Anti-flood programme could generate 15,000 jobs

Following years of promises and destroyed homes and lives, the current government has decided finally to counteract the heavy rains that have caused massive flooding in the country, especially this year.

The government wants to implement its anti-flood protection programme and has earmarked EUR 1 billion to the project, the main principles of which is to make land more absorbent.

If the soil is capable of trapping more water, it could prevent the flooding of villages throughout the country. The project should hold up for between 6-10 years, providing some relief for the many families who live in fear every time it starts to rain.

The project will see the launch of 23 pilot projects already this year at a cost of EUR 580,000. The government hopes to get the necessary EU funding to continue the project, and it expects also the generation of up to 15,000 jobs with the project by 2012.

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