BA: Internationals Traffic Lights Party

Do you enjoy meeting people from around the world, but find it difficult to do this in Bratislava? Well, it is not so hard. It is with great pleasure that we announce that the organization Internationals Bratislava has organised another exciting International Traffic Lights Party! Its for anyone that wants to socialise and have some & couples are welcome.

You will all get and have to choose one bracelet:
GREEN – Single – ‘Ready to Mingle’
Orange – ‘Undecided’ or ‘its a mystery’
RED – ‘Taken’ – here to socialise

If you want to have fun, meet people from all over the world and boost your cultural awareness, come and join in at our International Traffic Lights Party  on 14th of January  in  The  Club  Bratislava (Rybne Namestie 1).

Don’t forget to bring your friends and a  party atmosphere! When you arrive, beside the bracelet each person gets a sticker of their national flag so everyone can see your nationality, your talking point for the evening.
The world is your travel card, so why not take every opportunity to celebrate the wonderful world we live in. ‘Internationals Bratislava’ is a new international group that aims to help expats and Slovaks to meet new people and immerse themselves in different cultures, whilst having fun! At our themed events you can meet people from up to 90 countries and get a unique perspective of world culture, so why not come along and introduce others to your fabulous country!

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