BA: Concert Ei Cachivache & Open Air Milonga

BKIS and TangoVida are glad to introduce El Cachivache Quinteto, Argentine Tango Concert and Open-Air Milonga as a part of Cultural summer and Castle festival Bratislava 2015 and Bratislava Tango Party (international tango event). This Argentinian orchestra is well known for their energetic and rhythmic tango performances. Tango dancers from Slovakia and from all around the world are expected (and welcome) to join the concert and enjoy dancing in the main square of Bratislava. The concert will take place in the very city center of Bratislava, in the main square (Hlavné námestie), in a fairy-tale atmosphere of the historical part of the town. The event is for free and open for everyone.

A unique event, full of beautiful tango music, passionate tango dance, Bratislava city and culture. Don’t miss it!

El Cachivache Quinteto, Argentine tango quintet composed of Vito Venturino (guitar), Pablo Montanelli (piano), Anne Laure (violin), Negro de la Fuente (Bandoneon) and Pacha Mendes (contrabass). They are currently based in Buenos Aires and visiting Bratislava as a part of their 2015 European tour.

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Organization by BKIS and TangoVida

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