Body of Student Missing in Hungary Found

Photo posted around facebook and town by Gonçalo's friends

The Body of Gonçalo Ferraz, the 20 year old Portuguese exchange student missing in Budapest since 11th May has been found in the Danube four kilometres from the Elizabeth Bridge where he was last seen. Gonçalo had been studying in Budapest with the Erasmus programme.

On the way home he and a friend decided to jump into the river with the intention of swimming ashore but despite being a strong swimmer Gonçalo Ferraz disappeared. On the night of the 11th May the Danube was 8 degrees and the water level was between 15 and 20 metres from the bridge deck. With this distance a jumper would hit the water at around 70 Km/h and would be similar to jumping on to concrete.

After a huge facebook campaign started by his friends and flyers being posted around town police received several phone calls claiming he had been spotted in various locations but these had all turned out to be false sightings.

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