Bratislava Airport Announces Figures for 1H

At a press conference this morning, director of Bratislava Airport Maros Jancula presented journalists with the airport’s figures for the first half of 2011.

Not a busy airport (c) The Daily

Jancula pointed to an overall drop in the number of passengers by 5%, while explaining that at least occupancy figures had gone up by 9% on international flights. The volume of cargo transported via the airport improved by 16% over last year.

A total of 642,000 passengers passed through the gates at Bratislava Airport in 1H 2011, almost 500,000 of which were on RyanAir flights. The final figures for the whole of last year came to 1,665,704 passengers, while its best year was 2008 with 2,218,545 passengers.

Almost a quarter of all travellers (157,000) had London as their other port of call in 1H, and so it continues to be the most frequented line. For comparison, only 44,152 travellers went to and from Dublin.

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