British Government Reacts To Child Snatching Allegations

Today, the British government has released the following statement in reaction to information published in Slovak media. Here is the full unedited version.

We strongly rebut the allegations against the social services in the UK made by the Slovak media. Social services in the UK are among the best-regulated in the world.

British Embassy (c) Krokodyl

We cannot comment on individual cases, as we have a legal responsibility to protect the privacy of the children involved, but any involvement of local authorities is based on full and fair assessments. The management of all cases involving families must follow the full legal processes, which includes the involvement of Britain’s internationally-respected courts.

We want to reasure all Slovak citizens, that British Social Services only take children into care when they have serious concerns about the wellbeing of the child. For British Social Services and the independent legal system, protection and welfare of children is the highest priority.

It is Social Services’ primary duty to protect children, and children are only taken into care when there is serious concern for their safety. Children will be returned to families if Social Services, and the UK courts, determine that there is no risk to their welfare. We respect the presumption of innocence and at the same time we respect all decisions of independent courts.



  1. Social Services £1.2 billion child snatch fraud

    Unbelievably, social services staff and solicitors are milking £1.2 billion nationally from our council tax and legal aid, by snatching 4,500 children annually from their parents on false pretexts they need to be adopted.

    They pick healthy children, under the age of 4 because they can’t remember their addresses to return home. Each year, 2,000 of these are under one year old.

    The resulting court battles, council specialists and consultants are then able to stretch out the custody, care, foster and adoption procedures for a year or more, pocketing up to a million per child.
    Wrecking young lives

    All this is our taxes, used to wreck innocent children’s lives and devastating the lives of parents, all for private profit and political dogma.

    The racket begins when social service officers identify poor or defenceless parents, preferably a single mother. They then snatch her child or children, quoting a false deficiency in her parenting.

    The next step is to call in consultants, either themselves or their associates, to prepare expensive, falsified psychiatric reports on both the children and the mother, for which they pay themselves as much as £25,000 a month in additional fees. They call in solicitors they work with, one to represent social services, one for the child. Except the one purporting to represent the child is actually working with social services too.
    Solicitors from hell

    The two sets of solicitors then work together against the interest of the mother and child, dragging out the affair for as long as possible, demanding more psychiatric reports, often taking the mother in to care too. The solicitors’ bills can grow to hundreds of thousands of pounds, more with deliberate delays and adjournments; the social services staff make fortunes out of the consultancy, and by providing housing at up to £800pw per child.

    The trauma the mother goes though is unbelievable; the trauma the children suffer with the separation and moving around inside the ghastly council care system, where many of them are abused, can be with them for life. None of that matters: there’s an average of £270,000 to be shared between social services staff and solicitors.
    Common Purpose is complicit

    This exploitation is enabled via the EU’s Common Purpose, a criminal organisation that manipulates our legal and local government systems for private profit, using members operating inside and outside government.

    If social workers need a firm of solicitors to act corruptly, the Common Purpose network has solicitors as members. If they need to shut up parents or grandparents, the CP network has members in the police, including the Chief Constables of entire forces, who will arrest them on trumped up charges. If they need external psychiatrists to falsify reports, CP has them. It has magistrates and judges as members.
    Training in trauma and brutality

    The creation of massive “trauma through injustice,” the snatching of children for forced adoption, is just one of over 200 Frankfurt School subversion techniques implemented in Britain by the EU since the 1950’s, with Common Purpose and the Freemasons implementing at the local level.

    There are two objectives:

    1. Trauma makes people live in fear of government; it controls them and makes them comply.

    2. It trains local leaders, like social services, councils and courts, to rule with the brutality a dictatorship like the EU will need to stay in power.

    The result is some parents commit suicide, most are damaged mentally, which Social Services then callously use in court to further justify their case.
    Our corrupt legal profession

    The former Chairman of the Law Society, Janet Paraskewa, is in Common Purpose, which may explain why corrupt lawyers are protected, instead of being struck off. The Law Society did not act when firms of solicitors scammed £800 million from the government’s compensation for miners. The Serious Fraud Office had to be called in to solicitors like Beresfords. Its is almost impossible for a parent to find an honest firm of family court solicitors to represent them.
    Perjury in secret courts

    In secret family courts, social workers and solicitors routinely commit perjury to pervert the course of justice. Instead of sentencing them to time in jail, our corrupt freemasonry judges, who are acting criminally, protect them.

    With nearly all our judges freemasons, implementing the freemasonry agenda of trauma through injustice, and playing their part to bring about the EU police state, a fair trial is now a rare exception. If solicitors or judges are exposed, they furiously threaten newspapers and individuals alike with injunctions and arrests. They appear to see perjury as their automatic right.

    British justice is now utterly corrupt at all levels.

    Each year 200 parents and grandparents, who attempt to expose this miscarriage of justice are sentenced by freemasonry judges to up to six months on false charges of contempt of court to shut them up.

    Governments figures for kids in care are approx. 69,000, so why are there 100s of agencies throughout the country all making huge amounts of money and the employment also runs into millions all from around 69.000 kids, and most of the agencies are owned by social workers or ex social workers, many S/W are from third world and any one can buy a CV for a few pounds , then we have untold S/W employed by the SS with many S/W who have their own businesses registered at companies house, most companies are for assessments, or housing, so the S/W take the children on false allegations get paid by the SS get a back hander from the agency then use their own registered companies to do assessments. Many legal people and judges have shares in the agencies, many kids in care are down as ADHD and there is no such thing as ADHD but these kids are prescribed Ritalin which is registered as equal to cocaine, then we have the clinical social workers, another big fiddle, as you know kids in care are used for drug experiments, S/W who have their own property companies registered are used to house the kids from care, 3 years ago I went undercover to register a foster agency and was told most foster agencies are owned by ex or S/W, but the whole point is how can millions be made from 69.000 kids.

    We recently found that many foster carers are buying a second home in the sun with tax payers money, normally a foster carer takes the children on holiday in the school holidays for about 2 weeks all is paid for by the tax payers, so what they do is to put a deposit on a property, in Spain then rent their apartment out for the kids holidays and charge the SS which pays their mortgage then the foster carers now take the kids on holidays to their apartment in the Easter August and Christmas holidays so how much are they charging the SS. One foster carer we know said their apartment is for retirement.
    We also know that many foreign S/W usually from Africa are helping friends to come here and get a job as a foster carer.

  2. Load of rubbish Ss take children for money n they don’t rescue kids that need saving as they r left to die as they are classed as damaged goods

  3. “Social services in the UK are among the best-regulated in the world.”

    the regulators are as crooked as the social workers.

    “full and fair assessments. The management of all cases involving families must follow the full legal processes”

    Rubbish, They are run by liars, cheats and scoundrels who do not care for legal process.

    “Britain’s internationally-respected courts”

    Rubbish. Staffed by officials who routinely collude in cover-ups of human rights abuses by the judiciary. Respected by who, exactly?

    “serious concerns about the wellbeing of the child.”

    Bullshit. Kids are taken into care on the basis of their parents being unable to properly represent themselves in court. Those parents are overwhelmed in a system in which they have no say, and are given no information. Children are taken for profit.

    “protection and welfare of children is the highest priority”

    Wrong; misleading rubbish. The thing most protected in UK family courts is the industry and the reputations of lying scum officials.

    “Children will be returned to families if Social Services, and the UK courts, determine that there is no risk to their welfare.”

    Not always; not if the social services are able to concoct evidence against the parents or destroy them psychologically, then use that damage to claim they are unfit parents.

    “We respect the presumption of innocence and at the same time we respect all decisions of independent courts.”

    Absolute shite. There is a presumption of guilt. No secret court is independent for long.


    Listen to this very brave preist from Finland, his message to all parents is hard hitting and evidenced, families are committing suicide in Finland due to the UN child stealing agenda currently operating accross the EU and entire commonwealth, its time to wake up to this insanity and do it quickly. Children are dissapearing, where are they and what are they doing to them?

  5. As usual, such is the arrogance of the British – “Fog in Channel, Continent Isolated” they fail to even recognise the horror of non-Anglo-Saxon nations to Forced adoption, which is seen as trafficking in children and akin to the slave trade.

    This is particularly so of Romance nations – although we are dealing with a Slav one here – who bases everything on family.

    Also there is the explosion which takes place regularly when children are transferred from non-anglo-Saxon nations to Anglo-Saxon ones fro adoption.

    So it is hardly surprising “foreigners” hit the roof when their national children are subjected to Forced Adoption in Britain.

    Behind it is the idea that these countries are “backward” so these children would “benefit” by being Forced Adopted into a “superior” society.

    No-one is accountable in the Family Court because the Child Abuse Industry/ Forced Adoption crowd are running it and will not tolerate any criticism of themselves.

    These are the jobs are the campaigners landed and their carreers were entirely based on these views of the “New Understanding” of Child Abuse and Forced adoption so they arenot going to change now.

    “You cannot remove child form parents without consequences. It is logic from 10-th century.”

    The whole ideology of Forced Adoption is based on the proposition you can for the last 40 years.

    The child is being sent to a “superior” middle class home where they will enormously benefit and it is amarvellous oportunity. This is their “Forever Family” and Forced Adoptions cannot fail – “permanency” – to use the slogans of the movement.

    The child can simply be “Attached” to the new, loving middle-class family, as was argued by the Guardian and judge in a recent case.

    Meanwhile senior judges believe in the “Superiority”of the Briitsh system and actually lecture Continental judges on it – what they think can be imagined. They think the dual-sytem of Guardians and “Children’s” solicitors is superior and an effective safeguard. One very senior one goes around lecturing that the Expert Witnesses are not “Hired Guns”.

