Bratislava’s Protest Highlights CEE Anti-Immigration Attitude

On Saturday, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Bratislava to express their anger. Most of them were peaceful but there was also a presence from violent right-wing skinheads. Police cars were vandalized. People held banners that read “Slovakia is not Africa” and one Arabic family, including a mother and baby in a pushchair, was pelted with stones. The International City Downhill bike was brought to an abrupt and shameful end as the protesters swarmed the end of the course.

Protesters c) Kika, TheDaily.SK

These protests come as the discussion on the influx of immigrants to Europe from mainly war or poverty inflicted parts of North Africa is coming to a head. The European Commission proposed a solution which would see at least 40,000 immigrants resettled throughout the EU with certain quotas for each Member State based upon current population (40%), economic growth (40%), unemployment (10%) and current engagements with asylum seekers (10%).  For example, Slovakia would receive a quota of around 700 immigrants to resettle as it is a reasonably small Member State without major economic growth.

We can see tension and disunity in the different attitudes of the Member States on this issue. Many countries in the West such as Germany, France and the UK are feeling the impact of immigration. Just 5 EU countries attract 70% of immigrants. The EU has proposed that all the Member States come together to solve this problem and take the weight off the most effected countries, but attitudes are much more defensive among the newer states.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are strongly against the quotas. Hungary is also strongly against immigration and has announced plans to build a 4 metre high wall along its 177km Serbian border, this comes at the same time that the country has openly discussed the possibility of internment camps for immigrants. Poland has announced they only want to accept Christians. This comes after many citizens of these countries flooded to the Western States to find higher paid jobs or better opportunities.

The immigration discussion within the EU is currently up in the air with no real solution in sight. With mounting pressure from all sides, a conclusion will have to be reached pretty quickly.

By Alona Cameron


  1. The migrants are part of the plan of the elites supported by the EU to totally destroy Slovakia and Europe in the process. Why? ISIS is 100% created and backed by NATO/ US – don’t believe me, just do some research on the Internet. The truth will set you free.

    As to bombing ISIS in Syria? Well no way is there any plan to do so. For the past two years, the US and its allies have been bombing empty spaces in the desert and Syrian targets – not ISIS ones. When bombs are to go anywhere near ISIS camps, they drop leaflets warning the ISIS actors to get out of the way.

    The plan is to support ISIS to get Assad out, so that the middle east can be further destablised for the west to profit (out of the lives of so many innocent men, women and children) – total animals, the lot of them.

    The Paris incident? Have a look at these two links. Does the man ‘victim’ look the same in both? Well, he is the same. He is a crisis actor used for both Boston and Paris.

    Global warming/ Climate change? Another way to screw us all. There is no global warming, no climate change that is being done by us, the 99%. However, look up geoengineering/ chemtrails on the Internet. This is a worldwide practice by practically all governments on earth for their own profit to totally block out the sun and to make life less sustainable for the masses on earth.

    Do something – spread the word!!

  2. is it not time that these would be Nationalists smell the coffee and get a grip on reality?
    Most Slovaks don’t want to live here and this fancy-full idea that these poor people from war torn areas of the world have Slovakia as their preferred final place of residence is truly bizarre.
    Even if the SVK accept them they will up sticks and head for countries with better potential and less ignorant, bigoted people, like most Slovaks with more than one brain cell!

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