Bubenikova: No Bribe; It Was Lottery Win!

Recalled head of the National Property Fund (FNM) Anna Bubenikova, who was subject to corruption allegations as part of the secret service Gorilla affair, is now saying that the money that she suddenly received in 2009 had come from a lottery win, and not some bribe from financial group Penta as alleged in the Gorilla reports.

According to SME daily, the police are looking into Bubenikova’s claim, which is that a relative of hers won a substantial amount of money in a lottery, but that she had collected it in Bratislava to protect his privacy. She and her lawyer claim that there is nothing untoward about it, however suspicious.

Bubenikova is being investigated on suspicions of being in cahoots with financial group Penta. Among other things, Bubenikova’s husband Roman Bubenik is active in the company Pressburg Properties, which owns half of Hotel Tatry in the High Tatras, with ties also to former member of the FNM executive board, Jozef Jurica and the bank of Penta financial group, which has a lien to the property in Tatranska Lomnica.

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  1. Is there any area of SK life that PENTA’s grubby little hands have not been?
    Months after being accused of being involved in corrupt dealings involving PENTA, Buberukova suddenly remembers that she had a lottery win – and who controls the company that will confirm her alibi – is it not part of the same group of companies under investigation?

  2. i cannot think of a more primitive lie.. that’s a new low for those that be. when exactly will a country of a few million people finally have enough of these folks? hell, my kids’ school doesn’t even have a computer due to lack of funding- though that’s going to change once…I mean we’ll have to move to another country, but it will change…

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm let me think ……… Lie !

    Well she had a lot of time to think that one up and/or find a real Lottery winner .

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