Around 300 Lunik IX Residents Attack Police

Lunik IX (c) Ariarix

Nothing short of a riot broke out yesterday afternoon at the renowned Roma housing scheme Lunik IX in Kosice when people from electricity company VSE tried to disconnect non-payers and connect up those who had paid.

The employees went into the scheme accompanied by two police patrol cars, but that didn’t stop the angry residents of the scheme from launching their verbal and physical attacks on them.

The scheme is home to several thousand people, and around 300 of them allegedly started launching bricks at the electricians and the police officers, who then called for reinforcements.

This led to the incident being attended by 16 officers, who became the target of the stone throwing, which damaged some of the patrol cars and injured one officer in the face. Kosice mayor Richard Rasi (Smer-SD) said the residents of Lunik IX either start adapting to the law of the Slovak Republic or they will not have electricity.

The action was taken as part of a new system launched in December where the housing association is collecting EUR 6  a day from consumers in the housing scheme and those that don’t pay get cut off on a daily basis. The monthly difference between consumption and payments in October alone was EUR 10,000, for instance, but since payments started to be collected this month by employees of Kosice housing association BPMK, the balance of payments has improved substantially.


  1. Sad to say, the Slovak people promote such places as normal for the Roma..Mind you 6 euro a day charge is a bit stiff ? That`s well over 2grand a year …not sure, but are not normal usage of electric 500/600 euro a year ?

  2. Horrible place, hard to believe it exists in a EU country.

  3. Let them eat dog I say ………

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