Bratislava Inline Takes to Streets Again, Friday 17 July

Bratislava-inline skating is a summer event that takes place every Friday in the  evening during the summer holidays since 2004. It is organized cross city rides on roller skates (and bicycles) and the event is suitable for everyone regardless of age.

Night riders at large in Bratislava - photo:

If you have no skates or just want to try another pair, we’ll rent you Tempish or Rollerblade skates – thanks to our new partner Slovenská sporiteľňa FOR FREE!

  • rental (bratislava-inline, Friday 20.00-23.00): FOR FREE
  • you will need one personal ID card with your photo and a signed confirmation or a deposit of 150€
  • helmets and protective gears are available too
  • skate rental is run by

bratislava-inline is

  • is summer roller parade in Bratislava which started in 2004
  • is skating on the city roads every Friday evening during the summer holidays
  • is 10 organized rides through the city + a bonus ride in September
  • is for young ones, old ones, families, children, singles, couples,… anyone who can rollerblade
  • is for free and without registrations
  • is for fun and good feeling
  • bratislava-inline is not


We rollerblade on the roads which are mainly used by cars, accompanied by Police cars, first aid team and a 40-member inline team. All routes are carefully chosen taking into account the road situation of the city and they are consulted with the Police and City Hall authorities. The routes and starting points in Bratislava alternate each Friday.


The 2014 events in Bratislava take place everu Friday from June 27th to August 29th  + a bonus ride on September 22nd called “International Day without Cars”.

The rides in other Slovak cities take place once during summer, see the dates in Calendar.

The ride is canceled in rainy weather. Always chceck our website, Facebook, Twitter, Google + or apply for the Newsletter to get fresh information about each event and its confirmation or cancelation.

How to get to/from the event by public transport

The schedule of buses and trams which you can use to get to/from the event valid for 2014 is here for download.

is not a competition

  • no registration is needed
  • is not a manifestation for or against something
  • is not connected with any movement, political party or ideological organization

SK-inline: Nitra, Piestany, Trnava, Pezinok

  • roller & bike parades in other cities of Slovakia take place since 2009
  • Nitra was the first one, later joined by Piestany and Trnava, Pezinok is this year’s candidate
  • These rides take place only once in the summer, usually on a Saturday evening

bratislava-inline schedule

  • 8 pm meeting – skate rental, inline skating school, drinks, freestyle shows, concerts, competitions and other activities brought by our partners – at Aupark Shopping Centre or at Slovak National Theatre
  • 9 pm start
  • 9.45 pm refreshement stop – only during rides in Petrzalka/Bratislava – at KC Technopol
  • 10.30 pm finish – at Aupark Shopping Centre or at Slovak National Theatre
  • 10.30 pm – stamps, gifts from our partners, Roller Disco follows some rides

other cities schedule

  • 5 pm meeting – inline skating school, drinks, music, freestyle shows and other activities brought by our partners
  • 6 pm start
  • 7-7.30 finish

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