Anti-Gorilla Protest Tomorrow Demands Action

The so-called Gorilla protests subsided a bit into the background after the general elections, but the protesters are not giving up and another demonstration is prepared for tomorrow in Bratislava called “Protest against Penta in Government”.

The protesters are demanding that the alleged links between financial group Penta and political figures, which mixed up the cards in the pre-election race, be investigated properly and they are also demanding that newly elected PM Robert Fico recall the health minister Zuzana Zvolenska and economy minister Tomas Malatinsky, as they both previously worked in companies under the wing of Penta financial group.

Gorilla curious about investigation (c) The

It recently came to light that Malatinsky has also been renting out his house to Penta partner Jaroslav Hascak, so questions are being asked about his true relationship to the financial giant.

The protest is being organised by the initiative Vizia 21 for tomorrow 24 April on SNP Square in Bratislava between 5pm and 7pm, and is backed also by the Protest Gorilla civil initiative. The disgruntled demonstrators want to express their dissatisfaction at the dubious nominations, which they say are strategic and laughing in the face of citizens.

The protesters underline how “with a smile on his face” Robert Fico nominated people who used to work for Penta to specific sectors where the financial group has business interests.

They therefore want both the ministers either to stand down or be recalled, and are calling on other political parties, civil associations and initiatives, and discontent citizens to support the protest.


  1. Those who discrace the Slovak nation, shall be punished by the court of the people . That include political, police and those in Penta & J&T .

  2. ” Slovakia is a democracy” er…… No it isn’t. As ever the SK has taken a simple principle and broken it. Why all the barriers to the creation of a political party? How is it you can vote for an individual on his or her merits yet end up being represented by someone selected by the party leader? Why are we all subjected to a political levy through our income tax? How can you have politicians who are above the law? Why is there no requirement for MPs to declare and register their business interests? Why is no one publicly accountable for their actions at local and national level? How is it possible the heads of the organisations with parliamentary oversight can be appointed by the same parliamentarians? Why can there be no public scrutiny of political party funds or their contibutors? I could go on. Slovakia has come a long way in the last twenty years, it’s a shame that much of it has been in the wrong direction.

  3. Brain dead and Slovak, the match is rather obvious …yes and who were the people that voted Fico into power ? Yes Slovaks …BTW , There are over One Million OAP`s in Slovakia , that`s over 20% of the population . Who is going to pay for the pensions, medical care etc of all these old people, does no one here ask that question ? Of course not , Fico promised these idiots a cash pension raise and rather than think of the future and their children and their children`s children, they grabbed the bribe and voted for him. Slovaks are a greedy selfish people.

  4. Stary – are you mad? Do you understand the constitution of the Slovak Republic? Do you have a grasp of the fundamental rights of your fellow citizens? Do you really believe that if a number of citizens object to nefarious goings on in government they have to form a political party and wait untill the next election to make their point? You must be a government worker, braindead or both. No wonder many of the leading Slovak political pundits have expressed their concerns about Bobby no Mates’ recent appointments, stating that he his clearly setting the scene for 4 more years of “dodgy” activities, unopposed, if you are a typical SK voter, oblivious to what he is up to. Its quite obvious that the years of subjugation you and your countrymen have suffered has removed the ability for the majority of you to ask “Why?” and when necessary say “No, enough is enough”. Politicians of all colours have and continue to treat the electorate as numbskulls, few of them are in politics for the good of you, your family or your country and that is the same the world over. They push for power so that they can abuse it for their own benefit.
    As has been said before, the Gorrila protest will not phase BnM or any other politicians until the numbers reach to 100’s of thousands and that is unlikely when there are people like you who “knock” their efforts and are quite happy putting up with bent politicians and their friends robbing you blind in the hope that someone else will sort it out in four years time.

  5. ~~~Slovakia is not supposed to be a democracy. It IS a democracy. Every citizen is free to form a party and take his manifesto to the people.~~~

    Slovakia is hardly a democracy in the true sense of the word . The Establishment and the rich have this election process all well stitched up . For a start , the party such as Mr Smer, choose their order of candidates to enter Parliament , ( yes I know we mess around with votes mean more prizes for some on the list ) , not the people , second you need several thousand signatures of the people of the Slovakia, to even form a political party and to enter your name on the Election List. Then lodge a small fortune for most Slovak people, to enter the race on Election day …which you then all forfeit, if you don`t get to 5% of the election vote .

    As for who elected them exactly? Who exactly do they represent? Grass roots movement? ….well who actually other than Party Leader perhaps, who actually was voted into Parliament, who elected them exactly? Who exactly do they represent other than vested interest and their own pockets ?

  6. All aboard the Benta gravy train!

    Slovakia is not supposed to be a democracy. It IS a democracy. Every citizen is free to form a party and take his manifesto to the people. The Gorila protest movement did not choose to do this. I ask myself: Who are these people who present themselves as the leaders of the Gorila protests? Who elected them exactly? Who exactly do they represent? Grass roots movement? Dont make me laugh.

  7. ~~~Nicholson has examined the Malatinksy / Hascak house thing in excruciating detail on his blog, if anyone is interested. He wasnt to fussed about it.~~~

    Well lets be honest , Nicholson is well known a bit of a hack 3rd rate Reporter . If he was so good, why is he in Slovakia …on some Godly mission to save us all ?In fact , if he can`t find out a details he just makes it up with spin .

    I know this house at the center of this matter and strangely, the Villa was built ( along with a number of others) as a Penta Investment . ( Although perhaps using a cover company ) . How do I know this ? I know the Project Manager of this development and he was a Penta employee . So it is not much of a stretch to imagine, Penta `loan` the cash to guy A to build the property , and then Penta guy B `rents` then the property at a silly rent to repay the loan for Guy A. A nice little arrangement over 15/20 years and a property worth several million in the hands of guy B, all actually paid for by, yes Penta .

    If Nic was wasn`t too fussed about it, then I guess he is either dumb, as well as stupid or the numbers were just not big enough to make a headline .

  8. If I had 26 million euro deposited in my bank account, with no audited accounts, I wouldn’t worry too much about a handful of protesters.
    Sudruh Kamarat Fico.

  9. Nicholson has examined the Malatinksy / Hascak house thing in excruciating detail on his blog, if anyone is interested. He wasnt to fussed about it.

    Who the f.uck are these people to demand that anyone be recalled. They dont have a mandate, so they can f*ck off, whoever it is who is paying them to stir shit up.

    1. Dear Jazvec, it’s supposed to be a free country, these people are entitled to there opinion, they see corrupt practice they protest! Democracy is never easy!
      In the u.k ministers are obliged to declare conflicts of interest, here in Slovakia im not so sure!
      Then the u.k is at position 16 on transparency international’, corruption index, and Slovakia is at 66 (just above Ghana)
      Are you on the Benta gravy train?

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