Bratislava to Prague? Sorry, no flights here

It was only in June that Czech Airlines (CSA) started operating regular direct flights from Bratislava to various major capitals in Europe, but this has come at the cost of the airline cancelling flights between the Slovak capital and Prague.


Bratislava Airport - no more flights to Prague © The Daily

The airline will stop operating the regular shuttle between Bratislava and Prague on 1 August and nobody can say when or if the service will be relaunched.

The line was mostly used for connection flights to Prague from where passengers got their main flight, but now that the company flies from Bratislava to the likes of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Paris, Rome and Cyprus, the need for this service is more redundant.

CSA spokeswoman Hana Hejskova told news website that regular flights between the Czech and Slovak capitals is no longer profitable for the company because the capacity is not being used sufficiently.

Since June CSA has been operating the direct flights from Bratislava to European capitals thanks to its inclusion in SkyTeam, an alliance that pools various airlines together so they can co-operate on each other’s flights.

CSA is the only airline to offer flights from Bratislava and Prague, so it is fairly sad that the two former sister cities have no direct flight connection, at least for business travellers or city-hopping tourists.

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  1. Whatever happened to that cretin Fungus ? All in the marketing he said ….Fact is this route was never marketed as a ‘Business’ route, weekend getaway or a city hop …or at times in the day most wanted to travel …either that or as a 30 quid return trip to beat the petrol cost and 4 hour drive time bore .

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