Bratislava: Blaze at Matador Plant Claims Three Lives

photo (c) Bryan Tong Minh

A massive fire engulfed the Matador tyre and rubber products plant in Bratislava around midnight last night, claiming at least three lives.

The fire brigade were initially called out because of smoke, but by the time they arrived the fire had spread to porta cabins and a nearby storage building. The call was made by a woman who had suffered light burns, with a further five people reported to be trapped inside the building, but the fire fighters could find nobody at first.

The porta-cabins burned to the ground, after which a thermal camera revealed three bodies trapped under the rubble. Their identity is still unknown, but there are suspicions that the shelters might have been used by homeless people.

A total of around 65 fire fighters from Bratislava, Pezinok and Malacky are still fighting the blaze.

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