BLAF Art Festival Starts With a Bang on Friday

This weeks sees the start of the BLAF, or Bratislava Art Festival, a one-week presentation of visual arts that offers visitors the chance to experience, understand, perceive and discuss art.

The festival from Friday 30 September to 5 October is also a platform for active cooperation and networking of public and private galleries, as well as for presentations of the already-established formats in the area of contemporary art.

On Friday the 30th at 7 pm in the courtyard of the Slovak National Gallery you can enjoy concert performances by highly popular Slovak bands ŽIVÉ KVETY , BILLY BARMAN and ZÓNA A. Entry is for free and a good evening of entertainment is guaranteed.

The aim of this project is to create a unifying platform for strengthening the position of visual arts and achieving its more positive perception in the capital by means of a multiple-day event that focuses on presenting public and private galleries and the related events that also represent other types of art.

The goal of the project is to start an active and long-term cooperation of cultural institutions – galleries – together with strategic marketing of their activities aimed at various target groups. The project hopes to enhance awareness of visual art itself, as well as present it in forms attractive for audiences of all ages over a short period of time.

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