Bratislava To Boost Co-operation With Moscow

On a visit to Moscow yesterday, Bratislava mayor Milan Ftacnik met with his counterpart Sergei Sobyanin, with whom he signed a Memorandum of Co-operation between the two cities.

BA mayor Milan Ftacnik (c) The Daily

Mayor Ftacnik was visiting Moscow as part of Slovakia Month, organised by the Slovak embassy in Russia. The two cities are hoping to start co-operating more in various areas, including tourism, cultural exchanges and business relations. The respective cultural organisations of the two cities will therefore be working together more in the 2012-2014 term that the Memorandum concerns.

Ftacnik doesn’t feel that there is much need to boost tourism so much as the number of russians visiting the Slovak capital has been rising constantly in the past few years. Mr. Sobyanin underlined the increasing number of opportunities opening up to Slovak companies in Moscow, especially in construction, civil engineering and science.

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