Bankrupt Tour Operator Leaves 125 Stranded Abroad

Slovak tour operator Alex Tour let people travel on holiday despite financial problems, which eventually led to the tour operator going into bankruptcy.

What now?

Around 125 unlucky holidaymakers in Turkey, Majorca, Corfu, Crete, Rhodes and Andalucia, found themselves stranded abroad with no accommodation after the tour operator announced it had gone bust and was filing for bankruptcy. Representatives of the company announced the company’s demise on the website after 20 years on the market.

The company is recommending the stranded tourists contact the respective insurer Kooperatíva about getting back home, according to Hospodarske Noviny. Although nobody has turned to the Ministry of Foreign affairs, the Ministry is monitoring the situation carefully and has set up a special centre for this purpose.

anyone stranded can contact a representative of the company Coris at the holiday resort or by calling the office in Bratislava at +421 2 43641037


  1. Nice to see so many high quality comments on the topic actually in the article.
    Banks – irrespective of which country you select, banks have always had too much political leverage and now that they have grown into global powers no government is going to do anything to upset them. Customer can drive change, I was one of the many who left Barclays after their scams were highlighted in the early 90s only to find out Midland were equally deft at daylight robbery. The same is true in most countries Banks = Rip Off, unfortunately we are all tied to the current situation because no ethical bank would ever be allowed to become established on the international scene and offer real competition.
    Back to the topic – Do I presume that anyone can form a travel company in this country without having to lodge a bond or have adequate insurance to cover such events. The onus should not just be on the traveller, many insurance products specifically do not cover incidents such as this where the tour operator has obtained money by deception. Insurance companies are very good at the small print and very adept at getting out of paying up. I know Slovakia has the equivalent of ABTA, were they not monitoring this company? Were the accomodation vouchers and return air tickets void when issued? I feel sorry for the people who have lost so much and I hope that there is some form of adequate compensation, quickly awarded to them.

  2. You’re a sad egocentric waist of air, you know that? Only what you say is interesting and true?

    You have got a lot to learn in life…..But please, do it somewhere else as long as you can’t behave as a adult, now go and do your homework boy.

  3. Hrumm…like the country of the Papa Smurf have anything to teach the world .

    Dr P, you will pardon me, but you’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn what you think ?

  4. George, in dutch we say: improve the world start with your own….

    I’m not brown-nosing, I’m trying to show you that Slovaks are just like other people all over the world, there are rotten ones, but most are decent people, if you have other experiences…That’s possible but that doesn’t give you the right to think you speak for everyone and are all wise…Again, if you don’t like it here, leave, probably nobody is forcing you here so; what’s stopping you?

  5. Yea, yea, yea she loves you ……..and all that .

    You two two should really get a room and carry on the brown nosing alone, as the smell is starting to worry the rest of us normal human beings that are not blind or not carpet sweeper, living in hope of a better Slovak being .

  6. George, I’m just saying that Slovaks are just like people, what happens here happens everywhere eventhough you seem to think that Slovaks are the worst at everything.

    This might be a site about Slovak news but human behaviour isn’t restricted by boundaries.
    Whatever happened with you here; get over it and leave or stop bitching…You are welcome to comment but your snotty nosed comments about EVERYTHING which is Slovak are tiresome.

    1. Well said Dr. P

      This happens in other countries and the UK banking system is ripping off its customers and the tax payers and no one has to answer for that. They resign and still get a pay off in the millions and then its swept under the carpert.

  7. Hey George M.

    I see you are still trolling on this site. Thought you may have eased up on your vitriol and emigrated by now but unfortunately not.

    Exactly what do you mean by “Ayran” ?

    Your words : ” Yet another Ayran, well run Slovak company bites the dust ” & ” SkyEurope that wonderfully run Ayran Slovak airline ” & ” the Ayran Slovaks in general “.

    Surely you don’t mean “Aryan” as in the Nazi racist ideology, do you ?

    I personally find your continual incitement to hatred of Slovakia very juvenile and tiresome and suggest you hop on a bus and leave if you don’t like it.

  8. Why is it that Ayran Slovaks have to Parrot everything, when lost for anything new or interesting to actually say ? Must be their very low IQ`s via the standard of education taught here, all so they can become champion burger flippers in London ?

    Perhaps Spider wanna cracker , Spider wanna cracker ?

  9. Dr P, Like most of the other cretin that comment as you do ie , lets just blame the rest of the world.

    I would remind you AGAIN, this is a Slovak news website about news here and wrong doing here etc all in Slovakia . Why would anyone draw comment on what may or may not go in the rest of the world ?? The problem is I, and I suspect many others, do not hold up the Ayran Slovaks in general, to have any standards, or good behavour in business or ethics, other think of them to be anything other than be a bottom feeder and a crook .

    In Slovakia, you just wonder how much lower can these people go ?

    1. Shall we start on banks? I wonder how much lower the crooked English can go:

      Or shall we start on something else? English ethics? None!

  10. Shall we start on banks? Look at your own country, right? All bankers in the UK are angels, just as all in the Netherlands are, right…I just say: Barclays or Dexia in Holland.

    I agree with you that it’s not nice how this went (understatement) but I just get sick and tired of your shotgun like rage towards everything that’s Slovak.

    Your comment makes it seem like this only happens here but you seem well read so you also know his happens with almost every travel-organisation, airline and so on that goes bankrupt, worldwide…

    Everybody knows you should have a travelinsurance that also covers these kind of things but every year a lot of people are stranded because they didn’t think things trough, not just in Slovakia but everywhere.

  11. Dear Dr P,

    SkyEurope that wonderfully run Ayran Slovak airline, even convinced a Slovak Bankruptcy court a month before they were liquid and OK , then went bust. On assessment, they had assets of 5 million euro and known debts of 147 million euro, with another 60 million in the pipe . They also were taking bookings on flights and peoples money on/line up until the last hour.

    Not so much blame it on Slovaks in general….more of bringing to everyones attention, a common theme ………Shall we start on Banks next ..Devin Bank ….??

  12. Rule number one: never underestimate the inadequacy of Slovak enterprise and direction.

    Rule number two: never expect anyone to personally be held accountable for anything…ever.

    These are the first and last rules one must accept to live in Slovakia.

  13. So they carried on trading when they knew they were in the mire and left their fellow Slovaks in the crap. The directors should be locked up and their assets seized to compensate the travellers.

  14. Yeah, because bankrupcy doesn’t happen in other countries…..It must be the fault of Slovaks…..
    Similar situations have happened all over Europe and the rest of the world still you find a way to blame it on Slovaks in general….

    What a sourpuss you are pffffff.

  15. Yet another Ayran, well run Slovak company bites the dust .

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