Breweries: government tax hike will bury us

Brewery workers take part in protest in Bratislava

Following the government announcement that it plans to hike up excise duty on beer, but not on wine or spirits, brewers in Slovakia have been up in arms. The government wants to increase excise on beer by almost half the current level, which could seriously damage the industry and lead to job losses.

Feeling discriminated against, the Slovak Brewers Association therefore initiated a petition, which in just one week has already been signed by over 150,000 supporters. Head of the association Roman Sustak is overwhelmed by the speed of the support.

Representatives from the brewers will present the petition to parliamentary chairman Richar Sulik today, and hold a symbolic funeral at which they will bury beer, as they believe this is what the government is doing. “The symbolic funeral shows what awaits us if parliament passes the proposed hike in excise tax, as it really would bury the Slovak brewing industry”, said association head, Roman Sustak.

Workers from the industry took part in yesterday’s protest march to parliament to voice their opinions.

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