Bugar Demands Quick Ruling on Citizenship Act

Bugar not happy with current law (c) The Daily

Head of Most-Híd, Béla Bugár, has sent a letter to the chair of the Constitutional Court calling for a speedy decision about the unconstitutional nature of the provisions of the Citizenship Act, which takes away the citizenship of Slovaks gaining dual citizenship with another country.

In a statement provided to The Daily today, Bugar said: “This is a sensitive and serious theme. Citizens of the Slovak Republic are losing their Slovak citizenship and I am concerned that these cases could become part of the election campaign. I don’t believe that the senseless escalation of emotions around this issue will be to Slovakia’s benefit. I therefore decided to turn to the Constitutional Court and requested it to speed up the decision on the unconstitutional nature of the law”.

Bugar’s initiative comes after the case of Oliver Boldoghy from Komarno fired up tension between Hungary and Slovakia again this week. The Most-Hid party requested the Constitutional Court to examine the law back in September, but it still waiting on a decision.

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