    This despite the Family Court Rules are being completely violated on them.

    The senior judges also totally refuse to return children subjected to Forced Adoption proveably falesly as it is spposed to be “Permanent”.

    So he personally takes over contoversial cases – and ends up ensuring heavy prison sentences are passed on the “wicked” mothers to cover up.

    British Family Court judges are trained to believe the mothers are “delusional” and “deranged” and end up demonising them.

    What is needed is for these judges to be put on trial for Crimes Against Humanity by a special tribunal.

    Imagine that taking place somwwhere in London – the system would be seen to be in total failure.

    So it must be covered up. no matter what.

    The is to be a conference in Birmingham on “Sop Forced Adoption” this December.

    1. Is that conference at the same time as the Trekkies Convention?

      1. More information you can find on Twitter.

        The conference will be held on December 8th.

  6. Apparently, certain contributors don’t have “JOBS” that keep them from spending pointless hours of research and investigation on everyone here which has become now who knows what…. Google is not the best source of information, by the way! For “George of the Jungle” and David “The Commentator” C…. Sometimes you make a point worth reading, but to continue to bewilder an entire nation due to your self riotous perspectives…JUST STOP! We all get bored with your endless remarks, stabs, and gestures…. Some of us live in Slovakia, work in Slovakia, and accept Slovakia… As for you two…..I am confused why you don’t run home to your perfect world?

    1. EXPAT – No wonder you think you fit in here in Slovakia so well when you try to belittle those who look for and comment the truth – how Slovak is that?
      FYI – I do live in Slovakia, I work here, very hard. The fact that I can manage my time to allow me to make informed comments may be a marvel to you but I have been able to multi-task all of my adult life.
      As for accepting Slovakia, I do, faults and all, I find the majority of the Slovaks I come into contact with wonderful people, I love the country but some aspects sadden me.
      “Self righteous perspectives” – Your opinion – my opinion is that I am exercising my right in correcting some of the perverse perspectives others would have you believe about my country, it’s legal and child care systems.

      As your a Yank I would welcome your perspective on the fact that British soldiers have recently arrested and disarmed US soldiers for the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Afghanistan – we may not be perfect but we do know the difference between right and wrong.

      1. As your country and my country differ, we do bare the same burdens… Those of the government and individuals that discredit those that fight so hard to preserve the truth and the law. I try to be open minded, look at both sides, and then come up with my observation on the issues. However, when it comes to the UK and Slovakian laws and governments, I cannot comment on the structure or handling of such matters, so I don’t. I lived in the UK, I worked in the UK and I live and work in Slovakia. It is only a shame that perspectives are bewildered by comments attacking a whole society. I don’t understand this at all. It is said that one bad apple ruins the bunch, but this is not true, as if the bad apples are removed quickly the bunch is not wasted.
        I have been in Slovakia for more than 5 years now, and I have to say, it took some time to adapt to the ways of Slovakia, from where I was raised, But I am very comfortable in my living, I enjoy my work, my friends, and my surroundings…now this does not mean I agree with the whole “Government Rule”… Who does though? Anyway, don’t judge every Slovak as being incompetent or not informed of the realities of life…they know this and choose to ignore it in most cases…this is the problem! The ignorant and power driven groups that posses the ability to make things happen are not in the best interest of the public in most cases. I am sorry for my own ignorance, as I change the world around me to accept, adapt, and to modify as I need, and I can only try to explain my feelings to my friends, co-workers, and family my views, but without harsh comments, but with hopes of a clear explanation. David… you seem to be a very educated and clever man. I would love to converse on issues with you directly, but you seem to live in a small village in the eastern part of Slovakia, and you see much different aspects of life, which I do understand as I lived in Kosice for several years before moving to Bratislava.
        I will note however, you and “George Ol’ Boy” do discredit the entire society in your postings, when it is not how the society feels, reacts, or even lives outside your “neck of the woods”. Some people will not change, this is a fact, but many don’t change due to influence and fear…this is a historical thing! How would you react if after 20 years of never being able to speak freely, then you are told it is OK? Who is watching? Come on…fear is the factor…who is truly in charge and watching??
        I would please ask the harsh comments to stop on a personal and entire society level… I know it may be accepted for your own govenment officials to call eachother names, it is not acceptable on a global scale. I have seen your version of CSPAN… It is as if respect is lost, you all feel your opinion is just, and that you can “name call and bewilder” as you please. This is not the UK black humor, it is SAD…. Respect those who post, give your comments in a respectful way and do it without the whole name calling “UK” way! I can call you guy a whole bunch of things, however I try to minimalize it so you understand that it is just childish! “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me”….ring any bells? By the way, throw a stick my way and a larger branch is come to you!

    2. Confused Cowpat ? No real surprise there then eh?.

      As the average Slowvak has the IQ of a goldfish, I guess they are also all confused by the British Justice system, that whilst not perfect, does hold people accountable if they do wrong on both sides of the bank . As for Slowvak Justice ……forget ever expecting anything there .

      BTW, It is very wet here in Bratislava and in a very short journey I can report three major car raod accidents, where tailgating was the obvious fault …Do these goldfish never learn ……?

      1. Do these fish never learn? – said the worm peeping through a hole in his tightly closed can.

  7. Lol could someone post the definition of delusion disorder?
    perhaps also posting links to the BASW report from social workers titled: The crisisin social work.
    The response is a joke surely!

    as people say, there is often no evidence, but doing case reviews sure shows irrational behavior
    I have plenty of evidence to prove it

  8. Social services in the UK are among the best-regulated in the world.

    The management of all cases involving families must follow the full legal processes, which includes the involvement of Britain’s internationally-respected courts.

    Children will be returned to families if Social Services, and the UK courts, determine that there is no risk to their welfare

    WHAT A TOTAL LOAD OF BULLSHIT. If any MP actually believes this bollocks they need to be flayed alive.
    If our SS is the most regulated in the world, pray tell, how are they able to take over 100`000 children into care whilst threatening parents with prison if they dare to fight back when there is no factual evidence ever used?

    Britains internationally respected courts, oh please, shoot me now, what dumb shit came up with that, we have the most corrupt courts led by the most corrupt judges who believe 100% of the bullshit from corrupt social workers.

    Children are NEVER returned by the SS or Courts, until there is irrevocable evidence of their corruption, youtube videos of police beating parents who try to protect their children from going into care. Audio files of phone calls where social workers openly threaten parents AND children into towing the line or face further punishment.

    Current news stories even now show courts are corrupt, police are corrupt, social services are corrupt, we live in a corrupted society where you are most certainly GUILTY until you are proven maybe INNOCENT by the most corrupted society since Nazi Germany.

    1. Can’t add to your words of absolute truth.

  9. David C your implied knowledge of others that post really makes it clear you are part of this perverse racket. You ask for evidence as if it is not given inspite of thuggish threats of prison by corrupt judges. I referred to hundreds of kids sent to Australia and in overwhelming numbers abused, against the will of the wishes of them and their families. Does one of you shills intend to address this evidence of indemic criminal abuse by SS. Or will you just keep posting bull in various names.

    1. My knowledge of other that post comments comes from the very simple procedure of Googling their names and then reading the diatribe they have posted before on other sites. No conspiracy, I am not MI6, just someone not quite as stupid as you may wish.
      What the hell kids sent to Australia 60 – 70 years ago has to do with this topic will have to be your little secret because I’m buggered if I know. As for dealing with the evidence of indemic criminal abuse by the SS – if and when I actually see some varifiable evidence I may do something but your and others unsubstantiated rantings don’t and never will fall into that bracket.

      1. I wouldn’t bother any more – all these posts are coming from the same person anyway.

      2. Those people who have been abused by this system are the least able to provide you with the sanitised version of evidence that you wish to see. When History has got around to admitting this evil before our eyes it will be too late. The perverse lack of empathy with your kind reveal why our world is in such a mess. You are the mortar of ignorance that allows the trickle down of evil to occur. Look up the Journalism of Chris Booker for starters, or just remain in your dreamworld.

        1. Yes, I have looked up the work of Christopher Booker, and very interesting reading it makes, too.

  10. Recent comments from:
    Tom Dobbie – Children taken into care for reasons unknown or not explained – subsequently joined the conspiracy club, never offered any evidence of substance just posts attacks on the UK system including education, prisons etc. * Axe to Grind?
    Maggie Tuttle – Lost her visiting rights to her grand children after making allegations about her former daughter in law that were investigated and found to be malicious. Did not like the police and social services telling her daughter in law that it was she who made the allegations. Now blames the authorities for her loss of visitation rights. * Axe to Grind?
    Yvonne Lorna Stewart-Taylor – another “fighting” for fathers and grandparents rights. Situation as to how she lost her visiting rights not explained. She does have an unfortunate habit of using all her given names in various, inconsistant order which causes the authorities problems. Classic example – applying for information in one name and then complaining in another name that they did not reply. Also uses the name Ivana? * Axe to Grind?

    1. I have a Belgian judgement in my favor; it is an international judgement, it is a Hague convention judgement, it is a universal judgement. But the UK refuse to uphold the law, Belgian, EU, International law? What is wrong with the UK legal system?
      The SS accused me of all sort, drugs, alcohol, mental issues, emotional harm… what utter rubbish as proven by the Belgian judge, but the SS still refuse to uphold the law? What is going on?

      1. A Belgan court ? Heck were not many the Judges and Government officials all caught up in some child porn ring a short time ago ??

        Perhaps the UK just does not believe you, or them Mr Barrelmaker .

