Bratislava Speed Dating

Speed Dating is here!

Join us for the first in our new monthly series of Speed Dating events.
This is a great opportunity to meet new people, have lots of laughs and enjoy a great night out in comfortable surroundings. The emphasis is on fun, so you can take it as seriously or casually as you like.
Goblins offers the perfect relaxed and casual atmosphere for the event and there’s even a free welcome drink waiting for all participants.
The concept is simple. The evening is divided into a series of 4-minute “dates”, just enough time for you to decide whether you would like to see that person again or not. Everyone is allocated a number and given a “score-card”. After each “date”, you note YES or NO against that person’s number on your “scorecard”, to indicate whether you would like to stay in touch afterwards. We will then collate the scorecards and email details to you of all those who have mutually matched with you. It’s as simple as that!
As part of the registration process, we will establish which age range you fall into and which age ranges you would like to meet. We will then try our best to match you with “dates” within your desired range. Please try not to be too fussy otherwise you might miss out on a good date.
We do encourage you to register in advance, to save time at the start, but will take registrations on the night, subject to space. To register in advance visit this link
All personal details will remain strictly confidential and your contact details will only be given to those who have made a mutual “match” with you.
The language of the event is English but of course you are free to use any language you might have in common with your “date” during your 4-minutes chat.
This event will be completely non-smoking.
Entry 4 euro per person


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  6. I think is a great idea, best of luck to the organizers!!

    4, 10, 30 Eur it all depends what is your target market.

  7. George, how mean are you!
    Other companies charge 20euro, and in the uk it’s about ¬£20.
    If 4euro is a lot for you maybe you should find some money making scheme

  8. The first event and you want to charge 4 euro ??? What the hell for guys ? What`s the free drink thrown in then …tap water ?

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