Belousova will support recall of parliamentary chairman Sulik

Deputy chairwoman of the Slovak National Party (SNS), Anna Belousovova, said this week that she would vote in favour of recalling parliamentary chairman Richard Sulik from the ruling SaS party following the petition filed today by Smer-SD party chairman Robert Fico for his dismissal.

Belousovova added, though, that she was sure that the attempt would fail because the coalition would stick together, preventing the necessary number of votes for the vote of no confidence to be successful. “I appreciate what Smer is trying to do after all the blunders and deliberated moves. Sulik has demonstrated that he is not the right person for the job. He isn’t capable of being parliamentary chairman and it damages Slovakia when he has the kind of political culture that he demonstrates” said Belousovova.

Although she doesn’t believe the vote produce any change, it will at least make a point. “It will also show who agrees with supporting this circus called the governing coalition with its negative effects on Slovakia and who doesn’t” she concluded.

Regarding the petition, Fico said: “This proposal will be submitted in a way that it should be discussed next week at the regular parliamentary session”. He went on to say that parliament is currently being chaired by someone who shows no respect for anything and shouldn’t be sitting in the post.

“Mr. Fico and his Smer-SD party have every right to initiate this motion. If the conditions required by the debate protocol are met, parliament will deal with the proposal, of course”, announced Sulik’s secretary, Tatiana Tothova.

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