Bratislava Grieves for Norway with Concert

A special concert called Concert for Norway has been organised for this Sunday (31 July) in the Main Square of Bratislava in memory of the 76 people who lost their lives in the massacre in Norway this week.


Deep sorrow hangs over King Harald of Norway (c) John Boyd - The Daily

The concert was thought up by the freshly established civil initiative called Rose for Norway together with Bratislava Council, and will give people the chance to express their grief and solidarity with the people of Norway.

The concert will start at 6pm on Sunday in the Main Square, or alternatively in the Stara Trznica building depending on the weather. Performances will be given by various Slovak musicians and artists.

Spokesman for City Hall, Lubomir Andreassy, announced the concert yesterday, while also thanking Norway for its great assistance to Bratislava and Slovakia over the years. By way of the EEA Grants (EUR 38.35 million) and the Norway Grants (EUR 42.4 million) for the 2009-2014 period, for example, Norway is assisting  Slovakia in targeting environmental and climate change issues such as the prevention of flooding and carbon capture and storage (CCS), and also with efforts to reduce domestic violence, strengthen a civil society, foster social dialogue, provide scholarships and promote cross-border cooperation.

Initiator of the event, Daniel Rabina, expressed his regret that the Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik commented how Slovakia was intolerant to immigrants. Rabina hopes the concert will help remedy this and show that Slovakia is a decent and open country, while sending out thoughts of condolence to the families and friends of the victims and the whole of Norway, which has been numbed by the massacre of 76 innocent people.



  1. Breivik gave Slovakia something like a 90/100 score making it his top country in Europe. He had a point. But what he did was unforgiveable.

  2. Sadly Stefan, you are correct . The arrogance of you people, in this puffed up self important nation, never ceases to surprise me

  3. Because Slovaks are the most important people in the world~~ :-)) They are more important than stupid Americans 🙂 lol

    Slovakia is the centre of Europe

  4. Once again I just cannot understand this desperate need for some in Slovakia……to give people the chance to express their grief and solidarity with the people of Norway.

    Surely this is a time for considered eflection, on this tragic radom event , not an urgent time to hold some pathetic concert wake .

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