Bratislava in 2007: 2nd Strongest new EU member

Figures released today in the Statistical Yearbook of Eurostat, who provide the EU with statistics in order to standardise methods across the board, rated the Bratislava region second behind Prague in terms of GDP out of all the new member states in 2007.

The list of regions were as follows

(percentage of average GDP of the EU)

  1. Central London                 334%
  2. Luxembourg                      275%
  3. Brussels                               221%
  4. Hamburg                             192%
  5. Prague                                  172%

Bratislava popped in at number  12 (160%), not too bad at all when you consider other new member states and their ranking. West Slovenia only made it to 94th place (107%), Hungary was just above the EU average (103%) leaving them in 111th place, while Cyprus sat in 146th spot(94%).

These figures are from 2007, so it remains to be seen how badly the crisis has affected Bratislava and Slovakia in terms of its position in the Eurostat statistics. Surely though, Bratislava will be back punching above its weight again.

Sources : SME, Eurostat

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