Bratislava Week of Volunteering

This, year for the first time, Bratislava Volunteer Center organizes Bratislava week of volunteering from September 28th to October 3rd.

Now that you are back from holidays it’s time for new beginnings. Isn’t it the perfect timing to start volunteering ? You’re not sure about what to do ? Bratislava Volunteer Center is organizing the Bratislava week of volunteering to help you decide. Several associations are organizing different volunteering activities during the last week of september that you can join in. From rearranging the premices of a children home to cleaning a chapel, from assisting to a painting exhibition to cooking meals for the homeless for sure you will find something that suits you. In total it will be about 30 organizations offering more than 200 volunteering positions. Not bad for a first time ! You can even try several activities and then, why not decide to become a regular volunteer ? The volunteer week is the perfect occasion to try something new and dedicate your time to a meaningful project.

You are curious about an organization but you don’t feel like acting right away ? There will also be open days in several associations. There, you will get a chance to discover a NGO and meet the people who run it. They will explain you in depth what they are doing and what they expect from their volunteers.

Maybe you don’t have time during the week ? Don’t worry, on Saturday October 3rd, there will be a volunteer fair in Stará Tržnica during the regular market. On the first floor, you will find around 20 different NGOs willing to meet you and looking for new volunteers. During the Volunteer Fair, there will also be two discussions. The first one will be about cooperation between activists and governments. The second debate will discuss volunteering in social areas. Both debates will be in Slovak language. Also in Stará Tržnica, there will be a living library about European Voluntary Service. A living library is a library where books are real people. You can “borrow” someone for a conversation of 30 minutes maximum and get to know someone’s experience on a particular topic. In Stará Tržnica, the topic of the living library will be the European Voluntary Service (EVS), a program of the European Union allowing youngsters to volunteer in another country for a period up to one year all expenses covered. On the 3rd of October, wanna be EVS volunteers will get the chance to talk to former or current volunteers willing to share their experience.

There are many ways to make a difference. Let’s discover them during Bratislava Week of Volunteering.

To check out the detailed program and register to activities, visit :

Note : All the organizations taking part in Bratislava Week of Volunteering are active members of Bratislava Volunteer Center and have been approved to work with volunteers.

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