      2. Mr Cooper –
        The Hague Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foriegn Judgements in Civil and Commercial matters 1971 is only binding on the 5 signatory states – Albania, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Portugal and Kuwait. Although the case was heard in the International Court located in The Hague, Belgium is not a signatory to the convention so it isn’t Belgian law. The terms International and Universal Judgements are misleading as any judgements made under that particular convention are only binding on the signatory countries, they are not accepted by the vast majority of the international community.
        The UK legal system is not wrong as the UK is not a signatory.
        Whoever advised you to take your case to the International Court should have checked which countries a ruling would apply to, so it would appear you have been the victim of poor advice and unnecessary expense.
        As for the Social Services accusations – you don’t mention if they have proven any but I would suggest you change your legal counsel.

        1. Wrong Hague convention. He is talking about the Hague convention on International Child Trafficking, to which every permanent member of the United Nations is a signatory. The UK included. HOWEVER, I have in my possession, under a superinjunction which I am about to violate, a copy of a judgement from a UK High Court Judge which states that a Hague judgement from a SPANISH Judge is to be disregarded in considering the future of a three year old girl whose full-blood brother was born and lives with his mother in Spain, with the reason given that and I quote verbatim: “Spain is a third world country with a third world legal system”.

    2. Yes tisk, tisk DC, and all were friends and abused by Jim Saville one suspects ?

      What for a it……, kerching, kerching yet another compensation victim strikes the cash register .

  11. Winston after reading many of the posts it is apparent your observation re Trolls is correct. Having once been a member of the young conservatives I noticed how their policies were not rationally conservative at all. Even in the 70s in spite of their rhetoric, they could best be described as reactionary & in favor authoritarian corporatism. After moving to Australia and seeing things from the outside I decided that democratic socialism might actually be more truly conservative. However with the exception of Paul Keating it appeared labour made nonsense decisions, eventually it became increasingly apparent that Government including the Judiciary were controlled by forces that did not represent the best interests of a healthy honest society.
    Reading all the comments here it is plain most are shill distraction from the fact that both the Family Court and the Court of Protection are criminal scams that use privacy as a way to silence hundreds of victims in regard the perverse criminal conduct of the so called courts and the equally perverse rackets that they service. The shills wants examples, then how about the hundreds of UK kids that were forcibly taken from families in the UK and shipped to Australia to be abused and raped while being falsely told their parents didn’t them. Besides the sexual perversion of a well established and powerful semi secret society and unscrupulous profit why was this done if not to break down family rights and the basic of social cohesion. Look up Norman Dodds the chief investigator of the Reece Commission in an interview entitled “hidden agenda”.

    1. I see that all of ‘Winston Smith’s’ mates are out in force.

      1. “Winston Smith” is a slanderer. Like SS he takes people at their word without even asking for evidence to back up their assertions, then runs with them no matter how bizarre or completely ridiculous or outright libellous their claims. I have evidence of this lifted right from his own radio show. He is a sensationalist. He’d be good writing for The Sun.

    2. Mr Hollis – If you have a calendar close by you will note that it is 2012 so why you are referring people to Dodds, who has been dead for 25 years and made a submission to the US Senate ( Thats the United States – not UK or Europe)Reece Committee into Tax Exemption, in 1953, is beyond my comprehension. Other than being the father of the “World Government” conspiracy theory, which you obviously subscribe to, his only other contribution to society was in the field of finance. So what prey have the ramblings of an American banker made in the 50’s have to do with a child care case in the UK in 2010/12?, about as much as the patriation of UK children to Australia and other countries in the 1950’s.
      What are you going to mention next? Roswell? JFK assassination? Bermuda Triangle?

  12. I have been to hell and back with SS, changing an agenda fourt times. They haven’t been able to prove any malcare of my children and despite schools, drs, hv’s and others seeing that my children are well cared for in every respect they wil not back off. They sought to grab my children for forced adoption but have backed down now to a lower order -it is not true that the parents or children are treated fairly by SS the courts or anyone else particular when all said do not follow law and procedures and I am considered to be absuing my children on ‘probability’ but no evidence. It is clearly all about money, i have tape recordings and evidence but all has been ignored and wrote to the children’s minister but they have all passed the buck. They dont care a damn as its not them -if we grabbed their children and abused them like this, it wouldnt happen -if you are not a member of the elite then be very scared

    1. You’re not alone Sarah. We have suffered ss harassment and lies. Fled to Eire. Not very much better there either. I have recordings that prove the absolute lies as the basis on which my babby son has been taken, yet no one is interested in it.

  13. This statement is completely UNTRUE, children are taken into care in the UK, based on a theory of “the risk of harm”. This decision is taken by social workers, who are biased, particularly as they have to meet targets for adoption and care proceedings set by central government. This is without consideration of the HUGE financial profits that are generated by the UK child protection system, benefiting ALL of those involved, including general practitioners, schools, social workers, local authorities, health authorities, the police and courts.

    The presumption of innocence in criminal courts and burden of proof is not applied to child protection. The use of terms like “emotional harm”, “emotional abuse” and “neglect” have allowed this system to spiral out of control, with those involved having immeasurable power and influence, as well as deep pockets to manipulate the system for monetary gain. It was even announced that a bonus scheme is to be introduced for schools in relation to child protection cases. Surely, with money attached those writing comments in ignorance of these facts must see the propensity for corruption.

    People in the UK are fed almost daily cases of abuse to feed the frenzy that the social care system is needed and warranted; however the question that should be asked is, given there are so many cases in the media then the system of child protection is failing and needs IMMEDIATE overhaul. RIGHT-minded people should question also the censorship of the media as to why when so many children are being taken, that there is only a trickle of reported information.

    Britain has sadly become a place where children are a commodity to the public authorities, and carry huge price-tags around their necks within the child protection system, giving rise to corruption which is wide scale and out of control!!!

  14. For anyone in doubt that what the Slovac Government say I would advise a read of the sites listed below.
    The explanation offered by the British Government is just another whitewash similar to that of the Hillsborough Disaster. The Social Services in the United Kingdom are totally out of control and the Government know it. Pay close attention to the list of the “Lost Souls” a list of 72 children killed while on the Social Service register. Where was this supposed caring service when these children died. Since that list was published more children have died while under the Social Service care. Children are removed from perfectly good parents by the police taking their orders from unelected social workers without any evidence of maltreatment or abuse of any kind.
    The Family Courts are the most corrupt on the planet, they have been likened to Stalin’s reign of terror in the USSR and also to Mao’s China Red Guards.
    Having read the Government attempt at a cover up I am appalled that they have still to learn their lesson from all the previous cover ups that have been exposed over the years. I have read through the comments here and what I do see is some who are more intent in insult than in open debate. This is the sickness that has spread throughout this land.

  15. A totally corrupt Government protecting it’s Freemason run judicial system as both work to strip Britain of common law and subject the population to administrative courts set up to do the bidding of Mafia Banks and Corporations.

  16. UK Social Services ….Creation of an abusive organisation.

    There are good and bad people of all sorts across society. Some get employed in jobs where they are bullied and abused. Some get employed and bully and abuse. It is inevitable that you find both kinds everywhere.

    Now take social services. Here is a job with extreme power over others. They have little accountability, because they have rules that let them cover things up. They get this secretive power because they demand secrecy – as they say it protects other people. (that’s a handy reason, and sounds plausible to a 5 year old).

    Now, it is well known what happens to people when you put them in such a position as social services have been given above. It’s called the STANFORD PRISON experiment. I’ll post something on it next. What happens is that nearly all of the people use this power abusively.

    Take in the effect of the normal distribution of good and bad people, and we have a dreadful situation. This organisation allows bullies and abusers secretive powers to abuse others. It encourages neutral people to become abusive.

    Net result, the organisation is loaded with abusers. The government gives them huge powers to hide the abuse legally; leaving a trail of social destruction behind them.

    Now, this is known. So there is a control system. Ticking boxes, and reports that the abusers have carte blanch control over. So statistically, they can pretend to be doing good.

    That the abbreviation is SS, is ironically the truth.

    Part 2. Remedy the SS.

    Actually much more easy than you would think. Make them have customer satisfaction reported. Create an independent body to report SS customer satisfaction.

    Their current customers show as much satisfaction as licking a dead rat with the black death – I am a very professional person, and this is the truth. Their trail of destruction is terrible. Thousands of abusive people destroying families – and not being accountable.

    And they have targets to break up families.

    No targets to repair families.

    Children and families need protection from this currently dreadful organisation. It desperately needs reforming to actually bring good and not destruction.

    1. Ah yes, the famous Stanford Prison Experiment.

      Please do.

  17. Having read most of the comments, i will say, what should be happening to keep a child safe, is that the whole system of the social workers who are in the front line of protecting children and it is their written evidence that the courts and all beleive to be the truth. One example, a social worker in the closed family court and on oath said,
    yet she wrote the most damaging evidence against a grandparent whose only crime was to try to protect the grandchild, then with the grandchild sold into the foster care system. Many social workers are getting paid back handers to keep the supply of children flowing into the care system, also remember children in the care system produce millions of jobs, beleive me i sit and research day and night i go undercover and i am not like most just shout at each other with out evidence. So for many befor you shout your mouths off get the truth and then learn it then help to put a stop to the 1,000s of corrupt social workers mostly from other countries getting work on false deplomas that any one world wide can buy for a few pounds.

