Bratislava venue for Balkan talks on EU accession

Foreign affairs ministers from the Visegrad Four (Slovakia, Czech r., Poland and Hungary) will meet in Bratislava this Friday to meet and discuss with representatives from the Western Balkans.

The conference will take place alongside an international conference on expansion of the European Union to the Balkans in 2011, which will take place on Thursday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event will be attended by experts from the Visegrad Four, the Western Balkans and various European institutions.

The Western Balkans are on edge about their possible accession to the Union as some leaders have recently expressed the desire to halt expansion in this direction, and even though the Union undertook to integrate the countries, it does not regard this as a priority.

The Visegrad Four stand behind the accession hopes of the Balkans, though, and the Hungarian and Polish presidency of the Union could help promote their ambitions.

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