Bratislava: Brutal Killing And Suicide By Angolan Man


Bratislava was witness to a brutal murder today when a young 26-year old woman was stabbed repeatedly 15 times in the stomach and heart, most probably by her over-jealous 33-year old Angolan boyfriend, who seemingly then killed himself by climbing on to high-voltage railway lines.

Daniel Manuel Seque in happier times in 2010 (c) John Boyd, The Daily

The incident took place on the 5th floor of a dormitory on Racianska street around 11 o’clock this morning, with the dying screams of the young woman, named as Alexandra, being heard all around. The Angolan man, Daniel, was seen fleeing the scene, and the police later found a knife believed to be the murder weapon.

Some witnesses say they were lovers and that it was probably a jealousy killing, but the police are still wary even to confirm a connection between the two incidents until a full investigation has been made.

Daniel allegedly broke up with Alexandra on Sunday, but came to see her with roses just shortly before he committed his love-crazed crime.

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