Bratislava: One World Film Festival Starts Today

The fact that all the inhabitants of the planet share one world is now more evident than ever before in the human history thanks to modern communication technologies. Nowadays, individual people can record and document the reality around them thanks to accessible technologies.

Thanks to iInternet and mobile communication this content can be distributed to any inhabited place on the planet. The most influential phenomenon changing the world is the widespread use of social networks, which brought the sharing of contents to a whole new level. The fact that speaks of itself is that the most common used names have lately been Mark Zuckerberg (founder of the most successful social network – Facebook) and Julian Assange (owner of WikiLeads).

These phenomena are closely connected with the geopolitical events of the last year. WikiLeads discloses State and Business secrets, increases transparency, supports the freedom of press. At the same time, the site is sharply criticized for rough violation of the international law on national security protection.

Use of social networks, serving mostly for communication, arranging contacts and sharing pictures or videos, has been an inseparable part of the dominoes – effect of within the revolutions in the Arab world. Many regimes in the world try to limit the access to the iInternet, being aware of its power.

Thanks to new technologies we are more informed and there is is an increasing number of people who are aware of the fact that seemingly distant events are relatevant also tofor them, too. Manifestations of individual forms of civic activism expand geometrically.

One World festival will reflect these trends. It will focus on films created thanks to digital technologies, or covering topics related to video-activism and to current possibilities of communication about human rights. World online is not captured, but it´sit’s connected and more free – and the One World festival wants to contribute to the reflection of this dynamics in Slovakia.

You can view the full One World programme here. Don’t miss it!

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