Bratislava: Invitation To a Mass Snowball Fight

If you haven’t already noticed this week, winter is finally here and while some people may not appreciate the cold wet stuff accumulating outside there are some Bratislavians who do.

Paul Heil a local expat is organizing a public “City Snowball/Gulovani Fight” in Bratislava this Friday saying there is “Nothing like a snowball fight to break in the winter season!”. No doubt any of us who grew up around snow can think back to those childhood days of ice castles & snowball fights. But leave it to the Americans to keep the childhood tradition strong even amongst the adults. Many cities in the US have annual Snow Day’s where anyone with a snowball and a good throwing arm can join in for the winter fun. Here is a short clip of a Snow Day snowball fight on Bascom Hill at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Over 3000 people in attendance. –

So if you are looking for some light hearted fun in the snow with your friends this Friday the 14th why not join in on already 100 strong City Snowball/Gulovani Fight at the Eurovea River Front at 18:30. Here is the link to join the event –


  1. Just to get this forum back on track …I was reading today about another snowball about to be thrown in the Slovak econ, by Rob the hood Fico and his merry men . …It will become forbidden, by law, as of January to carry out payments in cash exceeding €5,000 between businesses and €15,000 for private individual in Slowvakia. The legislation was adopted as part of the Government’s Action Plan for Combating Tax Fraud. Fines for violation of the rules defined by the law can each €150,000 for businesses.

    Bugger, who will want to do business in Slowvakia now ?????

    1. Just to get you on back on Track Georgina , this has been announced and discussed from august 2012 ..
      Restrictions on cash payments already exist in other EU member states, and restrictions are tighter. For example in Italy -from 1991 .

      The use of cash common throughout Italy has long been a focus of authorities in their fight against rampant tax evasion. There is a simple reason- Cash is not traceable on either side of the transaction and can be a channel to launder illegal income as well as avoid paying taxes.
      As cash is difficult to control, big cash transactions can also fuel under-the-table sales and eventually open way for corruption .

      Personally, I don’t have problem with this at all and think this should be enforced earlier. Who does pay large amounts in Cash these days anyway? All I use cash for these days is for Parking and fast food on streets…

      1. Actually, I am bit with our friend who gave up his American passport and became a world nomad of no country that posts here. Slowvaks like you (and are like bloody sheep ) just comply with the Government and there lays a real problem . People like this want you to accept this rule, as a normal, easier way of paying, so they can track and even control you . This is not about right and wrong using cash, which after all is legal tender, this is about your personal freedom …well mine anyway, because I object to this invasion to my personal privacy . Why should I not spend my cash, how I want ?? Why should we ALL be considered fraud, recorded by the State and I want to use my cash ….??

        If the State is really worried about the launder of illegal income as well as avoid paying taxes…ask why such a low amount as a max ?Remember we are the State !

        1. What the hell you talking about Georgina, as you wrote it there is €15,000 cash limit payment for private individual in Slovakia. Do you pay €15,000 for your every -days items in CASH???

          I have sold company in summer, and why would I mess with cash if the bank transfer is just a ”one click of mouse away” ?
          There are always some idiots who is gonna complain against governments anti-corruption measures and cry CRY how much it is going to affect them! ooh, poor Georgina!

          There are MUCH BIGGER problems going on in EU and World if you really want to talk about freedom and privacy.
          What about Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which is basically LEGAL unlimited large-scale monitoring of users’ behaviour and of their electronic communications, email communication, social’s networks chats, etc..??
          And there are other ones world is trying to enforce PIPA, SOPA…

          ACTA, PIPA and SOPA would basically censor everything on the internet making it illegal for people to do pretty much anything. And, there would be no way back, ones this gets enforced..

          1. I think you are missing the point Juki . This is about Human, private, personal Rights …if I want to pay cash and a big lump…as I did for my 911 Porsche BTW , why should I not be allowed to do it ?? The BIGGER issue is that, freedoms are being slowly being eroded by Big Brother on the basis of we must protect ourselves from, tax fiddlers, anti-Counterfeiting bla de bla …it assumes all of us are now crooks and we need these Laws, when actually the laws do nothing, but make it improper to use legal currency tender in a valid payment transaction .

            Hang your head in shame Mr Sheep .

          2. Ohhh sh*t ! George will have to pay Next time for his PORSHE by bank transfer , but he prefer CASH ! Don’t worry , I will organize a petition so you can be exempted from this hassle .

  2. Hey George,

    Its been awhile, nice to see your still your cheerful self 🙂 hope you show up to watch it all go down from your 911.


    Crossfit in the park will keep going in spring, we obviously moved it from the park to the gym in winter for reasons other than a permit.

    1. Does the “Cheers P” mean what I think it means? Does the P stand for Prikk? 😀

      1. Nice one Losgar, but this time the P stands for Paul ;).

        1. Nobhead…what is wrong with you, pecker, pecker, pecker, that`s all you think about ? Are you also missing `your friend` the nanny goat in Slowvakia? Perhaps you and she can share a fag on the balcony afterwards ???

          Hello Pull, yes long time no chat …you moved into the Gym ?

          …Blimmy Pull, how woossie is that then ? I thought you lot were all roughty toughty men? …BTW . How is the Feisty Lucy these days ??? Still chewing the heads of whippets ??

          1. Share a fag on the balcony??? You want to bring with you your gay friends Georgina?

        2. I hope you understood me correctly Paul.

          Instead of saying “Good-bye George” it’s “Cheers P”.

          1. I understood 🙂

          2. Nobhead, Perhaps you should try reading, even remembering you own former posts that you drivel, you utter cretin.

            Pull, let me help you out here …dont even bother, this plonker, is dead from the neck up.

          3. Don’t be mean Georgina.

            If you think you can bring your fag and smoke him on other people’s balconies you are wrong!!

          4. Nobhead……was that a joke ???? I bet you have them rolling on the floor at the local bar …not .

          5. My English is not good Georgina, I apologize for that!

            What did you just say? You want to roll with your fag on the floor in the bar /after smoking on the balcony/?
            Have you lost all self-control???

  3. Only an American could think up this bloody bonkers idea. It will all end in tears . Some Slowvak jobsworth or policeman will find a reason why `this breaks the Law` and arrests will be made, permits demanded, fines dished out ….ask Paul and the Feisty Lucy …I bet there jumping up and down having fun in a Public Park without a permit was finally cancelled ?

    I wish this snow would bugger off, as I cannot get the 911 out in this weather .

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