Britain Rewards WWII Slovaks from Western Front

On 17th April the British Embassy delivered pensions from the Royal Air Force Benevolent fund and the British Soldiers Charity to Slovaks who were Western Front veterans of World War Two.

A statement of the Embassy says “We are very grateful to the brave Slovaks who fought in the Second World War, and the sacrifices that they and their families made, which helped us win the freedom we enjoy today”.


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  2. Lads I don’t think George is worth entertaining with conversation anymore. From analysing his posts it’s clear that he is a paranoid sociopath who obtains the only joy in his sad life from getting a rise out of people on this website. I’m sure if anyone met him in person he’d be far from the man he pretends to be on here and much more a lowly loner on the peripherals of society.

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  4. I see nothing brave or heroic in being a soldier. If you wish to believe there is something honorable in being paid cannon fodder then, you have been brainwashed by the Forces PR machine. It is a job you choose to do, and just listen to the families if those that have been paid for this job , whine and moan when they go to do it . You take the Kings Shilling etc ….

    Yes in History, men and women have been banded together to fight a common cause ….although the cause was often created by numb scull Governments, those that that we the people vote for and their utter stupidly or vanity . The troops are sent to protect the Crown , the King, the President and his way of life , not the people . Their action of protecting me and you is a bi/product of their prime objective ….to protect the establishments way of life .

    The disgraceful behaviour I have described was perpetrated by our own HM Armed Forces many through out British history, if you want me to list a few thousand cases ….Brothers in arms , sorry read murders in arms .

  5. George – “the rest” are those countries that don’t look after their veterans.
    The believe the disgraceful behaviour you describe was perpetrated by our US “friends” not HM Armed Forces. We investigate and punish, the yanks ship em home and cover it up. MieLey, Yanks kill 7 Fusilliers, Cpl. Clegg, ring any bells?
    The fact that the majority Slovaks rallied to Adolfs colours is their shame, that makes it all the more important that we recognise the bravery of the thousands ( not one or two) Cz and SK men and women who joined the allied forces and fought with such distinction.
    “We should not be paying them” – As I said, unless you contribute to the RNBF,ABF,RAFBF or the British Soldiers Charity then non of your money has been used. I have and continue to contribute and agree with these men getting pensions. Its a forces thing, hard to explain, that continues today, if you fought for us or with us then you are our “brothers in arms” whether its the vets of WW2 or the young Slovaks serving alongside the Tommies in Afghanistan now.
    As for Loghead, look on the bright side, while he is insulting you, me or anyone else, he hasn’t got his hand in someones wallet – they can’t multi-task!

  6. JB ….are you going to allow personal attacks on commentors ? Not that I have a problem with it, but it does rather break your own site rules .

    Loghead, I’d like to leave you with at least one thought, but I’m not sure you have anywhere to put it ? BTW.Is that a wart on your tongue, or did you bring your half Slovak wife?

    Dave C, ……..As a former soldier myself, I am proud of him and all the other veterans. I am proud the the British Armed Forces who continue to “look after their own” after almost 70 years and so should you George, its things like this that set us above the rest.` ~~~

    The rest of what exactly ? Those pissing on dead Taliban bodies perhaps, those being photographed with hanging, naked prisoners in Iraq or body parts of Afgan bombers ??

    Thanks for the history lesson and I am sure their are one or two good cases, but let us remember most of the 5 millions Slovaks happily fell under Nazi rule 1939/44, fought against the Allied troupes, until they were loosing and then switched sides and even paid to send 500,000 Jews and Roma etc to the Nazi gas chambers .

    My point is , we should not be paying them anything and we should be looking after our own .

  7. Woah! George, back off on this one. Firstly, the service benevolent funds are funded by voluntary donations from the serving members of HM Forces and the public – not tax payers cash, he should, I think, recieve a small state pension from us. Secondly, less we forget, these Slovak veterans got to the UK under their own steam and volunteered to serve in the British Armed Forces and later CZ brigades and Squadrons under British command, fighting and dying alongside British Tommies. Before the Allies ( 67 countries – not just us and the yanks) landed in Normandy Sk and Cz pilots helped win the Battle of Britain (The top Spitfire Ace was CZ, Josef Frantisek – 17 confirmed kills). A local veteran escaped from Nazi annexed CZ,made his way across occupied Europe to the UK and joined the British Paras in 1940. He took part in almost all the early raids, the Normandy landings, survived Arnhem, crossed the Rhine and helped occupy Germany. De-mobbed in 1946 he returned home to be treated as a pariah by the communist regime. He still attends local military parades and rememberance services, smart as a new pin, every inch the Company Sergeant Major he was. Wears his red beret, para wings, regimental blazer with badge and the 1st Airborne Division tie with pride. The rows of medals on his chest, British and French, are a clear indication of his bravery, the red poppy shows he remembers all his fallen comrades of all nationalities. If you spoke to him you would discover that he is saddened by what the Sk has become over the last 20 years.
    As a former soldier myself, I am proud of him and all the other veterans. I am proud the the British Armed Forces who continue to “look after their own” after almost 70 years and so should you George, its things like this that set us above the rest.

  8. So how many Slovaks got our cash ? What is it about the UK, that we give money away to thieves and monsters, but dont look after our own sick, poor and old ?

    BTW , Typical Slovak arrogance ….~~~~Agriculture Minister Ľubomír Jahnátek initially planned to appoint former agriculture minister Stanislav Becík as his new state secretary, but Becík turned down the offer etc etc ….quote … “I will be looking for someone who can play an important role in Brussels vis-a-vis the drafting of the Common Agricultural Policy,” Jahnátek said last week.

    I get the feeling France, Germany, Britain, Spain and even Ireland will be doing all the CAP drafting and Slovakia will be the `go too boys` making the tea and doing the photocopying .

    1. War heroes around 90 years old are thieves and monsters?

      Seriously: What is wrong with you?!?!

      YOU are a monster, stupid arrogant idiot who has no respect for anything. You are a sick, rasist and xenofobic maniac and I only wonder for how long you can go on before somebody shuts your pipe down.

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