BA: Wings for Life World Run, 3 May

Almost a thousand runners had a chance to explore Bratislava’s beauties during last year’s Wings for Life World Run. The Danube River flowing through the city, Bratislava Castle proudly keeping watch over the city or the untypical bridge with flying UFO above it. Bratislava offers much more than that.

photo: BratislavaMarathon

Bratislava is one of the smallest capitals in Europe, but the biggest Slovak city with more than half million of citizens. Yeah, we know, that is not a lot. But overall Slovakia has only 5,5 million of Slovaks all in all. Bratislava is home of governmental institutions, universities, businesses but also many enjoyable spots, local pubs and clubs that are the best places to have fun. It breathes proud history and international culture, nature loveliness and kindness of its locals. A random fun fact – Bratislava and Vienna (Austria) are two closest capitals in the world! And not just because of the shortest distance between them (only 65 km), but also because all the runners who firstly wanted to run in Vienna are also very welcome in Bratislava!

Welcome again in the heart of Europe!

The track starts in front of Eurovea which is located directly in the city center, right on the bank of Danube. From here, everyone being full of energy, will go towards the Bratislava’s Harbor and run through its Cargo area which is normally closed to the public. Track turns back to the center and goes along one of the oldest Slovak cemeteries – the Ondrejsky cemetery. The route continues around refreshing Medical Garden up to the old-charm part of the city. All runners will stand a chance to see the Slovak National Theatre, the historical building Reduta and the Slovak National Gallery right after reaching first five kilometres. The well-known bridge SNP with UFO serves as a gate out of the center to the large part of the city called Petrzalka. Soon, the milestone of ten kilometres is being reached.

For those with stronger will and better trim, another milestone of 25 kilometres can be achieved in Čunovo. And for those with even higher ambitions, the track continues to the Gabcikovo Dam where the competitors can reach unbelievable 60 kilometers! After this, the trackway makes a turn and starts winding towards the Bratislava through a few scenic Slovak villages. The whole route is mostly flat and its surface is composed of concrete.

Check out the programme and route here.

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