Bratislava Street Art Festival Starts Today

The second Street Art Festival kicks off in Bratislava today with some 150 artists taking part in various activities throughout the weekend.

Prelude to the festival was the Tram Jam event

Performances, music, dance, graffiti and much more are waiting for you around the city centre! More about the Street Art Festival here!


Friday 15th June 2012

18h00-18h20:  Long Vehicle Circus
19h00-20h20 : Rope skipping
20h30-21h00 : Icigo Ichie

Rybné námestie
16h00-19h00 : Paint with Rasto (children)
17h00-18h00 : Divadlo Piki  (children)
18h30-20h00 : Eddy Portella presenta Batatimba
20h00-21h00 : Raw Bishops

Hlavné námestie (Main Square)
16h00-22h00 : Tekergoter   (children)
16h00 : Vernisáž Lousy Auber
16h20-16h40: Long Vehicle Circus
17h30-18h30 : EA Band
18h30-19h00 : Icigo Ichie
19h00-19h20 : Bratri v třiku
20h00-21h00 : BSM Quartet
21h30-22h00 : Let Them Fly

Nový Most 
16h00-21h00 : Street Art “under the bridge”

Batelier (Továrenská 14)
21h00-04h00 : Opening Party (Krak In Dub / raggajungle,DnB,Dubstep – Fr , Marcel Vén Trio / Dubstep,Dnb,Jazz Liv eact – Ba, Funkadelic brothers (Dj Koki & Matthew Sax) – live act – nu-jazz, funk, soul, breakbeat, DJ : Soundboydub (SK), Zoodam (FR), Wosa (SK), Fisherprice (FR) …)

Saturday 16th June 2012

Rybné námestie
14h00-18h00 : Bibiana entertainment for children
15h00-16h00 : Jazz Nut Trio
16h00-16h45 : Divadlo ZKuFraVon (children)
17h00-17h30 : Icigo Ichie
17h30-18h30 : RUSTIQUA
18h40-19h40 : Peter Luha – Guitart

Hlavné námestie
14h00-16h00 : Ropeskipping
15h15-15h45 : Icigo Ichie
16h00-20h00 : Longboard
16h00-17h00 : Hugo Čáves Orchestra
18h00-18h45 : Divadlo Babena
19h00-19h40 : Breakboys

Nový Most 
14h00- 21h00 : Street Art “pod mostom”   /  Street Art “under the bridge”
14h00 – 20h00 : Guerilla gardening

Batelier (Továrenská 14)
21h00-04h00 : After Party (Oliver Lowe & guests – hip hop jazzy, Emonoizboyz – hiphop, electronic, DJ Fisherprice (FR))

Nedeľa / Sunday 17th June 2012

Transport Museum
12h00-20h00 : Paint the Train / Graffiti / Street Art
20h00-20h30 : Let Them Fly Fire show

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