Bratislava To Overhaul Parking System and Fees

The City of Bratislava is planning a new system of charging parking fees, which not everyone will be happy about. The proposal of City Hall is currently being reviewed by the various boroughs of the city, but it will also be subject to a public debate before it is pushed through, reports daily SME.

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The main changes include creating a city-wide system of parking split into zones and cancellation of reserved parking spots, while making parking for permanent residents more advantageous. A pilot project could be launched next year with the gradual incorporation of the rest of the city over the space of two or three years, but some boroughs that are against the plan could stand in the way.

At present, only the Old Town has charged parking with locals being allowed to rent a parking space on an annual basis, but the plan is to change this more in their favour. “They will be entitled to park outside their home for a symbolic fee” informed Bratislava Mayor Milan Ftacnik. This will, however, only apply to a single car for people with permanent residence there, and only to their own zone.

There is talk of EUR 1/hour, but the parking fees will probably depend on which zone you are in and what time of day it is, and possibly with a 2-hour restriction in certain streets.

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