  18. The government are telling lies yet again. Over the last ten years I have watched as social services, police and corrupt judiciary systematically destroy good families, from a victim and survivor of these corporate atrocities Retired LIB LAB CON elected councillor. They came after my grandaughter because I was doing my best to expose this racketering and fraud, by all those involved in this filth lucrative industry. I have lobbied all MP’s MEP’s etc and none will do anthing to stop child stealing by the state, this is a eugenics agenda run by Tavistock and the fabians, at least get an education before commenting to the contrary. The Slovak Government is right to expose this huge international scandal for what it is, and since when did we ever get truth from our corrupt disgusting fraudulent government? Wake up idiots it will be your families next.

    1. Yes. It is a lucrative business and of course serves the purpose of further dividing and conquering our already dysfunctional communities as the powerful raid and plunder more of the spoils of the nation and work towards their dark agenda. That agenda is another story but Orwell would be turning in his grave to say the least.

  19. One thing – an S O S was received yesterday from a Polish family in an almost identical position.

    1. Poland is waking up right now. Probably inspired by the SVK cases. Apparently they have similar cases in the UK and a few in Norway. The media criticize the ministry of foreign affairs and their consulates.

      I believe Winston that the Polish consulates will try hard to help their citizens if asked.

  20. You all should read “The Shredding of Families” by Lillian D. Dunsmore, Richard A. Dunsmore……..

    Social work should be a process of helping families resolve and recover from problems, not a process of tearing families apart forever and traumatizing children for life. This imbalance in the social work profession has been caused by government legislation that gives financial incentives in the form of government funding and reimbursements when children are torn from their homes and placed in foster homes. SAD, but true….

    1. ‘Social work should be a process of helping families resolve and recover from problems’ – which is exactly what they do.
      What are these financial incentives you speak of? If you mean extra financial help given to foster families to help them with the considerable extra burden of having a foster child to feed, clothe and care for, then I don’t think 99.9% of people have a problem with that. As has been said time and time again, if it was really so lucrative, why isn’t everybody doing it? If you think that it is some kind of evil business then you are sadly deluded.

      1. The financial incentive in the last fiscal year amounted to £4.9 Billion. This year (2012) the Governmental figure for Foster Carers, the payments alone will amount to a staggering £3.5 million a week. Yes a week. That is £182 million a year. This figure does not include the fees paid to solicitors, barristers and expert witness’s or court fees. A recent adoption agency was advertised for sale (Sovereign Capital has put the National Fostering Agency (NFA)on the market). The reported value figure of £135 million is quoted. (source ) Now try and tell me there is no profit to be made in the practice of Adoption. Regards White Rose.

    2. Nice one EXPAT – suggesting people read a book by two doctors who practice in Pennsylvania, USA. are cardiologists and Co-directors of a “Not for Profit” (Families for Freedom) outfit that appears to support just about any cause under the sun but primarily the rights of immigrants – legal and illegal.
      The book in question is supposedly about the child protection agencies in the USA, so has no relevance to the issues being discussed here about the UK and Slovak systems.
      Lillian Dunsmore is more famed for writing childrens stories and judging by the lack of reveiws for “Shredding of Families” that is something she should stick to.
      ” Social work should be…….” quite right EXPAT and this is one area that really annoys me. Mr Smith and others will throw the headline figures at you as part of their shock and awe tactics but they never give the full story. 30,000 kids taken into care last year – correct. Over 19,000 placed in care, voluntarily by the parents for a variety of reasons, the most common being the parents being too ill to look after the kids or to give the parents a short break from caring for seriously ill children. These children were in care for a few days, weeks or months and then reunited with their families. No mention of the thousands of kids who return to their families because of the work done with the social services to improve the situation, No mention of children taken into care because they were found being used as prostitutes or slave labour. No mention of the children abandoned by their parents, very often with severe physical or mental handicaps caused by substance abuse. No mention that the figures include young offenders on remand or in custody for serious crimes. Those groups will make no mention of the thousands of families, where no care order is issued, who get help from the Social Services with housing, education, finding work, counselling or just improving the home environment. No mention of the practical help – home helps who visit, cook meals, help wash clothes, prepare meals or just talk to parents with problems. Then there is the small matter of the children in care homes who have to supervised, fed, educated, clothed and entertained. No mention of the Half-way houses for young adults who were in care and the help given to them to start life in the adult world. No mention of the classroom assistants provided to help children with learning problems, or home tutors for children too ill to go to school. There are many more services provided for children and young adults and we haven’t even mentioned care of the elderly, mentally ill and disabled.
      Why no mention of these – simple there is no milage in reporting the successes and certainly no money.
      The old saying ” If you say something often enough it will be believed” is true, look at the inaccurate and emotive language used “Forced Adoption”, that phrase alone creates a mind picture that is far removed from the reality of the matter. “Snatched” is another word used freely and deliberately to give a false impression. “Taken illegally” WTF is this? Children can not be taken into care unless the court orders it, so how the hell can it be illegal. The conspiracy theory spun by certain interested parties serves their purpose well, it generates real fear amongst parents, suspicions as to the Social Services motives and provides them with the perfect excuse when they fail with one of their “cases” – Oh! we failed because, as we told you, it’s an establishment conspiracy, by the way here is our bill.
      One of the best advice sites, run by solicitors with experience and with a varifiable record of success in family matters, who give advice on general issues or on a one to one basis for free, actually recommend parents steer clear of certain “Not for Profit” help groups because they can damage a parents case. No doubt Mr Smith and others will say they are doing this to attract business BUT the same site also gives step by step advice for parents to conduct their own cases, which negates that comment before it appears!
      It’s a shame that such a serious issue has attracted the vultures already, I’ve mentioned the website designer trying to encourage hits, the misleading graphics on one site that relates to the “Adoption of household goods” -washing machine purchases!, and Mr Smith’s continued inability to corroborate one of his wild allegations or even explain his involvement in “cases”.

  21. Juraj,

    the problem is twofold;-

    1) 22-24 years ago the British Child protection system was rocked by a series of cosmic-mega scandals, Slovak and EasternEeuropean readers may be fascinated to hear, which were based on theories which were untrue and their proponents and social services departments lambasted for.

    As one academic wrote to me at the time on one movement – “I’m opposing this because it will undermine the whole of Child Protection!”

    Who wants to be on the TV news nightly, the press pack chasing you down the road as you come of shift out of hospital and be blasted on the front page of our famous Tabloids?

    You missed out on all the excitement.

    So when American style Family Courts were intoduced in 1992 total secrecy was imposed, with the full support of the judges who had campaigned for them and put in charge.

    The result is no-one is accountable.

    2) This is how the Family Court system has involved.

    Cases go on for 15 months to 2 years as standard.

    The classic is a mother taking a child to a hospital outpatients.

    Either some silly or unjustified “concern ” is reported or their is a misdiagnosis.

    Once rolling there is no stopping it and Social services departments cannot back down without losing Face. A lot of this is about Face.

    A vast number of reports by Guardians and Expert witnesses will be done, but since they earn huge sums of £15,000 – £30,0000 they will not go against the SS as they want more work.

    But the Family Court is an Extraordinary Tribunal, because of the panics in America and Britain in the past, outside normal British criminal and civil law and informal and quasi-Inquuistorial in its procedured.

    It i based on the proposition the families are not guilty till proved innocent , but guilty before they do in.

    The must make progress and change so that the children can be returned home.

    But that assumes guilt – a source of endless arguments we have with SW’s and Family Court judges.

    What the court is doing is deciding;-

    1) whether it is safe to return the children home.

    2) they can be sent ot a relative or others on a Special Guardianship

    3) sent to Forced Adoption.

    It is not deciding guilt or innocence.

    Also the judges do not listen to the families’ evidence as they are seen as problem people not wanting or unable to change.

    So after about two years Forced Adoption is brought on (other two opions out) and this will be rubber-stamped by the judges in circumstances which are farcia.l

    Since Forced Adoption is the standard solution the British system a large nimber of professions rely on making reports making recommendations in favour and the Adoption Agencies on a supply of children to feed the system.

    1. Mr Smith – I have never read such a collection of contrived drivel in all my life. Once again, where is your evidence to support these alegations. Innocent until proven guilty is a two way street – no proof – just hearsay.
      I am really fancinated as to how you make your living – I suspect you are part of the “support organisations” that make a living by preying on the legitimate concerns of parents and use unsubstantiated scaremongering to drive them, like sheep, to your door for your services, at a price.

      1. Maybe lives in Monaco as a tax exile, like the ‘Forced Adoption’ website guy Ian Josephs.

      2. Actually I know who winston is and his layout is highly accurate David.

        Try testing it and report say a social worker for perjury for which you have evidence, the police will do nothing. the family court will do nothing.

        It is a closed loop system with ZERO accountability!

        Let me also state that 115 countries should have concerns for their children in the UK as I have evidencial data on 7000 ish who have been taken into care and the requirements of treaty, convention and international law have not been followed by 95% of all Local Authorities in England and wales.

        This is just a bigger scandle as the saville one, authorities not doing what the law says to the extent of kidnap, fraud and more.

        And LJ Wall and LJ Thorpe are knowingly complicit.

      3. Dave, please excuse the familiar, but once again you offer no proof of your theory. Show me the premise on which your argument is built. I do not want unfounded rhetoric but I will accept factual proof. Proof that is beyond reasonable doubt. Now you see, I am giving you the chance to be able to state your case in an open and honest debate. Something that is not allowed in the Secret (Closed) Family courts. There the evidence presented by the accusers is based on the Assumption of Probability and not as is allowed in criminal court to prove the case – Beyond Reasonable Doubt.
        White Rose

  22. How can UK social worker legally separate two children from the family for two years just because one doctor suggested that the infection could be perhaps possibly caused by the one of parents by sexual abuse? Despite the fact that these accusations were NEVER proved the children have never been returned back to the family and are currently processed for the adoption!
    It is hard to imagine through how much trauma must have been these children going, suddenly being forcefully removed by the police from the loving shattered mother ,making to feel the parents like criminals..

