Belousovova hits back at Fico

Last night, 11 August, nationalist party SNS vice-chairwoman Anna Belousovova hit back at the allegations of Smer-SD chairman Robert Fico that her party had a secret agreement with the ruling coalition because she and her colleague Igor Stefanov voted in favour of restricting MP immunity.

“We are not bound to Smer-SD and will not always vote the same as them” she told journalists, while denying any negotiations between the SNS and the ruling coalition. She informed that her party did not have a common stance to the voting, and that every individual MP could vote how they wished. Earlier in the day chairman of SMER-SD Robert Fico had accused the SNS party of having secret talks on the voting with the ruling coalition in return for a post in the Supervisory Board of the National Property Fund (FNM)

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