Bratislava: Higher Fines for Fare-Dodgers

Bratislava bus company Dopravny podnik Bratislava (DPB) is introducing higher fines for illegal passengers on buses in Bratislava from 1 May in its continued attempts to crack down on fare-dodgers.

Free ride? (c) The Daily.SK

From 1 May the basic on-the-spot fine will be EUR 50, instead of EUR 40 to date, with the charge rising to EUR 70 if you fail to pay the fine within five days. One of the reasons for the hike is that they haven’t been increased for the past fifteen years.

If you are caught by one of the often overzealous and arrogant ticket inspectors, you can pay in cash on the spot or use your bank card. There have been many cases of arguments with ticket inspectors, for instance, after people bought their ticket using the special mobile number 1100. As it takes a few minutes for the transaction to be processed, many find themselves on the bus without the confirmation code, something the inspectors claim is also subject to a fine.


  1. Trying to stay a little on topic of crime and punishment …
    ….well yet another `only on the Planet called Slowvakia` story …..

    Slovaks sentenced to house arrest may begin wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet as of 2016. The electronic bracelets which should reduce the amount of money spent on keeping people in prison, which currently stands at about €14,000 a year, per inmate.

    In the first five years since house arrests became legal, only 169 people have been sentenced to in such a way, even though 1,050 people met the criteria??

    I guess the Judge was having a period, when they considered sentencing and the Public purse eh ?

    This country is Fcukin BONKERS !

  2. What cretin would travel on a Slowvak bus or tram ?

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