    If the allegations were true ,on what basis or common sense would the parents take their kid to the doctor to get him checked if they previously caused him a body harm and they brutal act could/would be revealed?
    Isn’t the act itself- taking the kid to doctor to get him checked expression of a worry of well-being of the child ???

    Even If there was an evidence , shouldn’t be these two children taken from the family only for strictly shortest possible time which would give time to relevant specialist (Doctors? Psychologist?) to examine the accusations?
    As far as I know only one doctor (hand by hand with SW {?}) suggested possibility of sexual abuse and three other doctors didn’t ?
    I do also understand that threshold of the reasons for SW removing children from abusive families have been greatly lowered due to unfortunate baby ”P” case. I do believe Doctors are also being extremely sensitive over children injuries in fear of being sent to prison for failing to recognise real abuse. This caused forced adoption and foster care in UK soared up by 50-60% .

    Shouldn’t be one taken as innocent until he has been proven guilty ? It is easy to understand that one adopted child feed whole chain of social workers, lawyers,etc, which in my opinion is ground of doubt for possibility of these professionals abusing the system. It is clear that foster care and forced adoption are even set to meet targets- ( is this really bussiness ??) so there is even more reason for social workers to be ”trigger friendly” ..
    I do really hope this case will move further .

    *(appologies for the grammar mistakes, the english is not my native language)

  23. To try to keep this relevant to the thread, Slovak readers concerned about Slovak children in britsain taken into Care, should know South LondonLlabour Council’s post below sums the situation up.

    It is clear Slovak families have found themselves caught in the same situation, ending with their children threatened with or actually Forced Adopted.

    A number of cases we have had to deal with with Eastern European families are like this.

    This is a trypical and highly accurate account. of what has hapened in such cases.

    Even the notorious Well Street court is mentioned.

    Child is taken into Care following a silly or frivilous report from a baby unit.

    Thismay involve another child.

    Judge allows the Interim care order to go through rather than allow it to be contested.

    This is often for “Emotional Abuse”.

    Judge fails to challenge false, embroidered evidence or copied reports.

    As it goes on and on for about two years, the “solution” is proposed of putting the child to Forced Adoption.

    It is also common for SW’s to be seen laughing about the families having given fraudulent evidence about them.

    Perhaps the UK Border Agency should have posters up at points of entry warning Eastern European and other foreign families what can happen to their children.

    1. Winston Smith I am really impressed by your comprehensive knowledge regarding this problem, and your ability to react in diplomatic way to some trolls on this forum..

    2. Mr Smith – ” A number of cases we have had to deal with” Exactly who are we and in what context do you deal with cases?

      1. There are a network of thousands of both british and non british families working together to support each other and deal with what is happening, there are also people like myself.

        Put simply family law is a £30 billion pound a year enterprise and a substancial amount of that could be described as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE!

  24. People who have actually been involved with the sham that is the British family Courts are telling the truth. They whole things is totally corrupt.

    My baby daughter has been in foster care for over 1.5 years with since she left hospital. She was premature, born by emergency C section and almost died along with my wife. My wife had an awful time in this hospital and was separated from our baby for 3 days after the birth on different floors in the hospital. She was in intence pain, could not sleep and under the influence of strong painkilling medication including morphine. She was not talking sense and was totally beside herself with worry. Despite this hospital birth centre staff reported my wife to the local council social services. They did not do anything until over a month after my baby had been in hospital and then a week before we were due to take our baby home turned up and started harrising us. They accused my partner of causing emotional harm to our eldest daughter by telling her off in front of nurses and took us to court. We had no legal representation and the Judge on Wells St magistrate court said we should accept an Interim care order where our baby daughter was sent to live with a foster family. We found out after that she had been sent to an elderly East African family who had never fostered before and do not speak English as a first language!! We are both white british. We thought this would be over in a couple of weeks. It has gone on for nearly two years and Lambeth want to adopt our daughter. Almost every social worker I have had the pleasure to meet in totally out of their depth, unintelligent and without any humanity whatsoever. I have seen the Lambeth social workers laugh whilst giving evidence in court and lie under oath. One SW admitted copying another report and pretending it was her own.
    Things are gathering pace and this will all come out in the UK media about how the state has been stealing children and basically selling them into adoption. There is a real problem in this country with child abuse and it starts with the state

    The death of one child is not reason for ruining life of thousands of other children

    1. Wow you could not make it up now could you …??

      JB, lets accept you have greater IQ than a social worker, known by AKA South London Labour Council who has had the pleasure to meet and you are not totally out of your depth, unintelligent and without any humanity whatsoever.

      These stories are all being peddled by a group, or individual with some sad keep this non story in the news agenda .

      As this matter has died, with less than 100 people actually turning up to protest at the Presidents Palace, where 400 were reported at the UK Embassy a few weeks ago, when this thread also `dies` another , SHOCK, HORROR , PROBE Aka name appears with an amazing `this is what really happened to me folks` ( well Not ! ) to spread fabrication and horror as TV JoJ did . These Anon posters however, never appear on any other Daily thread story ???? Funny that eh ?

      To my mind, this website has lost all credibility for balanced reporting and is now hostage to some terrorists…….. and why let the real facts get in the way, yes spoil a good story . Must do wonders for the Advert HIT count ?

      1. I was just thinking the same. Even the guilty sections of the Slovak media (specifically TV Joj and, to a lesser extent, Sme) have shut up about it and moved on to something else, although they are desperately trying to dig themselves out of the hole they have dug for themselves: (Čonka children put back into care in Slovakia) (Slovak MP finds that Slovakia has been selling children)

        No more mention of the ‘former nun’ (which I find difficult to believe as she appears to be a member of a strict Lutheran evangelical group run by an American pastor) and ‘children’s nurse’ (actually worked in an OAP home) with a ‘licence’ (actually a CRB check, which millions of people have, even me) whose ‘beautiful children’ were ‘brutally ripped’ out of her arms by the ‘evil SS’. If it was really such a big deal it would have become an international scandal by now.

      2. Say what ever you choose George, this will bust open into mainstream as a massive national scandal, just cos one family one and its died down does not mean there are not thousands of others! There are all with various bits of evidence

    2. South London Labour Councel

      I’m not sure if it’s your story or somebody elses. I want to say for all soberly thinking people and/or people who haven’t lost their human feelings:

      I am sorry for what happen! I can’t imagine what you and your wife must be feeling.
      I’d like to say there is still hope for your family to be reunited. All the best and good luck with everything!

      1. Loghead , …..and then you woke up from a dream, after taking too many Viagra ?.

        Why is it Slowvaks believe all this utter Jackanory story crap ??

        …Oh hell, I know why, the`re Stupid !

        1. Yes, George I believe it. There was this moment of selfspeaking truth when SLLC mentioned as his wife wasn’t talking sense. I felt something.
          There could be a bit more to that story but who am I to ask?!

          I also believe that it’s better to believe in something worse happening then overlook or underestimate a fellow human’s tragedy.
          Afterall is the world really so perfect George?

          I’m surprised that you who believes in big FBI/CIA conspiracy theories, has a problem to believe that 1, 2 or 3 ordinary SS people could’ve failed. Is it really so hard to believe it?
          Doesn’t the history teach us anything?

  25. Due to the huge interest and number of comments on this subject, for ease of reading we have set up the subsection UK Forced Adoptions, which includes all articles and comments relating to this subject.

  26. The Social Services do take away children and their care plans are rubberstamped by the Judge who no doubt sees them on a regular basis as new cases are brought before him/her. What bothers me is that when new evidence comes to light there is not a reveiw of what happens to the child/children. It a case of “I’ve started so I’ll finish” Parents/family are seen as perpertrators of abuse and that the children cannot be returned to them. After a Judgement you can ask “for Leave to Appeal” but this is rarely given. If you are able to find new evidence you have to “ask for leave to revolk” under a change of circumstance and again this is more often refused. The local authority oppose you throughout and they are aided and abetted by the Guardian who rarely goes against the local authority. The experts are called in & briefted by the local authority. They want to continue to get work so they are not going to oppose them either. If you are a parent you can get legal aid but again the solictiors/barristors are not on your side. They are working in the area & meet up with the local authority on a regular basis, ofter ending up working thor the local authority at another time. Parents have to pay for appeals and often cannot afford to so it goes nowhere. Extended family have to pay costs thoroughout and pay to ask for leave despite being refused. There is only so much they can afford. The local authority have a never ending source of tax payers money so they can go to court as many times as need be. If you act for yourself as a litigant in person, you will not have the expertise required and whilst there are good McKenzie Friends that will give good advice not all are good and some are downright detrimental to your case. If you manage to exhaust the British Legal System you can apply to the European Court of Appeal where 97% of cases are rejected. So we have a British Legal System that depends on how much money you have because that will secure the best legal team to win your case before it goes to Appeal because it is not about the child or the family but about how good your argument is in court. Good Barristers are paid for by the local authority but Legal Aid pay a set fee, who are you going to get? It’s a money making buisness to all involved except the family. Take away the money and look for alternatives to the barbaric stealing of children by the state. Work with the families and stop forced adoption!

    1. This accurately sums up the situation in the British Family Court, for the interst of Slovak readers..

      In particular the Local Authority is not on legal Aid, not limited by their fee and can and will hire the best barristers in the locality to win the case for them.

      hug amounts of money are being made out of the Family Court and the misery of the family.

