Bugar Battles Against Citizenship Act

Bugar not happy with current law (c) The Daily

Head of coalition party Most-Hid, Bela Bugar, has spoken out against the application of the Citizenship Act in practice, saying it is anti-constitutional to deprive people of their citizenship just because they take dual citizenship with another country.

The members of Most-Hid therefore plan to collect the required 30 signatures in parliament for their petition to be examined by the Constitutional Court. The party’s lawyers have prepared the complaint to the Constitutional Court already, and Bugar is hoping to get the support of the Prime Minister, and to discuss the issue in the Coalition Council.

“We are convinced that no government power should behave anti-constitutionally and deprive its citizens of their citizenship against their will, based on a law that serves no purpose but for political populism”, Bugar said in a statement provided to The Daily.

Bugar also said “Imagine for a minute what kind of impact the current law has, or the possible impacts of the proposals of Mr. Fico and Mr. Matovic”, pointing to how absurd it was for the country to take away the citizenship of people who would continue to live and work here as normal.


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  1. Sorry, Mr B, Other than for nationalistic reasons , why should a person NEED or be be allowed to hold TWO passports ??? Ie Dual Citizenship ?

    What , lets be Hungara by passport and pay low Slovak taxes ?????

    One country, one passport …..and are we not all citizens of the EU and not , English , Irish , Slovak or Hungairia .

    I know all the Slovak American and Canadian dual passport holders love to have the link to the old country …oh and of course , come home for cheaper healthcare services ( when they have not even paid into the system for years !) when they fall ill and cannot afford to pay the current US insurance Medicare fees

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