Bratislava Airport calls cleaning services tender

Bratislava Airport has announced a call for tenders for a lucrative contract on cleaning services for the airport. The contract could be worth some EUR 1.4 million (excl. VAT).

The M.R. Stefanik Airport in Bratislava needs a cleaning services company to provide a full service for sixteen buildings (covering 41,690 m2), outdoor areas and also the interiors of aeroplanes. The tender will be done by electronic auction with the lowest price being the main criterion.

The contract will be for the period from 1 April this year until the end of January 2013, and interested parties can request the tender specification by 10 February with the submission deadline set for 23 February. Tenderers will have to show their turnover in this area for the past three years.

The tender was announced in the Public Procurement Journal as the airport is fully owned by the state.

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