Azerbaijan in Oil Supply Talks with SR, CR and HUN

Azerbaijan is in talks with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary regarding possible exports of crude oil, according to deputy vice president of Azerbaijan state-run oil company SOCAR, Vitaly Beylerbeyov.

News portal cites Beylerbeyov as saying “Azerbaijan can begin crude exports to Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary any time”. He then noted that a pipeline already existed and so there was no need for any additional construction work. Everything now depends on how the parties agree.

Just now the countries of Central Europe are getting oil from Azerbaijan by way of Romania, but if a new agreement is struck, then it could be flowing through alternative pipeline routes with higher volumes.

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  1. Trading one dictator intent on world domination of fuel supplies, with another so great news eh …..Can anyone tell me why most of the Oil & Gas is under nutter country’s ?

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