Another Slovak Family Fighting for 3 Kids in UK

As expected, the recent focus on cases involving Slovak families who have had their children taken by Social Services in Britain has led to many families coming forth to tell their sad stories.

Slovaks outraged at practices of UK social workers (c) TheDaily.SK

Yesterday TV Joj broadcast a report on the K family, who had their three children taken from them by Social Service workers in Wales in the summer. The family’s nightmare started after their young son had become undernourished following a severe case of tonsillitis, and so the concerned parents took the child to hospital, only to have the boy taken away.

Doctors at the hospital in Wales told the mother that her child was undernourished and that she wasn’t looking after him properly. The family live a normal life in a nice home, with the father earning enough for their needs as a mechanic. Even though doctors conceded that the undernourishment could be down to the sickness, social workers took the child anyway.

Soon after, social workers came to the family’s home and took away their other child. As if that wasn’t enough, the social workers made their move also after Mrs. K gave birth to their third child, taking the newborn baby directly from hospital. The family are now waiting on the court case to see if their children will be put up for adoption, with a final hearing planned for 3 December.

MP and former social affairs state secretary Lucia Nicholsonova has become active recently with these kinds of cases and has petitioned for the family to be designated a lawyer in London without charge.


  1. Why has my comment from last night not been posted? If the moderator failed it why? I made sound legal argument and spoke the truth that I can stand by, and have the documents to prove it. If you have censored me I will assume you are covering up for the truth. If you are still in the process of moderating it, please accept my apology.

    1. Yawn Oh Katie ……you`ve been found out to be a IP clone .

      Boring moan thou….but .you`are not censored ?

      As George Bush was the Decider in Chief , JB is The Moderator in Chief .:-)

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      1. Perhaps Kat posted under another name that they then forgot, as they have used so many now just to flood the website ?

        Either that , or perhaps there is a God after even gets pee`d off with all this SPAM ….Save the Children, Save the Children, Save the Children and send them home to their pervert parents and just return them to decent people, loving, fair and equal to all, well as long as you are Aryan Slowvakia.

  2. Thanks George old boy! Probably the most meaningful contribution you have made to these forums in the past two years.

    1. No problem Smug . Reading your comments is just above counting sheep when I have problems sleeping . One comment that did make me smile .

      ~~I have no problem with Slovakia or it’s people, – who for the most part are OK- but I do wish xenophobic hysteria were tempered with a measure of commonsense reality.. ~~

      I have no problem ….for the most part they OK ? Rather a contradiction in terms and hardly a glowing endorsement for the Slowvak people you always brown nose ?

      As for ~~~but I do wish xenophobic hysteria were tempered with a measure of commonsense reality etc ..~~~

      Are you at last seeing the light ? Perhaps a few more doses of xenophobic hysteria were tempered with some actual reality, being landed at your own table rather than mine over the last 10years you may convert, start to join my bench, well if I let you bum have any space .

  3. ZZZZZZZZ Night Smug .

  4. The sheer numbers of young eastern European immigrant families at the low income level has stretched all services in many parts of the Uk to breaking point..The situation is so out of control that the majority of babies born in the UK are born to immigrant families.Countries, such as Slovakia, accept no meaningful resonsibilityfor their disadvantaged citizens,who are only in the UK to benefit from the extremely generous welfare system. Failings in the social services wouldn’t happen in Slovakia, because it barely exists as an entity and it’s laughable that TV JOJ should take the high moral road.I have no problem with Slovakia or it’s people, – who for the most part are OK- but I do wish xenophobic hysteria were tempered with a measure of commonsense reality..

    1. The UK has full right to protect itself against the economical immigrants. Why doesn’t do anything then if it’s at the breaking point? Ask your government Alec.
      Maybe the UK can ask f.e. Germany, Austria, France or Sweden how they deal with the eastern European immigrants and protect their generous welfare system.

      The UK has no right /moral for sure/ to take kids from anybody for little reasons such as when the neigbour calls the SS that his neigbours’ kids are home unattended /even the oldest child is 17 years old/.
      When I was little my parents left me with my brother and sister during the summer holidays home alone for 2-3 weeks. I can’t imagine we would be taken by the SS. Sure it was a long time ago. I would never do that with my kids now as times changed. But still it’s absurd even to imagine that!!

      Slovakia is not a third world country and has full right to protect it’s citizens even against such a wonderful country as the UK. Now don’t take it personally Alec, xenophobic hysteria happens only in the heads of people who think that some countries are better then others. The Slovaks certainly don’t think that way. For us it’s unimaginable to take somebody’s kids away for any smaller reasons then sexual or physical abuse.

      Isn’t it also fault of the UK SS and the courts as they so far explained nothing? All I heard was – “the SVK media lie”, “the UK SS is one of the best in the world” and “it’s a secret we can’t say more”.
      Then they allow to reopen some cases, return a few kids and everybody pretends that it’s a normal procedure and no one made any mistakes.
      The UK must be the angels, so far I haven’t heard about a better organisation then them.

    2. Well put, Alec!

  5. The 5 children of Conka family /Michal, Sebastian, Barbara, Samuel and 3 months old Sofia/ were returned to their parents yesterday.

    The children are scared, cry a lot.
    Conka family are thinking about sueing the British services for taking their children unjustly and for causing their family trauma.

    It’s true what Winston wrote: The UK SS can take children without court authorisation. The court can issue the authorisation afterwards. The UK SS can be 100% sure that the authorisation will be eventually issued so there is no reason for them to “waste time”.

  6. it is a well known fact that children who are being abused are being left where they are to suffer

  7. I suggest as you are in the UK you watch the back episodedes of EastEnders to see how British Sw’s do just that, remove childrenfor minor reasons, illegally and without court aithorisation.

    I am amazed this is your place of work, you seem not to notice what is happening whilst you are busy translating.

    Oh, yes, the baby will alsmost certainly be put to Forced Adoption.

    1. Mr. Smith – You have yet to respond to the reasonable questions that have been asked – instead you refer people to a UK TV soap opera, and cite this as a realistic portrial of the UK child care system. Eastenders has a history of using ever more unrealistic story lines to maintain viewing figures – Dirty Den is dead, Oh no he isn’t, Oh yes he is. It’s quite obvious you confuse pure fiction with the truth. You also have the brass to suggest that this story line proves children are removed “illegally, without authority for “minor” reasons – which is so far from the truth as to be absurd.
      Are you the Winston Smith (alias), former social worker, who has a personal axe to grind with the UK social services because you lost your job for professional misconduct? Or are you just some other agent provocateur, hiding behind the anonymity of an Orwellian character to spread disinformation and drive your own personal agenda, safe in the knowledge that you will never be required to substantiate anything you say or write?

  8. R Hill – Exactly my point all along.
    ‘and has petitioned for the family to be designated a lawyer in London without charge.’ of course they’ll get legal representation without charge, and they almost certainly already do. Surely it would be more helpful to the family if they had one in Wales, rather than in London, though.
    Again, we have only heard one small part of the story here, and anything that TV JOj says should be taken with a massive pinch of salt. I doubt very much whether the ‘final hearing’ will be about whether to put the children up for adoption, unless there is a huge chunk of this story missing.
    BTW social workers don’t remove children just like that – it isn’t down to them – they have to get court authorisation to do so, and it has to be serious.
    I really feel sorry for all the children involved in these cases. All have lives that have been potentially destroyed by the likes of TV Joj and their misreporting.

  9. If those children have been abused they arent gong to be very happy about a national campaign to send them back home

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