      The experts wish to continue to get work so will not oppose the Local Authority.

      The Children’s Guardian – supposed independent and representing the children – will aid and abett the local authority,

      Your legals will not mount a fighting defence and will agree things with the other legal, as they regularly meet with them and are thnking of their careers,
      and may get jobs in the LA.

      At appeal stage you will find it very difficult to get either permission to appeal orto revoke the Placement order, and the L A have unlimited public funds, oppose you all the way and resort to dirty tricks all the time.

      Judges go along ith this since they work with the barristers – lawyers – and LA regularly.

      The British system is Forced Adoption.

      There is a 99.7% rate for the familes losing, but no-one notice this.

      Into this kafkaeque world Slovak familes have found themselves catapulted.

      There is now a sustained campaign in Britain to convince the public that the Slovak government and media are “lying” – the phrase used – when they complain about all of this.

  27. General Moron! GTFOS “get the F#$K out of SLovakia”

  28. I am appalled by the attitude of Brits who have come on this board to whitewash and cover up a scandal in Britain.

    Had the Slovak media not created a scandal and the Slovak government intervened then the 2 children would have been put to Forced Adoption as a matter of routine.

    It was only because of this and JFF being brought in that a liberal judge was clearly listed to hear the permission to appeal and it being swiftly granted.

    You are despicable to agree to try and cover this up.

    However it is standard as an ongoing scandal fro British children to be sent to Forced Adoption to ensure a supply of children for the Adoption Industry – otherwise no children for adopters to adopt.

    But British social workersare notoriously arrogant iwth foreign children and see nothing wrong in putting them to Forced Adoption or sneding them to long-term Care in Britain.

    1. I think it is more despicable of you to encourage engaging in a business which doesn’t exist – I find it disgusting and offensive that you support this business (you know quite a lot about it, so you must be involved somehow).

      1. As someone working in the British Family Court you must be aware that Forced Adoption is being used as a solution to all problems, tthe violent opposition of parents to it and the scandal that has been going on for the past three years.

  29. Peter – I am not sure where you get this figure of 21 days from or if you are confused by the English legal terms. Wustpisk may correct me but my understanding is this
    A person may verbally inform any court at the time the decision is given of his or her intent to appeal against such a decision. This must be confirmed in writing to the same court within the set time (21 days) or an application to a higher court must be made in writing within 21 days. However, your human rights are that you have a fair hearing so in principle at least there is no deadline for lodging an appeal.
    A date is then set for the Application for Leave to Appeal hearing where only the reason for the appeal is considered. If the reason (grounds) for appeal is accepted you are granted Leave (permission) to Appeal. You then have to provide an estimate of how long it will take to prepare your appeal and again your human rights dictate that this can be extended. A date is then set for the hearing of the appeal when you have your opportunity to present new evidence, new witnesses, argue procedural errors etc. The whole procedure is driven by the appelant ( person appealing) or at least that is my understanding, so I don’t understand this idea of people not having enough time to prepare their case.
    As for the language barrier, irrespective of race, the solicitor must have had sufficient command of English to obtain both a degree and law qualifications in the UK so I presume the barrier was on the clients side. The simple fact is there are not enough translators for every language and this is where consular staff of almost every nation fail their citizens – although the UK courts and tax payer will provide court translators ( the case can’t be heard if all parties don’t understand what is happening) the provision of translators for preparing the case is the responsibility of the appelant.

    1. I disagree to some of your comments, but fair enough.
      As far as i understood 21 days was given to parents to prepare their facts. After these 21 days the court will decide about familycare…
      Another question. If you find Slovak, Polish or another foreigh country parents creating “abuse”. Than why would you just kick these people to their own country and ask Slovak, Polish or other countries to take care? And give to these people “persona nongrata” ?
      This would save a lot of money… to UK so you would not reflect than that your tax payiers are paying a lot of money to these cases…. Wouldnt be cheapear? Or is there any other reason?

      1. That is like saying if a Slovak thief steals something in England or a Polish person murders somebody they should be sent back to where they came from. It doesn’t work like that. There is also the matter of the EU and the free movement of people – if you deport somebody then there is little you can do to stop them from returning if they want to. Plenty of people are deported, but I believe that the threshold is a two-year prison sentence. Then if they have families in the UK human rights comes into question and the right to a family life – it is very difficult to deport somebody if they have a dependent family. The same goes for Slovakia and all other signatories to the ECHR.
        You are taking a very simplistic line on this. The interest of the child comes first. If an English court was seen to have been neglectful in its duty to protect a child then it would be in breach of all sorts of international agreements and treaties. Money should not and does not enter the equation.

        1. I know that its not that easy, but you are the one who complain about :”how much it cost to give all support to foreign citizens. They are working in UK. They are creating your economy stronger. So, you should be prepare to support them? Or am i wrong?
          You are also mentioning ECHR and human rights. Are you really sure that your SS is doing everything right?
          What about parents human rights? Where they are “just” suspicious about the “abuse”…

      2. The English judicial appeal process is a strict timeline. You have twenty one calendar days from the date of JUDGMENT to file the appeal. That’s forms, skeleton argument, appeal bundle. Three WEEKS. The court then has as long as it deems necessary to dispose the case, which can take as long as SIX MONTHS before the first hearing. At that hearing, the decisions are made as to whether the appeal has merit and whether the appeal is to be heard at the local level or if it is to be heard at the high court. If the appeal is heard and is successful, you would then have the problem of getting children returned, for which you would have to go through the SAME Family Proceedings Tribunal that took them in the first place!

        To date, out of several tens of thousands of appeals heard in the High Court per year against adoption orders, NOT ONE has ever succeeded.

        The ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) has a special room, in which is held the complete case files of over one hundred thousand cases from England and Wales from Family Proceedings tribunals where Article 6 ECHR claims are made. There are so many that it has been estimated it would take THIRTEEN HUNDRED YEARS to clear the backlog. This is such a problem that in July 2010 the ECHR changed the admissibility rules such that NO more cases from England or Wales filed purely on Article 6 violations would be admitted. The English judicial system was made aware of this change in April of that year and ORDERED all the Judges to withhold paper copies of their judgments for not less than twenty eight weeks after issuance – to prevent the parents from filing at ECHR with an admissible claim, on time (ECHR statute of limitations on human rights claims is SIX MONTHS). Since the only claim you have at ECHR absent a judgment is an Article 6 one, you’re boned.

  30. I am deeply concerned as a Brit that a statement like this should have been released by a British embassy in a foreign capital.

    It is clear from its wording it will have been prepared by the Family Court Division of the High Court and the Department of Education.

    I hope the Slovak Foreign Ministry will be summoning the British Ambassador for an explanation.

    It is more or less word for word what has been put out in the British scandal cases.

    “Social services in the UK are among the best-regulated in the world.”

    There ISN’T any regulation because of the secrecy.

    “We cannot comment on individual cases, as we have a legal responsibility to protect the privacy of the children involved, but any involvement of local authorities is based on full and fair assessments”

    They always say this.
    “The privacy of the children” was an excuse invented by Sir Mark Potter, a senior F C judge, 3 years ago in the middle of a major outcry.

    Assessments are neither full nor fair.

    ” the independent legal system”

    The Family Court is not independent and judgements are made by the F C judges from the breast pocket of the SS.

    “Children will be returned to families if Social Services, and the UK courts, determine that there is no risk to their welfare”.

    Children are virtually NEVER returned, there is vitually a 100% conviction rate.

    “We respect the presumption of innocence”.

    There isn’t one. In the Family Court you are guilty till proved innocent.

    The familes, as in a 17th century witch trial or the Holy Inquisition, enter the court already presumed to be guilty.

    “So, again: Why {if criminal court cancled abused suspisious} the family court and SS still keeping children away from parents? What is the reason?
    Could someone from UK blogers find that?”

    We know. It has been debated many times.

    Because the Family Court is a seperate tribunal and has a far lower threshold of proof, deliberatly set up into it by the child abuse campaigners . This is the “Balance of Probabilities”.

    As the old joke goes – the FC finds the parents “Probably Guilty” or “51% Guilty”.

    It regularly happens all criminal charges are dropped but the children are still kept in Care and Forced Adopted.

    1. You have already proven that you are unfit to comment on this case.

      1. You most certainly are and appear to be making money from the British Family Courts.

      2. Disturbing case to those of you that think our social services are so good read up a bit this case sticks in my mind over zealous officials, how many cases get reported where children are left and seriously abused never mind the ones that aren’t.
        Seriously as a parent if it happened to you how easy would it be for them to take your children away on false accusations.

        1. Daily Telegraph = say no more. That article dates from 2004 and relates to a case that is said to have happened in 1995.
          Winston. Not so long ago you were urging people here to cash in on the adoption business as there was such a huge amount of money to be made. I think you said it is possible to make 120K a year. I expect people are now flocking to cash in on your recommendation.
          Just as there is no thing as the Royal Court (as so frequently cited by TV Joj and others), there is also no such thing as the British Family Courts – maybe you are thinking of the England and Wales High Court (Family Division).

          1. No such thing as the Royal Court… wait, what? What’s that big f***in’ marble-faced building at the end of the Strand where it meets Fleet Street?? I’ve been INSIDE it, I’m pretty sure it exists!

    2. Winston or is it LOSGAR?

      Your post includes a number of disturbing allegations, though I note you offer no substantive or corroborating evidence in support of them.

