Bratislava Region to donate EUR 300 to families of shooting victims

Head of the Bratislava Region, Pavol Freso (SDKU-DS), has announced that the regional government would be providing financial assistance to the families of those killed in the shooting in Devinska Nova Ves on 30 August.

In addition to the allowance from the state, the region will provide EUR 300 for each of the Devinska gunman’s seven victims. No decision has been taken yet on compensation for the 15 others who were injured in the shooting.

Freso also wants to increase the number of police officers serving in the borough of Devinska Nova Ves, so as to increase the feeling of security of residents, who were shaken by the events of 30 August. “We will appeal to the interior minister Daniel Lipsic regarding this issue” said Freso.

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