Police Find Two More Cannibal Victims

At a press conference today, police commissioner Jaroslav Spisiak announced the discovery of the decomposed bodies of two women that the police discovered based on GPS co-ordinates that they found on the computer of Slovak supposed cannibal Matej Curka.

Matej Curka, allged cannibal photo credit: Strelecký klub Podhradová

Following several days of scouring the surrounding countryside, the bodies were found this morning in a forest near Kysak, where Curka lived. The discovery was made thanks to police IT experts who managed to crack the passwords of Curka’s computer, which then revealed the GPS co-ordinates that led them to the two corpses.

Curka’s computer also contained photographs of the two victims and e-mail correspondence that he had with them while still alive.

Commissioner Spisiak explained: “We managed to identify a shallow grave where two bodies were buried. The bodies were of two women, which had certain parts of their bodies severed”. Spisiak then informed that the missing body parts corresponded to the photographs that were found on Curko’s computer, and which he allegedly had sent to his would-be victim in Switzerland.

The police noted that one of the corpses had personal items that could indicate that it was that of Lucia Uchnarova from Snina. The police had always suspected that Curka had something to do with the young woman’s disappearance, as she had been suicidal and had communicated with Curka. The police must now wait on DNA tests to determine the true identity of the women.

The other dead woman was found naked, with Spisiak refusing to comment on the condition that they found the body in for reasons of sensitivity to relatives. “I don’t think that would be appropriate” said Spisiak.  Yesterday, the police also discovered a ceremonial altar in the forest near Curko’s village.

The police will now work on confirming the identities of the bodies and try to work out what exactly happened. Given all the current evidence discovered on the PC of Matej Curko, the police admit there everything points to him committing the crimes.

Spisiak refused to comment at the press briefing whether or not cannibalism was involved, although he did admit that evidence existed to indicate it was true, while refusing to comment for reasons of sensitivity.

Further details should be revealed by the police soon to see whether or not Matej Curko really is a modern-day cannibal and has eaten parts of his victims, and if there could possibly be more. The Daily will keep you informed.


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  2. I retract my prior objection.

  3. And today they caught a Russian cannibal while he was feasting, truly red-handed. Is civilisation starting to produce more cannibals or what?

  4. My wife is always saying that one the reasons she’s happy we live in Slovakia and not the U.S. is because this type of crazy never happens in here. Unbelievable stuff.

  5. Yes Daily please keep us informed. ……Were they first fried, boiled or grilled on the BBQ, with a some fava beans and a nice chianti. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff !

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