent` person in Slovwakia ?

    Outrage from me, as Smer vows to block parliamentary session to discuss the judiciary

    Doctors in Slowvakia did Sterilise Roma women without their consent, or so the ECHR ruled yesterday .

    Construction companies will only compensate bridge collapse victims’ families with normal weekly paypackets ??

    Yuuuuuuuuup , Welcome to the `Only in Slowvakia Show`

  32. Well thanks for posting your moderate views Jacky. A truly refreshing change from all that xenophobic hype circulating about the English social services. I wouldn’t take Dave C’s comment to seriously, because you have clearly survived that rope swing and have lived to tell the tale, albeit with a slight mental impediment.

    1. Alec – I’ve had a re-think about my rope comment. It would most probably require a very expensive, EU funded training course to explain how to use it.

      1. Health and safety issues as well DC ….lots of wood splinters and nails on those Gallows .

    2. Smug, you do have a sense of humor after all ?…I would mumble something about did you get your oats last night to cause such a good mood, but of course that would spoil the moment of Zen .

  33. and why english are dying in afghanistan??? not well trained, those boys think it`s like in playstation 🙂

    1. George M alias Jacky alias GaGa alias…..

      I must say I agree with Alec – we are part of NATO and there would be even enough SVK volunteers to join the Brits and the US soldiers in combat actions if the government allowed it.
      I believe there would have to be done some changes in the decision making process in the NATO structures. So the decision about military actions would be made together by all countries F.e. simple majority would be enough. Or even some countries could have more votes… whatever,

      I think it’s the USA /or the UK/ who should suggest these changes. There are bigger countries than SVK which should agree first. SVK will join the majority of course – as usually but this is how it works.

      I know it would make me proud. I opened this topic over the lunch with my English friend today. Turned out 2 of is ex-classmates are in Afghanistan right now. He complained about the French who withdrew their 200 men from the combat actions recently.

      1. What was wrong about my comment I posted 9 hours earlier telling Jacky alias George that he was crazy, JB? Why do you allow comments making fun of killed soldiers?
        Because I said Jacky is George M? We know he has more identities and this is just his style.

        1. you mean 19 minutes I think

          1. I mean the one at 3am:

            Crazy and boring comment as usually George. I pitty you.

          2. Loghead and `his friend` ..worrying, no ?

      2. Losgar and Alec
        The nature of the situation puts all soldiers serving in Afghanistan in the “combat zone” The Slovak troops serving in the OMLTs, Force Protection Duties and Bomb Disposal have won the admiration and respect of all the other coalition forces. Slovakia has consistantly “punched above its weight” within NATO and is a valued ally. I agree with Losgar, many SVK soldiers would volunteer to serve with the “aggressive combat units” if they were allowed to and would do a good job.
        Decisions to release troops for NATO operations are made by the individual national governments. The Slovak government agreed to SVK forces serving in Iraq, the Balkans and Afghanistan so I don’t quite follow the arguement about decision making within NATO where every alliance member has equal voting rights irrespective of the size of their armed forces and allies are free to opt out of providing forces if they wish.

    2. Your last comment just demonstrates how ignorant and uneducated you are. Take your crap elsewhere.

  34. OMG you english are so stupid, starting with queen bringing long time ago as a cheap labour, thatcher no comment,… i feel sorry for you there `s no food here, everything is imported, no good weather, ugly and dogdy people, white english making kids as gypsies ( 3 or 4 kids per family) taking benefits. very nice lifestyle…. at least us foreigners working hard, but remember once we`re gone from this island who`s gonna work and run this country???

    1. Why is it that foreigners always seem to leave the UK , with a huge falak symbol lump growing from their forehead ?

      1. uk don’t have vision, every one comes to uk to stud english languege not because of this country but because America, come to uk learn the basic and leave to stud the rigth english abrout, coz in uk u learn and pronunce wrong, and who descoverd and made up AMERICA was a italian person not english, that why people want to lear the languege.

    2. No food,? the place is surrounded by fish has some of the best grazing land in the world and there’s a year round growing season.

      As for this “white english making kids as gypsies”… you mean selling pegs and heather or telling fortunes?

      Finally: Some foreigners work hard and some don’t.. The UK wasn’t exactly on its arse before the immigration and will cope fine when people stop coming.

      1. fish? where? best grazing ? u must be really joking… english people don’t know what is food sinse primate, u can see only the blood seabas fish to buy, and is too small and smells, the gov dont let u know about life or improve other culture as u don’t have culture, oohh!!! poor country england,My husband always says,( If I was a english person I’d hang myself ).

        1. Jacky – please ensure your husband buys a rope for you. Meanwhile I suggest rather than murdering the English language you should come back to or stay in Slovakia, permanently.

          1. Another Golden Loggie clone perhaps chaps ?

            Instead of infesting country to country, now he has a sex change ?

            What do you think Cowpat …lets jyst invite your megga reasoning brain .

      2. you`re really brainwashed and narrow minded 🙂 never mind, now what really matters about kids, kids to mother. I`M REALLY PROUD TO BE SLOVAK, even if I don`t live there, not even living in UK. And I meant English having too many kids as gypsies, far too many, good there should be all sterilised as gypsies. By the way why is everybody of you english interested in what`s going on in Slovakia? None of the goverment is correct, not english, not slovak or american.

        1. jacky
          Your a guest in the UK – good we can solve two problems then. You and your husband collect your ropes, go down to the nearest pub and repeat some of the crap you have posted here. The bit about the British Army should be enough – the locals will help you with the knots etc and the world will be a better place.