      As a responsible British citizen who is clearly in possession of damning evidence would you be so kind as to infrom us all, which authorities you have passed your knowledge and information on to so that a proper investigation of your claims can be made?

      Your continued belief that the Families Division Courts try criminal cases and pass guilty verdicts is quite bemusing as is your continued inabilty, despite the information being freely available, to understand that the majority of child abuse cases do not rely on criminal charges as most types of child abuse are not criminal acts.

  31. Google translate: I have an older woman but no law can be protiľudský! Especially if it is a defenseless hostage deti.Oni not just any state .. why should anyone suffer?! Everyone must check and verify the facts prove a convict under which wants to enforce removal of children from rodiny.Hlboko affects heart! Especially the children and their psychyku: I hope this is clear to everyone that race without a country! if someone is abusing their children to hidden and then when they find they are often already dead! loving mother, if it is to give the child to the doctor to heal so clearly torturing baby! Two doctors have confirmed that children are not abused and only the first, which was attended by SSpracovníčok claims that children were abused! is not it suspicious?? If many of these children?? what parents in the UK agree with taking a nätenžm?, I think only until something happens in their own family! until then ignore them because it netýka.Koľko children s childhood is destroyed in adoptive families? Kolko nailed can read about people who as children were forcibly removed and just the adoptive family abused? probably this is not like anyone! Medezinárodný court must intervene!

    Som už staršia žena ale žiadny protiľudský zákon nesmie existovať!Zvlášť ak sa jedná o bezbranné deti.Oni nie sú rukojemníkmi žiadneho štátu proste nikoho..prečo majú trpieť??!!Každý musí overiť a preveriť,dokázať a odsúdiť skutočnosti podľa ktorých chce presadiť odobratie detí z rodiny.Hlboko zasahuje srdce!!!!Hlavne detí a ich psychyku:Toto je dúfam každému jasné bez toho ktorá rasa a krajina! ak niekto týra deti tak ich ukrýva a potom ked ich nájdu neraz sú už mrtve!Ak ide milujuca matka k lekárovi dať dieťa vyliečiť tak jednoznačne dieťa netýra!Dvaja doktori potvrdili že deti neboli týrané a iba prvý,ktorý bol za účasti SSpracovníčok tvrdí že deti boli týrané!Nieje to podozrivé???Máte veľa takýchto detí???A čo rodičia v UK súhlasia s nätenžm odoberaním?Ja si myslím,že iba dovtedy,kým sa také niečo nestane v ich vlastnej rodine!Dovtedy ignoruju lebo ich sa to netýka.Koľko detí má zničené detstvo v adoptívnych rodinách?Kolko príbeho sa dá čítať o ľudoch ktorí ako deti boli nasilu odobrané a práve v adoptívnych rodinách týrané??Asi toto sa nikomu nepáči!!!Medezinárodný súd musí zakročiť!

  32. I hope that the Slovakian government does something too. Come on, guys! Do something! Ivana, if we can help you somehow, you should let us know. Make a facebook page so you can get a lot of support pretty quickly. Good luck! We are with you.

    1. Why are you with Ivana? Have you seen the full judgment and know something that everybody else doesn’t? The Slovak children’s ombudswoman has seen the paperwork and she believes that the judgment was fair, i.e. one or more of the ‘beautiful children’ suffered some kind of serious genital injury, serious enough to warrant the children being removed (NOT for adoption) for their own protection until a satisfactory solution can be found. That much is known, as is the fact that the parents have accepted that the children can’t live with them. The sticking point has been the Slovak authorities who routinely show no interest in such cases. For years the Slovak government has shown no interest at all in these cases, preferring to leave the dirty work to the English courts, and washed their hands of these people. It is only now that a white family with ‘beautiful children’ has found itself in this situation that interest has been awakened.
      As for the rest, none of us can comment on until any further details are released, if they ever are – however such is the publicity and hysteria surrounding this case that the children’s interests have been severely compromised, thanks to TV Joj and others.
      I am with the children.
      But are you not also with the other 88 families in a similar situation (were you even aware of them)? What about the Čonka family – Are you also with Mrs Čonková, who had to sit separately from her five ‘beautiful children’ on the plane?
      But you are right in hoping that the Slovakian government will do something – in fact it appears that this has already happened. Much as William Hague makes my skin crawl, it does seem that he has collared his Slovak counterpart in New York and has got him to get his arse in gear – the reception today of another lot of children may be a token gesture by the Slovaks, but it will be interesting to see how the Slovak court deals with the case – it will have to be very careful as many sets of eyes will be on them.
      Hopefully the aforementioned case goes some way to putting paid once and for all to the myth that the courts are desperate to have Slovak children adopted – there are few enough foster families to go round as it is. Now that the Slovak government has been reluctantly forced to do something from their side, hopefully the pressure will be eased on the English authorities.

      1. re: “…hopefully the pressure will be eased on the English authorities.” all your effort is about the last sentence, why would somebody so restlessly defend english procedures, veto and diminish others statements? What are you scared off?

        1. What is wrong with the English procedures? They have acted a lot more honourably and been more dignified than the Slovaks in all this.

      2. I have been reading your replies to Winston, you are in denial of how ‘corrupt’ the family court is I know first hand. Perjury and perverting the course of justice are allowed by the Judges even when the parent can prove this from the witness box I should know, it happened to me. Social services had no concerns with me but with an ex partner, they say I may not be able to protect in the future, but he was not arrested or charged with anything, and despite my leaving him because of the case they covered everything up. He had a police record I knew nothing about and they scapegoated me for some one else’s suspected crime, because I asked for him to be put in a criminal court. You say child abuse is not a criminal offence or you mad or bad of course it is, and that is why parents should have the same justice as say murderers, terrorists, rapists, child sex abusers etc. it a parent has done no wrong, has no issue with drink or drugs, and child is happy and healthy, then parents should not lose their children, that is abuse of the child, children are far more likely to be abused in care, THAT IS A FACT, STOP protecting a system that is based on social engineering, unlawfulness, and fascism. Winston is spot on and you are insulting him because you are defending the system you have so much faith in because you have ‘a log in your eye’. It is not God’s law which all laws on based on and the monarchy signed up to as witnessed by the public, so any laws added to or made up by man i.e. family court is unlawful and God will be most unhappy. The reason they do not teach children in school the detail of what the monarch Elizabeth II signed is because Government has deviated from it and the family court is not legal at all, it is a criminal enterprise and is a crime against humanity. Your beloved system is evil and unlawful and parents are working together to bring it down, me included, we love our children and would lay down our lives for them, you are so up yourself you can not see the wood for the trees. In Ireland we have a saying for people like you, state monkey, WAKE UP and smell the coffee, justice is coming.

        1. yea yea yea , get your spelling and grammar correct and we all might start believing that all these `woman` that appear to comment with 500 word of opinion are real people not made up by some terrorist nutter.. Geeeeeez !

  33. I am from Slovakia, and I say there may have been errors in the system, nothing is flawless, there may have been illegal moves against families to take their children, but there are dozens of Slovak families in UK living with kids and never had any problems with SS, because they never gave them a reason to even notice them, also courts and professionals are always involved, so I dont think that taking a child awai from the family is so easy as described in the media…

    Also important thing is that these families chose to go and live in UK, and I dont think they were forced to stay there, the overall quality of life is on a much higher level in UK than in SK, and that is the MAIN reason why families go and live there.

    If any foreign family comes to live in SK, they have to obey our rules, and I think its fair that UK people want the same thing.

    So a message for all our SK people that think its a wrong system in UK , well JUST DONT GO THERE, or LEAVE, COME BACK or GO SOMEWHERE ELSE !!!!

    And a message for all UK people, please make sure that each family HAS A OPTION TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY and TAKE THEIR KIDS before and also after the court has decided to take action and bust the house and RUIN THE LIVES of many people / as a last resort / Those that really love their kids would do ANYTHING (if they have the option) to save them, those that dont would just watch as police takes them…. {I hope its not too much to ask}

    its a bit drastic, but I think fair, just imaging myself being torn from my poor mother that does anything in a foreign county to survive (if she could not even speak english or afford good lawyer and translator) is TERRIFIING !!!!

  34. Peter – Please get a grip, your comments just demonstrate how out of touch you are with what has happened – “Criminal Court did not put anyone in jail “- DOH! family matters are dealt with in the Families Court which does not have the power to find anyone guilty of anything let alone emprison them. Like so many commentators on this site you haven’t got a clue what your on about. Go and read up about the UK legal system, sit in a couple of the different courts, read the current UK and EU legislation – then and only then waste oxygen posting comments. I find it quite patronising that people from a country who’s entire legal code and current laws are available in a paperback book a tad smaller than a decent novel suddenly become experts in UK law. Save it for the pub, which is where most of the comments posted on this subject should have been made.

    1. Great, family court decided based on fake evidence. Where the UK doctor brings up pictures which are from other case. If you want to find the all details. You can do this…
      Criminal court decided that the abuse did not happened and the case was refused.
      So, again: Why {if criminal court cancled abused suspisious} the family court and SS still keeping children away from parents? What is the reason?
      Could someone from UK blogers find that?

      Criminal court, should and it works base on facts… While family court works base on what? {personal feeling of social workers…!?} It seems like this.

      1. If you could publish the links for the actual evidence for this, and not just hearsay, then you might have a leg to stand on.

