Bugar calls for early AG vote and an apology

Most-Hid not too happy (c) The Daily

Bela Bugar held a press conference today following a Most-hid party meeting to discuss distrust within the coalition and recent accusations that Most-Hid MPs had defected to the other side in the Attorney General vote.

Bugar said the election should take place again as soon as possible, either as a secret or open ballot, and that it was possible to do this by Christmas if there was the will. He remarked that this was definitely better than an atmosphere of mistrust hanging around till as long as May, which is how long it could take to put a public ballot in place.

Prime Minister Iveta Radicova will also want to talk about mutual trust at today’s coalition meeting, but she shook off claims that it is a crisis, saying it is just an internal problem that they could sort out themselves, unless Bela Bugar perceived it differently.

Bugar called for a stop to the accusations and said an apology was in order from SDKU MP Zoltan Horvath, at least for Elmer Jakab from Most-Hid as he was at the centre of the allegations.

Bugar said he was ashamed of the whole fiasco around the Attorney General Vote and offered his apology to the public. “The whole of Slovakia is laughing at us as we trip each other up, accuse each other and mistrust each other” said Bugar.

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