          1. Not even guest my dear. We don`t go to pub like english, we are decent people.Why don`t you put your house on fire, it`s quite common now in UK??? 🙂 I think if hitler would won the war would be the different story. Meiner Fuhrer 🙂

  35. The world is round James.Everything, however seemingly irrelevant or unimportant is linked, and at the end of the day public perception is based on prejudices and perceived injustices.This is not a one way process as believed by Slovak people. I apologise if my analogies were too profound , and clearly my attempts to present a balanced view from both sides of the argument were flawed.

    1. Ahhhh, well Smug at his best eh ?

    2. Well, I think they’re silly analogies unless you’re prepared to follow them to their logical conclusions, which would be an exhausting process taking you right back to the beginnings of history. With Afghanistan, this would involve an examination of why NATO is there, why the country developed as a terrorist haven, why it found itself at the centre of a ‘great-power’ game etc etc.

      The same wih immigration – if you want to highlight it as a cause of this childcare problem, you have to acknowledge what caused this immigration to happen on a great scale. Before you went anywhere else, you’d arrive at a UK government policy decision. After that, you’d probably realise immigration is an inevitable consequence of all sorts of things, and has been happening – literally – for millenia.

  36. This case has absolutely nothing to do with the presence of UK or Slovak soldiers in Afghanistan.

    As for Slovaks ‘taking advantage of the economic and social conditions in the UK’ (by moving there, I presume), well that’s besides the point as well. The UK has been pro-EU expansion since the days of Thatcher (possibly even before) and adopted an open-door policy to the new states once that expansion happened. That was a Labour decision but the Tories, for all their bluster, would probably have done the same. If the country’s systems are now unable to cope as a result, that’s its own fault.

  37. This case has absolutely nothing to do with the presence of UK or Slovak soldiers in Afghanistan.

    As for Slovaks ‘taking advantage of the economic and social conditions in the UK’ (by moving there, I presume), well that’s besides the point as well. The UK has been pro-EU expansion since the days of Thatcher (possibly even before) and adopted an open-door policy to the new states once that expansion happened. That was a Labour decision but the Tories, for all their bluster, would probably have done the same. If the country’s systems are now unable to cope as a result, that’s its own fault.

    1. A bit over-keen to make that point, it seems…

      1. James , get a life please …shall I post that twice , will that help you ?

        1. Some of your comments don’t go up at all, mine go up twice. Such is life, George.

          1. Speak for yourself Jimbo . Everything of mine still goes up .

  38. The court after 33min postponed the decision till Friday. The judges didn’t like the fact that the family didn’t have an English representative. The judges thought that they would misinterprated the court’s decision.
    My guess is that the judges are are going to pronounce it in some kind of old English language.

    The father says he has his doubts and expects anything to happen because “they are a bunch of crooks and liers”.

    870 days and counting…

    1. If this is true, than why judges did not claim this last week an almost a whole day session?!

      1. The grandmother‘s lawyer didn‘t come to the court today, unlike the last time.

  39. Dear Peter,
    Had the family not chosen to take advantage of the economic and social conditions in the UK this case would not have arisen. It seemed Slovakia was unable to provide either, which is why recent years have seen a flood of migration, which has been beneficial for both the migrants and the host economies, but naturally many families are at the lower end of the earnings spectrum where many problems occur. This is an atypical case so it is important to allow the judicial process to run its course and then make judgements.Slovakia is a member of NATO but Slovak troops presence in Afghanistan is in a non combat role, so the risks are not comparable.

    1. You`re trying to compare, uncomparable things… Situation is like it is.

      We`re 20 years after comunism. I hope that you do not expect slovaks with several tanks and couple planes to stand in first line in world conflicts.
      This case is just a mistake and need to be corrected. Children are away of their own family for more than 870 days…

  40. Don’t these people have work,a home to go to or children to feed.. It’s a real pain trying to conduct business with these shrieking women blocking the streets. Gathering outside the British embassy to show solidarity and respect for the mothers of the 438 members of the British armed forces who sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan to keep countries like Slovakia safe would be understandable, but conducting mass hysteria without access to the facts is just plain stupidity.. TV JOJ are exploiting this open situation to gain some investigative credibility, but, as we know, they are afraid to investigate and report the criminal activities of politicians and their own domain, preferring to focus on village matters, at which, I must concede, they are really rather good.

    1. Interesting… You claiming about the streets full people to declaire their opinion about this case.
      Let me remind you. This case is not created by Slovaks or TV JOJ. Its UK Social service – social workers who created it…
      BTW: Slovakia is also parts of NATO and our soldiers were also sent to Afganistan.

    2. I note the censors wand waved over my last comment, I just wonder on what made up basis that was …taking the pee is not actually a valid reason .
      Yes for once we almost agree about TVJOJ, but I am not sure any British armed forces who sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan to keep countries like Slovakia safe, actually have not made matters worse. Currently invading other counties and occupying them on the grounds of making the world a safer place, is an American concept these days . A failed one, but a Gunho American one.

      BTW. dont Slovakia have a few solders still in Afghanistan, Army Police dog trainers and mine sweepers ?

      I deeply appreciate the wonderful opportunity to read this Free News Website. Thank You so much JB .

    3. Are you really from this world??
      ..go to see your vet.

  41. Yes Peter, we should have mentioned the several parallel support protests in several towns throughout the country, and possibly the call for Slovaks in London to gather outside the Royal Court of Justice today.

    1. The landlord of the Royal Court Tavern in Sloane Square had bumper trade and bookings are up at the Royal Court Theatre!

  42. Just a note:
    Protest was at several towns in Slovakia. Not only in front of UK embassy…

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