    2. The Family Court can and do jail people, they have the power to sent anyone involved in a case for contempt of court. This is done without a jury hearing.
      White Rose

  35. I got a question…
    If UK system is so good why are UK kids stabbing each other, taking part in riots and have no respect for olders, teachers never mind parents…I got the feeling that the way your social service is working is having opposite effect. imagine how many women and wives are being beaten together with their kids by their partners or husbands and keeping quiet just because they are scared that the social service will come and take their kids…So they better take beating then loose their kids…It doesnt take a rocket science to figure out that its business.It will never be in kids interest as long as money are involved…Imagine how many jobs would be in stake if they didnt create the /bad parents/. And Yes when i was kid i got beaten by my father when I done something wrong and I dont regret and love my parents and respect them. I believe that kids must know that there is punishment for wrong doing otherwise they will grow up as those kids I mentioned at begin. And dont take me wrong..IF i know the person beating his or her kids just for fun I would beat them myself. But unfortunately those people will be here no mater what, and is bigger chance they will come from fosters families if they were taken from their parents by money making social services…
    I lived 6 years in London and will always have a special place in my heart, but i left because i would never bring up my kid in Uk and one of a reasons is your SYSTEM.
    Hope that everybody with bit of common sense will understand what i wanted to say and I dont care about others.
    Good luck all

    1. Eirk, You left the UK? . Good, Plan B is working for call me Dave .

    2. If it is such a good business, why isn’t everybody cashing in on it? There is a huge lack of foster carer places – it isn’t rocket science to work out why that is.

  36. Are we ever going to stop flogging this poor dead horse ?

  37. Really ??

    There are what ,60 million people in the UK ,of all shapes and sizes and breeds. As we see in Slowvakia, people here have a much lower bar when it comes to treating and respecting, they are just Children. The Police setting the dogs on a group of children at a Kosice police station come to mind . Beating are normal here and teachers are as thick as two short planks when it comes to noticing child abuse and schools are full of daft, under trained and compliant head doctors .

    QED. some 0.01% of the population are involved with their children under the control of UK Social Services . Hey, guess what, yes, they do make mistakes, but Social Services’ primary duty to protect children and children are only taken into care when there is serious concern for their safety.

    People just lie ….Slowvaks always lie …it is never their fault , always someone else is to blame . It is a national sport here .

    Women are are often blind to the child abuse ( or even their own abuse ) by their male Partner.

    Women whilst not always at fault for the abuse are plain Stupid and give these Partners an alibi, without foundation, and a second chance, which ends up as a third, sixth and twentyith chance not to do it again .

    I rest my case ………

    1. People in UK, does not like their own SS. So, why are you still blaming Slovak people? UK news papers and UK governement members said that there is about 1000 cases in year where a wrong decision mede by SS.

      With all respect… do not try to make wild wild west from Slovakia. We are not living in forest. IF you don`t like Slovak people that stop sending such comments or do not visit this web site. You will just decrease your own stress level. Which will help you. Otherwise you will need a doctor soon… Take care!

      1. Hey I am not stressed, but it sounds very much like you are old Pete .

        I am just bring you Georgespeak . The new Internet service that exposes all the the Forced information, lies and Bul$4it we have have to endure from the Slowvak people, day in day out .

        DDDIT DAAAA …Newsflash ..Bratislava

        A eye sized hole has appeared in the ladies changing rooms wall, at the NTC .

        Slowvak Police are looking into it.

        Because I said it of course as I read it somewhere , it just must all be true o fcourse , just as the UK news papers and daft UK government members said that there is about 1000 cases in year where a wrong decision mede by SS. Tell that to the Army, tell it to the Navy and tell it to the Marines !

        1. Same as you, read that your SS is a great department all arround the world without any mistake…
          How selfish you`re.
          As said, if you do not like Slovaks than, you should forget about this web side and concentrate on something which makes you more positive.
          If my sounds an old, which is not true, than you seen like young boy…
          bye bye!

          1. Yes, great Bye Bye Pete . Your contribution will always be remembered ?

            BTW Pete. Did you read the news today ? A chemical leak in Klima company on Kopčianska Street in Petržalka has injured sixteen Slowvak people and left them staggering around and acting vacant ?

            Doctors who attended the horrific scene are not sure what to treat, or with what drugs, as the staggering and vacant behavour of the so called victims, is the same as every other Slowvak walking the same street .

        2. I read few your posts. You are just vRitiš citizen who is not able to do any business in your own stupid country so you came to Slovakia to be “a big boy”. You live here and hate Slovak nation and are so poor.. Have you seen this?

          That is how people treat your people in YOUR f…..g country. enjoy as….e! I am pretty sure you are still proud of your system cos it is exactly what you like!

          1. re. the Youtube clip.
            … and your point is what, exactly?

      2. ‘UK news papers and UK government members’

        Which UK newspapers and which government members? If you are talking about David Hemming, he is not a government member – he is just an MP and he can spout his personal views if he likes. And if you mean the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph (they are both versions of each other, just on different sized paper), then be very careful as they have an agenda to push. As a Slovak you should be know to be very careful what you read in the newspapers, especially given the post-war history of Europe – for example the Slovak newspaper called ‘Pravda’ well believe it or not, what is written therein is not necessarily REALLY ‘Pravda’ …

        The more I look at that TV Joj (not to mention other Slovak TV channels – Czech commercial channels are just as bad), the more I think it is a sinister attempt by some higher power to turn everyone into sheep a la 1984. Have they never heard of balanced reporting, impartiality, investigative journalism, and the like? Actually best not answer that …
        If that is what the people are subjected to from morning to night, no wonder they have such a skew-whiff view of the world.

        1. if you do not want to see it. Your choice.
          I do not really care about Pravda or daily telegraph or any other. I have my own opinion.
          Points which convinced me are two cases where the social workers thinks that they are a kind of god. If you search internet than you find lot of people who are against the social system… the real people {hundreds}. Real cases, not the stories in dailytelegraph or either in TV JOJ…

          1. Which cases? You are welcome to have your own opinion, but be careful about basing everything you know on what you see on Youtube or the internet. You are almost always going to only see one side of the story, and then only a distorted part of it.

          2. The two Slovaks cases. On both parents are not abusers, but the SS keep children away from their own families…
            IF only 2 cases are with wrong decision {which they are} than there is something wrong…
            I have to keep my side, because you always keep your side. I do not doubt that in some cases the SS make a good decision, but in many they`re making wrong decisions…

          3. Perhaps you believe Fox News Pete ?

          4. IF only 2 cases are with wrong decision {which they are}

            What are these cases? How do you know? Have you seen the full judgments? Can you substantiate your statement? Were you involved in these cases in any way?

          5. Social service blame parents of children. Criminal court did not put anyone into the jail.
            So, i assume that the suspision was not confirmed. So, why social service did not give the babies to parents back? Why they still keeping childrens away from their parents?

          6. You clearly don’t understand the way that the courts work in England and Wales.

    2. Is it really Slovak nation that you are so angry with or the politics? I bet you have not been in Slovakia so how can you judge or believe evrybody is same? Hope it boosts you ego and make you feel good about youself cos there isnt other source of help for you it seems.

  38. Having seen a number of press stories on this matter related to British families having their children taken by Social Services, and having some experience of the “internationally” respected family courts, this statement is a denial based on ignorance and political expediency. The actions of Social Services, the Police and courts is based on hitting targets, self interest and self protectionism. Some people got it wrong in the cases of Baby P etc, which was wrong, but worse is the overreaction of authorities running scared of being blamed for more bad news stories. I hope the Slovakian government do take action, for the sake of Slovakian children and British families alike.

    1. I agree seems that at least few people in here have sense and understanding that this is not a fight SK vs UK. It is about families that suffer regardless where they come from and how this system affect their life.

    2. Garry – What action should the Slovak Government take? Its consular staff in the UK took no interest in the other 88 Slovak cases.
      As for “hitting targets” please get a grip. With the number of children in care, for all manner of reasons, increasing year on year, new facilities for child care having to be built and staffed at considerable cost to the tax payer, Social Service staff being swamped with case loads and the police having to stretch resources to deal with domestic incidents, a major shortfall in both foster and potential adoptive parents, it must be the only government activity in the UK that is not under pressure to reduce costs. The fact is, I am sorry to say, that the incidence of child abuse, in all its forms, are on the increase as are all the other reasons for children being taken into care in the UK and it is a sad reflection upon our society that it is happening. Yes, the authorities may be over zealous as a restult of Baby P and other cases, and yes, some mistakes may have been made but you know as well as I that the UK public will not tollerate another dead child as a result of the SS, police or courts not doing their duty. Rock and a hard place? I am no fan of the UK SS, we lost a very dear family member as a result of their advice, but I also accept that they are doing their best in the most difficult of circumstances and it is certainly not a job I would do.

      1. Dave,
        so, you agree that there are a wrong decisions made by SS…
        If Slovak cases are arround 90. Than the other nations should have another cases.
        As per Mr. Hemming, there are arround 1000 cases/year which are wrongly judged. So, what the British government will do with these 1000 cases?
        We are speaking here about what 2000 childre givet to adoption {wrongly} a year.
        we are speaking here about 1000 families which are damaged a year.
        What will this cause? I guess that you and we will see in next years.

        Do not forgett that whatever you do, you will not stop abuse of the child and time to time some child will die. such is live.
        UK and not only UK government {also SLovak and others} should concentrate on FAMILY life and give all support to family to raise their children. Otherwise i am worried about the human future…

  39. Really???
    Remember Baby P and Hackney Social services?
    Victoria Climbie….
    the list goes on.

    The Telegraph Christopher Booker and other journalists have exposed the highly secretive and less than accountable and transparent nature of the British Family Court Division not the High Court. Some major flaws.
    Still not as bad as having Harabin as Chief Justice: that trumps the many flaws in the UK system, but still far from infallible.

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