Bugar and Matovic accuse Sulik of deception

Bugar not happy with Sulik (c) The Daily

Head of coalition party Most-Hid, Bela Bugar, has sided with Igor Matovic over what happened concerning the Citizenship Act vote, which saw Matovic thrown out of the SaS party caucus. They both claim SaS party head Richard Sulik deceived them.

Bugar and Matovic met at the weekend and ironed out their some of their differences, before they jointly made the statement accusing Sulik of misleading them. Bugar told TASR newswire that Sulik had led Matovic into thinking that his actions had been endorsed by the coalition.

Bugar had more grievances about Sulik’s conduct, saying that relations and co-operation with his coalition colleague would now be more difficult. Ironically, Matovic and Bugar have now agreed to co-operate on the Citizenship Act revision together.

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