Bigger Turnout Expected in Tomorrow’s Presidential Elections

The turnout in tomorrow’s presidential elections is expected to top the first round, according to a survey among analysts carried out by Focus agency and cited by SME daily, as the two candidates Prime Minister Robert Fico and Andrej Kiska go to the wire in what most now believe will be a close race.
photo: Ian Britton

The projections of a bigger turnout could be wrong however, as most analysts got it wrong in the first round, in terms of turnout and who got what percentage. Andrej  Kiska did better than expected with 24%, just 4% behind his rival Fico. The higher turnout is anticipated because of the number of voting slips collected by people not at their normal place of residence.

The Focus agency informed that it had carried out a poll before the start of the second round for a private client, which showed that more people will be out to vote this weekend as there has been increased activity in both camps.

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