Another Slovak Woman Charged with Sham Wedding in UK

It seems like Slovak women just love those Pakistani men, with various cases of them getting married, unfortunately mostly for illegitimate reasons, as yet another case of wedlock in the UK shows.

photo (c) Tatiana Gerus

The Slovak woman Marcela T and her fresh groom Choudry K took the leap at a registry office in Sheffield, but were caught on camera right afterwards taking off their rings and handing them back to one of the witnesses at the ceremony. The couple, who have no common language, have been arrested for partaking in a scam marriage as a result.

According to the Daily Mail in the UK, the Slovak bride was pregnant with someone else, has a sick husband back in Slovakia, and was living with another Slovak, who is behind bars. She was sentenced to 12 months in a British jail. In an earlier case, one of the planners of the sham marriages, and co-defendant in this case, was found with a special list of things needed for the wedding and cheap wedding rings in his car, with a list of costs, including EUR 4,500 for the would be brides. .

The Pakistani man had applied to the Home Office in 2009 for its approval of the marriage, which they received, meaning the wedding went ahead in June 2010. He is now on the run and will be deported as his stay in the UK is illegal. having come here in 2010 on a tourist visa and having his request for a residence permit rejected by the Home Office in 2010.

In a last ditch attempt at the impossible, the Slovak woman told the judge that the wedding was genuine and that she lived part-time also with her new Pakistani groom, even though she did not know the address.

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  1. they aren’t Slovak women, they are gypsies!

  2. The wedding ‘photo shown was not of the Pakistani man and Slovak woman at all
    for it was taken in Brisbane Queensland Australia by my wife Tatiana. The original ‘photo can be viewed on Tatiana’s website on flikr.

  3. So our little Slovak rose has a husband back here, lives with another man, is pregnant by a third and then enters a scam marriage – charming, nice to see catholic values being applied to life!
    She and her jail bird boy friend should be deported immediately and dealt with by the Slovak authorities – saving the British tax payers some money.
    Nice to see Sk traditions being exported though!

  4. As I am Married to a Slovak, have 2 children and have been living in Slovakia now for 5 years with my family, I am amazed at the lack of communication between the “Alien Police” and the local police. The Local Police were sent out to my Permanent Residency in Kosice 3 times now, but I have temporary residency in Bratislava where I am living and working. Each time we recieved a call from the local police as to where we were. We have stated and made known the change of address and the fact that the empty flat in Kosice is not occupied. I just don’t get the whole residency thing. Does anyone know if you can register at the local court house for Permanent Residency at the court house where you actually live instead of having a permanent residency set up in a town or village you don’t even live in anymore? As I rent here, I don’t know if I will be in the same flat next year, so no use in changing the residency evey time you move as the paperwork is just impossible. In the US, when you move you go to one place (DMV) and place a change of address, you get a new drivers liscense and done! No need to fill out 500 forms in the place you moved from, only the new request to where you moved to. Everything is in the computer systems and easy to track. Here everything is in triplicate and only paper forms! STUPID|!!

    1. Expat – If all paper mysteriously disappeared overnight this country would come to a total, irreversible standstill!

  5. wow, scam wedding, is that even news. with the worlds restrictive immigration policies weddings of convenience are a daily occurrence in Every country by Every nationality. The shame is that she was stupid enough to get caught

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