Belousovova Reveals New Party – NAS (Nation and Justice)

Independent MP and former SNS vice-chair Belousovova held a press conference in parliament today to announce the name and objectives of her new political party, for which she has now officially started collecting the 10,000 signatures required.

Anna Belousovova (c) The Daily

The party is called Narod a Spravodlivost (NAS) meaning Nation and Justice and as an acronym it resembles the word ‘ours’. Belousovova laid out the objectives of the party and her feeelings about the Slovak political scene, saying “To date in Slovakia there has been no political power that corresponds to the new political trend and which is capable of dealing with existing challenges. Now there is”!

On the subject of potential partners of the party, Belousovova said it was too soon to say because only those who get into parliament can be coalition partners, so that won’t be known until after the next elections. She said the party had a new approach and its mission was based on “civilised, democratic, non-xenophobic and non-confrontational patriotism”.

Belousovova added that the future party was already receiving various offers of assistance and donations, but that until the party was officially registered they could not be accepted. She underlined that the party would be funded in a transparent way from sponsors, adding that she “had never been in politics for the money. For a 100%, nobody can buy me or this party, it is not some merchandise” she added.

Belousovova, who was kicked out of the SNS party after 20 years in what she referred to as a “cleansing”, made references several times to someone being personally responsible for the situation in Slovakia, because they had made mistakes in the run up to the elections. She was apparently referring to Jan Slota, but without mentioning names, as the SNS had bad results, which in the end meant the current coalition could take power.


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  3. It is interesting to note , that the SNS with Slota and slapper Anna, did split in the late 1990’s and only joined together again, because neither of the party’s could get into parliament with the 5% needed The nationalistic vote being split between them both . So they both reformed again as the SNS in the early 2000’s . As for no one can buy her 100% vote , well they obviously did it once and I guess they will do it again ?

    I do find it strange they threw her out of the SNS , as she alone attracted some 60,000 votes , ie 35+% of the votes cast for SNS and given that SNS with Slota and her only just made it into parliament with 5.1% ish . Gonna be some interesting horse trading at some stage .

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